Thursday, October 11, 2012

AMedia : How low is low?

AMedia : The volumes are huge today, showing more retailers selling. The RISK of ACE-counters ... check-out DVM and someone asked me about Gocean? I do not look into such stocks until current AMedia diving. Yes, I want to catch the technical rebound but have to sell quickly for losses. Will buy back again ... what a knife!! ouch.

This is will be used for my technical-rebound example tonight when I have my batch-2 meeting but it did not satisfied 2-3 of my conditions!!

Just watch the game .... how low it will be pressed down further, with bonus-issue and free warrant news in play. Private placement was at 0.37 levels? Need to check on that ... but as a trader, we check more on indicators ... tho, mind you ... indicators FAIL badly in such cases.

Good luck


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