Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brokers' Calls

Broker's Digest (page 60)

Local Equities

Stock(CALL) : RM-at Oct17, Fair Value given

Cocoaland (BUY): At RM2.55, FV at RM3.50

Prestariang (BUY) : At RM1.21, FV at RM2.15

IHH (HOLD) : At RM3.19, FV at RM3.15

UMW (OUTPERFORM) : At RM9.93, FV RM10.90

AirAsia(OUTPERFORM) : At RM3.12, TP at RM3.50

DRBHicom (BUY) : At RM2.37, FV RM3.80

Iris (BUY) : at RM0.185, TP 31cents

Telekom (BUY) : At RM6.10, FV RM6.70

Pantech(BUY) : RM0.68, FV 81cents

AMMB (HOLD) : RM6.33, RM6.30


MPHB (STRONG BUY) : RM3.56, TP RM4.59.

This is taken from this week's THE EDGE. I have highlighted the stocks that I am looking into and shared with my group. Yes, the entry and exit points are very important. Do think about the position sizing too.

stock-watch group : This is a closed group to check on what I am buying-selling. It is not a tips-page, but basically checking on my trades. At least one know that I do take TWS trade or many more trades mentioned. Yes, most of my trades giving profits to the group and I do have many good testimonials to post soon.

Do get to me if you wish to join me. e-mail at

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