Monday, October 22, 2012

Astro ... worth applying for IPO?

It is Monday ... KLCI in red but not deep enough.

TWS : I asked my collegue to call his friend(the one came to me last-last Sunday and finally joining my cohort-9) to sell his TWS. He bought at RM6.50 levels too after hearing my reasons why I bought and asked the whole group to buy at RM6.40. Today at RM7.50 now, in red already ... after a strong surge to RM7.90!! Then, I asked him to buy XXX ... and suprisingly, he bought it too. wow.

Well, he already gained enough to pay for his fees! That is one good trade.

This is what I want to make sure ... our tratles do not lose money but to gain back the small fees they paid me and they gained KNOWLEDGE and ... slowly gaining EXPERIENCES in trading. Otherwise, these newbies will never actually know how market works.

But, today's show is not TWS ... it will slowly going down from here ... and suddenly it is over-valued stocks again at RM7? Today ... we watch Astor. Jom ...

Day 1 ... Astro went to 3.10, from the RM3 IPO-price. As I am writing, Astro at RM2.75, touched 2.73. Will you buy Astro at discounted price now? If you got IPO, were you happy last Friday, only to curse or going into depression ... as you put all your bet on the sure-win IPO? Well, remembering how IHH, FGV and those IPO .... you were certain that this one will fly 10-20%, at least. Over-valued? Well ...

Time to take a nap ... zzz ... and will try to write again later.


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