Thursday, October 04, 2012

KLCI new high

Good morning ... it is Thursday morning ... the only morning I have few hours 'free', not running around for classes and more classes.

So, today I have few things to do ... like going to banks to pay bills/loans.

My tratles and e-tratles groups

Tratles :  Ok, in yesterday's e-meeting with my tratles, we discussed a lot about plantation and stocks we should monitor closely to alert each other!! KLCI formed a hanging-man at resistance and that is a bad sign for KLCI. The one should be retracing would be Telco and Genting/GenM while we might see SIME and KLK to rebound.

Tratles-group are those who came personally to my ah-pek cheap trading classes. Haha ... some from cohort-1, a year plus ago ... still with the group!! Last weekend, I m done with cohort-7 and currently taking a break before my cohort-8 begins next month!! It is almost full and I m not taking in new names anymore. I have taken in about 20names but only 14 registered so far. I want to limit it to 15-18 of them. Too big a crowd, I could not access to all and have personal attention to many. Learning for adults are different, we all know that we need to take initiative to learn. Unless we want to learn, committed to learning ... we will find many excuses not doing it.

In Jan/Feb 2013, I will start my cohort-9. So, those 'late comers' will have to join my cohort-9 together with few who registering late. There will be some changes in cohort-9 where as I m more experienced in teaching-trading now, I will structure the modules into basics and intermediate. I might consider to provide 'notes'. My current tratles have to copy whenever I m writing on white boards. Well, I do not like to spoon-feed my students(teaching Math) ... but I need to change that mentality as these are adults. Busy adults ... and some of them expect to be treated as 'clients/customers' rather than students!! Luckily many of my tratles treat me as cikgu rather than a saleman, promoting his products!! You know what I mean ...

Some of them are becoming my friends ... so, we learn from each other rather than sifu-disciple relationship!! haha ... I never believe in such thing, and making sure all in my group do not call me 'sifu' or whatever.

That is my first main group ... traders-kaki sharing stocks. At times, we talk about politics or even football. Hehe ... but main common objective is stock-markets. When you are in a group of traders, you will not feel alone and be more comfortable. Most important thing is we 'speak the same language'.That is good ... reducing conflicts such as some donkeys will insist in trading Naim-Indah while we prefer Naim(indah or not, I dont know).

I am glad to have this group, with many more experienced traders joining to share knowledge and experiences. Learning to trade well should take about 3-5 years, in my opinion.

10.30pm : KLCI reaching new high 1660 ... thanks to SIME. Yeah ... MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

e-tratles : This is another group of learners who are following the e-learning(through internet, live e-meeting, facebook and blog). It is closed for this year. Those interested, I will put in KIV for next year batch2013 when I start a new one in Jan. I will create a closed facebook to place those interested in this group. Just e-mail me and add me in my facebook, k?

So, e-tratles is my online group ... majority I never seen before but some is close to me as we keep in touch regularly(as they are also in my stock watch group)

AMedia : This is one crazy ride ... I was chatting with my group, it dived to 0.70, quickly I grabbed 0.725 and parked 0.78 ... then chat with them and they told me, CP ... your 5kunits at 0.78 done! Arghh ... oh no, it went above 0.80 ... count-down ... 0.85 ... 0.90 ... shoot me!! I gained enough for dinners tmr. That is stupid punting, I admit. When I was chatting with them, it was at 0.73 levels, ok? Haha ... now, it is at 0.87.

Technical Rebound : I am gathering some e-mail sent yesterday and if I could get 20, I will start an e-meeting for those wanting to share to learn about technical rebound. For example, to catch SIME at Rm9.25 yesterday was good. I asked my student to buy SIME hugely for the OSKIC. Dont know how many listen, only one student told me he bought only 5k units at RM9.34. Sailang!! But, for REAL money, we could not sailang. Haha

Technical-Rebound batch-2 ... need to arrange my time to that, most probably next week after I got 20 participants. So, those interested, e-mail me,

stock-watch : This is another group, but only placing trades that I have intention to trade and good stocks now. I hv to weigh on the RISK and some of them following to buy but  when I sell, if the stocks going lower, they might get stucked. Many of time I sold too early ... like my GenM sold at 3.60(boght 3.40) and another person told me he is still holding!! Another good example ... I bought IGB at 2.53, failed to sell at 2.64 ... it came down and I cut-loss short. I m not sure if anyone did not cut loss? Then, I bought back at 2.25(technical rebound play, see?) and at 2.40 now ... I am selling again. So, I posted in my stock watch I am selling. How am I going to know others trades? I have so many on my tail ... even when I took a VERY short trades on AMedia this morning, my tratles with me. So, my stock watch is to share with others what I am buying and selling, with RISK being mentioned.

Example : I bought SIME-cr yesterday at 0.04 and 0.045. The group who read about it knew. Then, I sold 0.05 this morning done. Someone asked if he should buy at 0.045? I dont know how to answer ... just said, I bought yesterday as it is RIDICULOUS for SIME to dive to 9.25 levels, also for SIME-cr to dive to below 0.04 as the premium below 5% then? See how difficult such trades? It is VERY VERY risky. I only buy when things DIVE ... then, a quick thinking, I wont go for SIME(I asked the group to buy mommy, I go for baby, normally).

Anyway, if u wish to be in my stock-watch group, let me know ...

12pm : Almost lunch time ...

update later if I have the time ... another 4 hours of classes till 6pm, then dinner and another e-meeting with my e-tratles. That is my 'night' lives now. Haha


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