Thursday, October 18, 2012

KLCI going for new high

TWS : Sold at RM6.90 done ... as I bought last Friday at RM6.40 .. I alerted my stock-watch group and glad at least many took the trade too. Some sold too early ... it went above RM7 just now.

Now, I m surprised that i3-admin actually e-mail me ... I thought it has something to do with my blog taken out from the portal(which is still very OK with me) ... but instead a pleasant surprise. They are giving away polo-T to those contributed to their i3-portal. I did not do anything much, except agreeing that my blog is linked there.

Now, as I am leaving the noisy forum(leaving those haters and many un-compromising humans), my blog is still there.I will write it here now ... so, even if it is half way, I will post and continue later(but won't be shown in i3). Leaving the noises ... I would rather to focus in my own groups. Yeah, be with those people appreciate us ... and we will be happier. Leave those un-happy ones, those negative people who will not bring any benefits to our lives. We should learn to filter and say 'no'. We could not accomodate to all, anyway.

Being a human, I have wanted to explain ... and clarify on certain issues or insults. I have wanted to point out those 'accusations' ... but then again, it is tiring. We have better things to do in our own lives rather than explaining to others what we are doing etc etc, right? So, I m thinking clearer ... opt-out and ignore should be the best ... even if you want to be nice, not all humans are nice people, anyway.

Yeah ... was not feeling well last Sat, trying to recover on Sunday ... now, having cough with sore-throat. I had e-meetings every night so far ... Sunday night(with my OSKIC students, checking on how they are doing ... ending tmr), Monday night(with my e-tratles batch-one sharing on how to see RRR), Tuesday(with my stock watch group, analysing their stocks and then, continue with my fkli-chat), yesterday night was with my tratles for e-meeting, checking on their trades(TWS and Padini ... and what else to look for) ... tonight will be with my e-tratles batch-two, talking on RRR. Tmr night ... we will have dinner(curry fish-head suggested) together(about 10 of us) ... free dinner and drink for me again.

Technical rebound (Batch 3) : I have 2 enquiries for my "technical rebound talk". Ok, I will arrange it for next week or so. Yes, how I used it effectively on TWS recently. How my tratles used it on Padini(I did not trade la).  Do e-mail me if anyone else interested. I will only consider if more than 15 of them.

It is difficult to teach any techniques as it is NOT as simple as said. Not as straight forward. It needs to be tested out ... perhaps many of times, to understand and apply

lunch time .. will post my batch-2 technical rebound testimonials later. Many more testimonials and appreciation words I do not compile it up and did not post in my blog!!

I post in my blog NOT for thosenot interested to read, it is NOT for your reading but my blog is a place I keep my dairy ... those sent many 'thank-you' words to me. My blog is for MY personal pleasure readings. Do come to my blog : to read my disclaimer and many more items decorated in my personal home. All are welcomed, but if you need to be an ass-hole guest, please leave.


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