Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AMedia : Game Over?

AMedia : Diving back to 58cents ... will it go back to 30cents?

This is one HUGE knife to catch. It went from 30cents to go above RM1.10 ... the news that it will be off from to ACE to MAIN ... really created such a hype!! Finally, everyone in the market talks about AMedia. I do not buy into her as it is in ACE-market. I have lost few times buying into ACE-counters and placing a criteria NOT to buy into any of these counters. ouch. It is difficult to be discipline. Will you buy QL's Boilermac? How about the well-written EAH by our top-blogger? Will you punt into Ingens? Why? Why not?

DOW closed 100+ points lower ... HSI shot up yesterday due to some injection given by BOC, if I am not mistaken. So, we have a mixed ... with KLCI moving to the new high, we are talking about 1680 and beyond now as our target.

At times, I feel so lost ... KLCI at new high, but most of stocks are NOT. In fcat, many stocks are way off their peaks and many more in 52-week low. It just to show that only certain stocks are reaching for the limit, strong uptrending.

Should we be chasing the new high? As for AMedia, even one have entered at 70cents, kinda late-comers ... if could sell around RM1, that is still one good trade. BUT ... it went to RM1.10 ... will u dare to think of RM1.50 then? Today ... it is going to go lower to 50cents. Will you punt?

Good luck and really feel sorry for those bought into her. I shall go to  i3-forum to check on the noises again. It is one of hottest stocks, besides JCY ... or Ingens. Many being sucked into stories.


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