Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It is end of OCT

I have been sitting here for hours ... reluctant to move. Then, I reliased I missed an appointment!! Arrghhh ... I am kinda 'lost' at times ... I can't remember exactly the days ... certainly loss touch with the dates and many more things. I have memory loss too ... perhaps due to too mych of works to do, with so much of rubbish clogged inside my head.

Back to market ... it is end of month. KLCI slightly lower ... perhaps, short profit taking as it is reaching new high now. Well, it should be correcting ... taking a breather, so that we could buy into those index-linked counters again.

Takaful : Exited Takaful at RM5.14, bought around RM5.03 days ago. Well, dislike the lowering volumes and the candlesticks forming, showing weakness. Also, want to move money to GenM or Astro.

SKPetrol : Sold of yesterday too at 2.48, but it went higher to test 2.53 again. I have abandoned SK-cb due to nearing expiry date, went for SK-cd, instead.

AMedia : It shot up 15% yesteerday, if I m not mistaken. Today, it is breaching 40cents now.

THHeavy : This is formerly Ramunia, taken of PN17 status ... and down it goes? Wait ... thought that supposed to be a good news? May be it has been factored in. Perhaps ... later they will push it up again. I told my stock-analysis group yesterday that taken from PN17 ... news out, it is time to sell(not buy). Remember Talam when she was relieved of that status? It went down all the way ...

JCY : Moving above 70cents now at 0.735, up 8% ... perhaps they thought of US storms, flood ... reminding us of how Thai-flood disaster last year help JCY's stock price being pushed all the way to 1.60

WCT : Inching higher each day ... broken 2.70 today, with wb baby up 10%.

Coastal : Broken 1.83 level yesterday, checking 1.92 level ... can it continues to sail?

Astro : Don't know who the sellers are ... but I guess 2.70 should be supported

RSawit : Done a short surge that day ... down back to 94 cents level.

Fitters : Low could go lower?

Jaks : At 0.37 support again ...

LionInd : Why dropping for 3 days now ... can buy ar?

Got to go for next classes.


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