Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Batch 1 : Technical Rebound

Note : Attention to the person who which to join my e-learning but I have not added him in. Please e-mail me ASAP and I will add u in. Sorry that I might overlook. Really sorry as I am too busy, and un-organised.

Last night I have a session of technical-rebound from 9pm to 11.30pm with a group(my tratles and e-tratles). Well, I was trying out to see how far I could be able to share a trading system to a group of people, and it out well. I will collect some 'testimonials' and 'feedbacks' from them. I want to improve my presentations. As it is a 'trial' for me, I charged cheaply. Haha.

So, those interested with my sharing of technical rebound(batch 2), please contact me at . As I m going 'live' online, you could be at home to learn. Please understand that I do have many e-mail in daily basis and I might miss out some of those e-mail or some e-mails went into the 'spam box'. If I did not reply in a week time, e-mail again. The title should be 'technical rebound' ... rather than a 'hi ... hello ...' as I do not read those e-mails.

We urgently need to learn how to short FKLI and learn the technical rebound techniques. It is needed as KLCI at new high ... and we will have a sharp correction soon. Just be prepared.



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