Thursday, October 25, 2012

Learning takes time

I have just came back from a market-talk. Well, as I am still a novice(no longer a newbie) ... I do still listen to many to learn. I do still attend talks whenever I can ... and from each talk, I could always find something I could learn, or enhance that I have known. Well, it is good reminder ... as a trader, we need to keep tap with the latest ...

I always share with my tratles(and e-tratles) telling them how difficult trading could be, rather than giving them FALSE pictures of how easy trading could be(as advertised). In my opinion, whatever written ... too good to be true is not true. So, I m using lots of common sense ... A LOT. I do analyse fundamentals of companies ... news related too. That is FA + NA ... then only I will check the charts to see the technical landscapes of the stock. It is difficult to answer someone when he/she asks my opinion about ... say, XYZ? If the stock is not in my list, it means I did not follow the stories/news related to the particular counters. I can trade GenM, AirAsia ... TM easier than those pennies like GPacket. If you are my 'old' readers, you will understand where I came from ... how I developed to what I am today and the directions I am going. I m your slow-coach ... learning for nearly 5 years now, yet still a novice.

TM : Many in my group taken the trade when I moved in around RM6. Some got at 5.98-5.99, cheaper than me AGAIN. Anyway, when they knew I m moving huge into it, it shows confidence ... and many bought at RM6. I am glad it turn out to be good, again. Yes, many in my stock-watch with me for a year now(for small fees) ... and I do add some educational comments for some to learn how I could trade consistently. When to sell? Checking RM6.20, RM6.30 next ...

Note : I do not ask anyone to buy or sell. I am just telling them what I bought, at what level I bought and when I sell, I will tell them ... it is up to them to take the trade .... buy or sell. That is my stock-watch group I am trying to promote.

In my opinions, if you are less than 1 year in market, you do not know anything much. Well, I may be 'blunt' but I am just pointing out some truths. If you profitted from a counter, good. But ... you may not even know why you buy, at what level are you buying ... what you bought. Then, came the selling part which could be very difficult too. If it goes against you, you will get stucked ... and that is REAL pain ... paper-loss is a loss. Accept that and move on ... cut-loss early may sound logical but ... again, we do not place logic when it comes to trading. We could be lost ... as we are newbies.

Imagine a new person in market gained from Amedia ... only to be given back(much more). Imagine that someone started to believe Scomi or GPacket stories ... and you are newbie, it is too risky and you may not even aware of it. Stating some facts about trading is a very important in my sharing with my group. How market operators work? Some called them SM(Smart Money) ... while some named them 'sharks'. They are everywhere ... we have to learn to be LOGICAL to protect ourselves. That might take years ... and for some, forever. They will NEVER understand how market works as they are lack of LOGICAL brain. Can't blame them ... it could be in-born, it could be due to their environment, attitudes etc etc ...

It simply too difficult to learn trading. Too many details to look into and still we could never be 90% sure ... at best, I will say 80% confidence built.

It is 1.30am ... I am still thinking about markets. Yes, it is a continuous thing that many could not sustain. It is tiring ... but to move from newbie to novice(my level), it takes hours to learn ... for few years. Even that, you need to have my strong learning attitudes and commitments. It is clearly derived from passions!!

Got the above picture/quote from my facebook. We all know that to learn some skills, we need to build things in slower manner. I am one non-normal trader as I took much-much longer than majority to learn and I am an educator, certainly I could understand how I learn-teach-learn. I do know that caught in the 2-hours jam just now, to listen to 1 hour talk and then lepak with my tratles(teh tarik after talk) ... it is worth the 'trouble'. To me, it is a slow accumulation of knowledge. No one could take away the knowledge I am building while I am re-fining my trading concepts, systems ... and planning.

To be a full-time trader one day ... I need to take another 3-5 years. Why teach when I could trade? Because I am a teacher ... and I am a trader. Not many in my positions ... to understand education and guide many in daily basis. It is difficult to find such a dedicated trading-teacher or mentor.

Yeah ... I still have a dream ... a dream to guide as many as possible, telling them some truth about markets and let them be wise enough to understand the messages behind trading. I will continue to reach out to many ... but I am just an individual ... with a dream.

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