Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's blah blah

Yesterday, my colleague's friend came to see me, met at my training center ... and told me that he got to know me thru i3-portal. I guess I do still have followers in i3-site despite being 'hated' for writing tonnes of un-related personal 'rubbish'. Well, luckily I only irritated few, otherwise I will be 'banned' from the i3-portals?

Then, I noticed that my yesterday's posts were not placed there. Hmmm ... I was thinking, perhaps whatever I m writing no longer relevent and the i3-admin has removed my site from their reputable website. I have no complain as I admit that many of times, I m just taking this blog as my personal journal, writing my journey in my learning and teaching of trading. I noticed that I have even placed few songs-clips as I am listening to my songs!! Indeed, I could be carried away ... enjoying blogging and writing what I like to write about, forgetting that my writings will be read by few hundreds of them in i3-site.

It is OK to me if my irrelevent posts are taken out ... as I could still post some relevent analysis in i3-blog if I wanted to. I am busy ... and feel more comfortable writing in my own blog, more natural way. So, I guess I will stick to my own pages. Those followers in i3-site may need to check my writings here ... as if they wanting to read my posts? Well ... it is up to all, if they want to read.

My main reader of my blog now is my aunty(mom to me, ok?) ... and she said she doesnt read much whenever I write about stocks or analysis but she enjoyed reading how I am doing with my trading classes and feel proud(all moms will) when she got to know I am actually helping many in markets not to lose money, educating many and sharing knowledge. Yeah ... I was brought up by her ... to share and care for others. It is like 'planted' inside me and the influences by her is simply too great. She was a primary school-teacher, keeping strong to her values(rather than monetary gains) ... and naturally, I am 'influenced'? I will write as independent as I wanted to ... no matter who read my writings!! I want the freedom to write (except about politics etc etc where we are NOT supposed to tell truth).

Johotin : I wanted to write about Johotin and the right-issues ... but everything I write really depending on the 'flow' of my moods, my needs ... and my time. ex-date soon ... so, if I m not going to take up the rights, I need sell some of my holdings. Perhaps I should just take 2k units. It is still hanging at 2.05 levels.

10.30 am : I started the above around 8.30am ... busy checking markets, busy chatting with my stock-watch group, busy talking to a colleague, busy ... reading Malaysian Business magz ... haha ... it is like many things going on that I lost the momentum.

Where am I?

1.10 pm : With my posts won't be shown in i3-portal, perhaps it is better that way. Afterall, I want to read for my own pleasure readings ... yeah, it is kinda 'weird' ... tied to i3-portal for a year now, met the i3-admin who kinda like the eudcational values in my blog writing, tho I told them many times I might not write about stocks!! It is a personal dairy-kinda blog ... where if I sneezes, I will even write about it!! Haha.

Being a human, an a real one, indeed ... I prefer to have a relax way of writing my diary-blog. I want to speak about the morning rain this morning. I prefer to talk about people and events going on ... and some of my thoughts, besides stock-markets. I know I am 'attached' to many in my groups. I do like chatting with them, not because they have PAID me. I never want to see anyone of them as 'clients' as I am the sales-person trying to sell some products. I am more interested in sharing ... of what I read or think about. It is a daily basis ... I do read about markets related news in daily basis, aware of the prices of CPO, Gold etc etc ... even USD. I need to keep tap with the going-ons ... but at times, I am tired. I have just recovered from weekend fever-breakout. Physically still weak ... and taking today's in slower pace. No classes for whole day ... so, more relax to go to library to do some readings ...

Lacking of understanding in many things we are doing(why and how) could lead to mis-understandings. You see, some new readers ... if they are new in markets, they could not understand my 'stories'.

New readers ... jumping into many conclusions, and even placing un-just comments on my characters, my behaviours, my intentions, my desires, my expectations etc etc ... simply unbelievable IF I have to read all those noises written in i3-forums(or any forums). Sigh ... it was a good forum, it is certainly a very good site for KLSE's traders/investors to meet and share(use and not abuse). So, initially I was so glad to share my opinions, knowledge(if any) and comments ... then, it became noisier as market moving higher. More speculative counters being mentioned, fanned by some runners ... asking many to chase some hot-stocks. Then, came more and more noises with pages and pages of anaylsis!! Wow ... I was drown. I started to move out ... moving away. I dislike crowds, actually.

At one point, I just simple do not click on the i3-forums, so I do not know what was written there. Being ignorant could be a bliss, obviously.  Recently, I started to make 'foes', instead of friends. Someone named Fat-Cat who hated my postings trying to start so many 'fights' of words ... but it is so difficult to go down to that low-level. I chose to ignore him ... but he is very persistent, to tarnish my 'name'. Haha .. as if I hv made my 'name' popular? I do hope to go in with peace ... and as I can't find simple decent conversation or intellectual discourse, I do know it is time to move away ... and since my blog is moving out, it is timely!!



elpis said...

Hi Teh,

Appreciate if you can share abit of your insight regarding the Johotin rights issue. Thanks


Joseph Leong said...

Hi Teh,

I appreciate what you are sharing, keep it up.