Friday, October 19, 2012

KLCI at 1668, new high

KLCI reached NEW historical high today ... everyone watching Astro, as we welcoming back the one that taken out. Well ... Astro is the FIRST stock I bought in my trading adventure!! Will they re-list Measat or Tanjong too? Afterall, that is how those tycoons and also many related parties profitting millions for such activities.

With many stocks shooting higher, check out TWS ... the undervalued stock? Haha ... when it dived below RM7, why it is not said to be undervalued? Why at RM7.50 now, it is? Many novices could not explain such situations as buying SHOULD be at RM6.40 and selling is today RM7.50. But they are buying under-valued stock today? How is that when KLCI at new high? Well, buy high, sell higher!! Hehe

Well, HuaYang breaking new high today, breaching 1.70. Given dividends, given bonus issues ... still going up. This is the trend we want and it was given to my stock-watch group about 1-2 months ago, today ... many still holding but when more driving in, time to sell too.

If you tell others to buy good stocks, they will wonder WHAT stocks could be considered as good? That is a VERY valid question. HOW are we going to know good stocks? For some, there is no such thing as white or black cat, the cat that catches the mouse is a good cat!! But, then again ... how are we going to know, from many cats ... which one will be able to do the job, catching the real mouse? Some might be catching your MOUSE. Haha.

If you are telling them KNM is not a good stock to buy-hold, they will be wondering why you are talking about such? These are things newbies need to learn and ACCEPT. If one is too new in market, we do not even know what stocks are considered as speculative(VERY, I mean ... generally, all stocks are speculative in KLSE ... low liquidity, low foreign-funds ownership, high corruption levels, many sharks etc etc).

Then, if you share with them technical comments on their stocks(a sell call) they will be cursing you for asking them to sell for a loss? choi ... you bloody dirty mouth. Hmm ... sound familiar? If you mix with these aunties/uncles, if you mixed too much with those noises ... you will be drown into such conversation where ... share market is just a place for them to punt? No analysis needed ... don't talk too much about good stocks, do not ask me to buy anything about RM1 as it is too expensive(siao meh! you think I print money ar?) ... haha ... if you tell them about fundamentals of the company, they will ask you ... what about NiCorp or Harvest? Plain ignorants kinda questions and very irresponsible too(towards themselves!!).

So, I shared with my e-learning last night about RISK-REWARD and advising many not to talk about those speculative counters, change their mindset and look for consistently ... can sleep well kinda counter, while trading using some simple trading plans with simple indicators!! Make your trading as simple. Do not believe those salespersons ... can we? Well ... we could easily 'trapped' with their sales gimmicks. Easily we will be convinced that who-n-who are doing well, we should be following. I mean .. how do u know?

So, I shared with my groups the trades I am taking ... at least they could know what stocks I am looking into, why ... and when we could be buying. TIME FRAME and RISK APPETITE are two main factors to consider too. I am a person always telling them 80-90% losing money in markets, WHY should we be listening to others? We SHOULD be learning to trade it ourselves, making our own LOGICAL judgements and ... manage our own risk. That is what I am trying to help ... shortening many learning curves. We could only help those who wish to learn and leave those illogical losers(newbies/novices/aunties/uncles) alone. They could get very upset if you are going to tell them some truths, right?

It doesnt matter what kinda of analysis we are using ... but we MUST learn to analyse. We MUST learn to apply ... and gather experiences to trade better(than ourselves, not bothering about others). Do yourself a favour ... learn to trade. Learn to control that emotions of yours. Learn to be logical and do not add to the losers statistics!!

I spent till 12.30am last night ... sharing many stories about RISK and how we should view it seriously. It is MONEY, man. It is EMOTION, lady. It is reality ... of losing money, making us emotional.

LionDiv : I shared with my e-tratles how I lost when I was such a naive newbie ... bought at RM1.80+, only to sell when it came down to 60cents ... today, it is at 30cents. ouch. The broker analyst report porjected Rm3+ as target price, fair value ... blah-blah PER. haha.

My groups

cohort-9 : I am taking in next cohort, to start in JAN2013 ... cohort-8 is full and starting next month. Do write in and I shall place those interested in my KIV list?

e-learning(batch 3) : I will continue my e-learning for JAN2013 as I already have few KIV in my list. Those from outstation, from other states could be able to learn simple BASIC TA for a small fees. Yeah ... reaching out to help more.

stock-watch : There are still some enquiries about this group ... I will want to spell it clearly. I DO NOT make any buy/sell call ... basically, I will just tell others what I am trading(buy/sell). I do not write those too risky trades I am testing out. So, those TWS or HuaYang will gain many good profits, that giving many confidence to consider to continue. Many stopped too ... well, perhaps they don't like my slow way for trading ... like buying SKPetrol at RM2.20 and RM2.30 ... holding to sell at RM2.50?

technical rebound(batch 3) : Those missed out my 2 previous batches, could join my coming e-meeting for Technical Rebound. Need to put more testimonials when I hv the time!!

Just let me know if you want to learn from me, ok? e-mail at

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