Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It is end of OCT

I have been sitting here for hours ... reluctant to move. Then, I reliased I missed an appointment!! Arrghhh ... I am kinda 'lost' at times ... I can't remember exactly the days ... certainly loss touch with the dates and many more things. I have memory loss too ... perhaps due to too mych of works to do, with so much of rubbish clogged inside my head.

Back to market ... it is end of month. KLCI slightly lower ... perhaps, short profit taking as it is reaching new high now. Well, it should be correcting ... taking a breather, so that we could buy into those index-linked counters again.

Takaful : Exited Takaful at RM5.14, bought around RM5.03 days ago. Well, dislike the lowering volumes and the candlesticks forming, showing weakness. Also, want to move money to GenM or Astro.

SKPetrol : Sold of yesterday too at 2.48, but it went higher to test 2.53 again. I have abandoned SK-cb due to nearing expiry date, went for SK-cd, instead.

AMedia : It shot up 15% yesteerday, if I m not mistaken. Today, it is breaching 40cents now.

THHeavy : This is formerly Ramunia, taken of PN17 status ... and down it goes? Wait ... thought that supposed to be a good news? May be it has been factored in. Perhaps ... later they will push it up again. I told my stock-analysis group yesterday that taken from PN17 ... news out, it is time to sell(not buy). Remember Talam when she was relieved of that status? It went down all the way ...

JCY : Moving above 70cents now at 0.735, up 8% ... perhaps they thought of US storms, flood ... reminding us of how Thai-flood disaster last year help JCY's stock price being pushed all the way to 1.60

WCT : Inching higher each day ... broken 2.70 today, with wb baby up 10%.

Coastal : Broken 1.83 level yesterday, checking 1.92 level ... can it continues to sail?

Astro : Don't know who the sellers are ... but I guess 2.70 should be supported

RSawit : Done a short surge that day ... down back to 94 cents level.

Fitters : Low could go lower?

Jaks : At 0.37 support again ...

LionInd : Why dropping for 3 days now ... can buy ar?

Got to go for next classes.


Pardon me

Well, with a title 'WTF', that is how a property book selling well or some sites attract more readers. Sorry if I have displeased anyone. I have no bad intention ... I m writing in daily basis ... and this is still a personal blog, independent writings of mine. It is a package ... buang yang keroh, ambil yang jernih. It is also a show of frustrations ... towards how in-sane society could be, the blog is my personal expressions of words bottle-up and in no way I want to insult or offend anyone.

How words attract readers? Take a look at how MEDIA spreading news about stocks. We got trapped reading those reports, losing money along the way ... we are being brain-washed by the so-called educating media. Media is a very powerful tools being used to reach to naive public, and to benefit certain quarters. Think of it this way ... without these 'attractions', will you read anything written in newspaper?

Sensationalising news and those tabloids are being used ... to lure public into buying their papers. We choose what we want to read(like I hv chosen to read about Dr Teo's wordings) and filter what we deemed a waste of time.

I have explained ... I blog in daily basis ... according to what I want to write. But a year ago, my blog is featured in i3-portal ... which happened to be one of the best investment portal(indeed, it is very good). I have my ups-downs ... and I do write it here. There is good side of my writings, most of the time ... at least.

I am in a process of moving away into a new website ... yes, will make that more 'relevent' and will e-mail the i3 admin by year end. A change will be good ...

Thanks for your patience and I am sorry again. :(


p/s : See? I m losing my freedom to write ... I cant talk about politics, I cant express myself ... and I am being judged. Someone told me .. because you are a 'public figure'? HUH?? Since when?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stock Watch : Takaful

Takaful : BUY CALL (OSK)

We view the recent selldown in Syarikat Takaful's (STMB) shares as merely a correction. Its still compelling valuations indicate a strong buying opportunity at the current price. We foresee better-than-expected 3Q results, which will likely be announced on 21-22 Nov. Maintain BUY on STMB with its net profit forecasts raised, given the strong upside in Wakalah income following the full adoption of the Wakalah model. Our FV of RM8.00 is pegged to 12x FY13 EPS, implying a 62.6% upside. With another 15-20 sen dividend expected to be announced, we arrive at an annualized dividend yield of 6%-7% based on the current share price.

Fundamentals still intact. Having spoken to management recently, we have been reaffirmed that STMB's valuations are still intact as: i) claims experience is expected to remain healthy for the foreseeable financial quarters, ii) management does not expect a hike in management expenses for FY12 and FY13, and iii) the company does not expect additional extraordinary items save for the one-off release of unearned contribution reserves arising from the change in reserving estimates for the Group's Family Takaful products, general takaful and expense reserve, which had a total profit impact of RM4.7m at the shareholder level YTD.

2H results may surprise on the upside. We expect 3Q results to be announced around 21 Nov. We believe results for the remaining quarters may exceed expectations on the back of: i) Wakalah income upside from General Takaful fund, and ii) anticipation of a favourable tax rate of about 20% for this financial year due to non-taxable underwriting surplus transfer from the Family Takaful fund.

Buying opportunity. STMB's share price shed 30% of its value recently on lack of support due to the stake sell-downs by BIMB Holdings and EPF. We understand that the selling pressure has since eased. Given that the company's valuations remain compelling, we advise investors to take advantage of the price correction, which had resulted in a 62.6% upside to our FV.

Conservative adjustments to forecasts. We have adjusted our net profit forecasts upwards by 9.4% and 2.6% for FY12 and FY13 respectively. However we remain conservative as the upside in Wakalah fee income can be defrayed into commissions and management expenses, as well as upside risks in claims experience for general takaful segment for FY13. We believe the company may still exceed our forecasts.


Well, if one is to read the above reports, fair-value at RM8 ... wow. With good dividend yields, why not? The sell-down is overdone ... or there will be still yet another sell-down? Buying at RM5 is risk and cheap, how about if it dives to RM4 ... will you buy more and keep till RM8? Wait ... we should not buy into the stories of broker-reports, I was told. Do you buy into their stories? If u do, buy hugely Takaful ... wait to double your money!


Trading Idea On Pennies

AsiaPac: In July 2010, we could get AsiaPac at 0.08 and sell her at 0.12 in Nov 2012. That is our first 50% profits? Then, we keep the cash ... waiting for that 'crash' ... well, in Sept 2011, we could buy her back at 0.08 and in ONE month, Nov 2011, we could sell her at 0.12 for our next 50% profits.

Assuming that we have RM10k to buy. Profitting 50% will give us RM5k. So, In 2010, we grow the capital to RM15k, right? Using RM15k for our trade in 2011, then we should profitted another RM 7.5. In 2012, we still do not have a trade on her as we are still WAITING at 0.08 level. So, how much is our capital in hands now?

RM15k + RM7.5k = RM22.5k ... lets us give away RM500 for fees etc etc ... fair? We still have RM22k.

We have more than doubled our capital of RM10k.

Think of it this way, what are the RISK of taking such trades? Really? Yes, the charts dont lie ... it is US ... we are so impatient to profit in shortest of time. And, we still lose so much of money, simply because we do not know the strategies ... or should I say, we are OUR own enemy, without knowledge and experiences, that is RISK.

In case one asking if AsiaPac is a good counter or does this kind of strategy works, then I will say that this post is to show newbies/novices that RISK of losing is GREATER than greed of winning. Otherwise, why don't we punt into Tiger or AMedia now, right?

p/s : In KL, we have Times Square, in Penang too. So, in KK ... we do have Times Square too, u see.

Fikir fikir-kan la ...


Monday, October 29, 2012

KLCI reaching for 1680

It is so bullish this morning but I restrained myself to buying anything, except a waterfall.

Well, we don't know if the KLCI will move much higher to 1700, but that is the sentiment now. Trade it short and cautious ... time to clear some of our holdings.

got to go and continue later


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Testimony of Dr Richard Teo

R.I.P and thanks for sharing. A good reminder for those chasing the financial-wealth.


KNM : Right Issues that ain't right

KNM : I did not follow the latest development of this stock as it fails fundamentally years ago. I could only advise novices not to move into such empty and speculative counters, but we need to read more of the fundamentals of stocks before we want to place them in our stock-list.

The chart tells it all ... the two HUGE volume shown more distributions by big-players while those stuck inside her ... that might be the last chance to exit KNM. When it retraced, I saw a gap-up there. I suspect they were playing on Borsig listing in SGX news. Well, as I said ... I do not read about KNM as she is not in my stock list.

KNM-or is trading now, will any investors subscribe to the rights? I don't know too much about it. I just know that it will continue to bleed ...

Good luck to KNM holders.


New tratles

It is Sunday morning ... time to rest and be with family. It is time to play some games with my kids. Well ... I went to a 'sport shop' and bought my 6-yr boy a racquet. Yes, he has been talking about Lee Chong Wei as I was reading the book!! So, as a young boy ...he just excited about many things. I will see if he is interested enough to be trained to be a good badminton player. Remember Lim Pek Siah? She is coaching near the place I stay(USJ) ... and I will check it out on that!!

Just like kids ... where the motivation and excitement might last a very short period of time, we are adults ... being in market need to sustain the motivation!! After all, learning to trade well take years!! From the basic learning of terms, taking trades and lose ... many trades, going through the frustrations and building up confidence .... changing of a good mindset ... all these takes more that jus mere initial excitements!! More that motitvation ... the drive to push us further. Definitely not for most majority human who will even complain when it rains? In market, when it rains ... it pours. ouch.

Jaks : Supported at 0.37 is a good entry point. Check Puncak and KHSB. Well, I bought Jaks at RM1.30 level in 2008 before, cut huge losses as I was a newbie then. Today, 0.37 ... it will never recover to RM1.30 anymore. Dream-on ...

I have a preview with my cohort-8 tratles and five came to see me personally before they start the class in proper in to weeks time. After going through for 3 months with me, how many of them will remain in our discussion group, coming for meeting? Of that, how many really take the trades(mind you, majority of those in my active-tratles do take trades) ... could sustain amount of work needed ... maintain the focus to trade well? As a group, it is 'easier' as we do remind each other ... and glad to have such good support group. Can we last the pace?

When we trade well, improving each day ... learning and sharing ... those logical ones will stay. Knowing that trading takes years to 'master' and getting the system right ... is not easy, continous learning is the only way about it. Keep that motivation HIGH ... even when our 'mood' may be at the low. I could not remember even a single day I did not think about my trading, or my reading ... to improve. It has been such for past 5-years ... and the drive in me is still running strong, to be a good trader ... and now, to teach trading well!

Those who came to my preview(fisrt time leh) :

1. CCH --- been in market since 1993. A biz-men now and well read. Phew ... another challenge to share info with these very experienced investor in markets. He was introduced to me by his good friend, LKK, my tratles of cohort-5.

2. KM --- an experienced person in market too. Oh yes, he told me he attended Mr OOi's RM3k+ trading course and the system about 'arrows'. This is for those in i3 who asked me about it. I went for the preview and no comment from me. It is good to ask those who have attended those courses personally.

3. VP --- new to KLSE but been following news and market, reading blogs and got to know me! He is also into FKLI/FCPO. wow ... as for me, FKLI is new to me, volatile and very risky.

4. JW --- Been in-out of market and dont know much about charting and hoping to learn from me. Introduced by AC, my cohort-1 tratle.

5. ET --- A total newbie in market, followed JW to join me(last minute entry). This is another good one to groom ... without much knowledge, totally new is good.

note : I have to close the cohort-8 due to space limitation. Hope those in KIV for cohort-9 could wait? Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Well, I am taking one month break this month ... but my cohortt-9 is coming in JAN too. I do have a few enquiries but till I am done with my cohort-8, my current focus .... Growing the group strong and protect each other from losing money in market becoming our priority. Gaining is a bonus .. not losing much is very important.

Well, making my presentation better ... and improve in my public speaking skills is very important now. And I will start to change my ah-pek kopitiam way to sharing into a more professional manner. Perhaps, I need a tie ... and a coat? Hmm ... what's next? Employing some pretty faces to dance the gang-nam style k-pop dance before the class? That is cool ... haha

Happy Sunday


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The risk in speculative stocks

I do have my RISK talk on Thu night ... it was packed and for two hours plus, I kept talking .. about RISK. Wonder all will be bored to death? Haha ... Nothing come first in market than to understand that market is risky.

Learning Corner

Linear (code : 9504) : A monthly chart to show how RISKY the buy-n-hold. The PEAK was at RM7.50 ... well, guess what the price is today? It is traded at 1cent ... correct, it is ONE single cent. How low could it go? half cent and de-listed, right? Virtually, one could lose EVERYTHING.

Is it really possible to lose everything in markets? Well ... yes, actually. If the counter we bought de-listed and we are not compensated. Annother obvious one would be buying into call-warrants, which expired(of coz it will not be in money). So, the risk is VERY high if we do not think logically and without the needed informed-knowledge.

I have never traded Linear but it was in my stock-list in my initial years. Some counters which in my list went into PN17 or de-listed. For example : Stamford College ... as I am in education line. It went into PN17 and failed to re-structure.

Another counter I remember I was checking is NguiKee. It is just a shopping emporium counter. Well, it is because I was in KK and NguiKee is a 'large' shopping place, so I thought.

BioOsmo : It was IPO-ed when I first came into KLSE ... I thought of apply for it, 33cents. Well ... luckily I did not. It went to 20cents ... lower to 4cents ... and gorenged recently. Unless it is not de-listed, we can buy to hold till it is gorenged again? When? We could never tell ...

I have traded LCL and Evermas before ... phew, you will be lucky to get out of such speculative stocks. You lost lots of money in it ... you learned the mistakes and how to check on fundamentals.  I can mention more such cases, where IGNORANTS and NEWBIES, those gamblers will be buying into such counters as it is so so ... attractive. Every aunties-uncles talk about it, all newbies interested and asked about it in forums ... and you bet, it attracts many gamblers!! KLSE-casino is the largest casino in Malaysia ... we could legally BET and try our luck!!

I think we all should advise those ignorants and newbies to get out of these stocks while can ... sell all for huge losses and then, start all over again with GOOD trading habits, good mindset ... and start to learn to trade or invest the right way ... and sleep well.

If you do not know which counters considered as speculative(all are, just matter to extent)
, then do ask those HONEST ones ... the experienced one. I do not mind answering that as it could save MANY from being sucked into these shark-infested counters!

Have to go again ...

Good Trading


Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Teaching Adventure

As I am merely still a learner, I do believe that I could learn better by teaching!! Passion for education is clearly shown in me(that was told by many of my tratles ... and I guess they are right!)

How do I start teaching to trade?

The stories should start with a friend of mine back in Sabah. Yes, he is JLim. It was 2009, CNY ... somehow he responded to my e-mail. What e-mail?

Through my yahoo-mail, I sent all my friends my website ... this cpteh.blogspot site to all. ONLY few replied ... and said, congrats and good luck in your adventure in market. A good friend of mine told me that market is too risky and advised me not to 'try' it out. Well, he meant good, of coz. No one else ... not even JLim replied.

So, during CNY ... when we visited each other, he told me his intention to learn about stock-markets and has been reading my blog? My blog was born in 8th Aug 2008, before Lehman's collapse. Interestingly, I do write in daily basis as I was learning more about stocks ... here, I attached a post I written in AUG 2009, the Budget Day ... 29th Aug ... how the good budget(as always) push the whole market up.

On the 28th Aug, pre-budget day, I posted the chart of SIME. Yes, the chart was taken from Star-biz, and powered by chartnexus. I do use yahoo-charting back then.

Anyway, back to my first trading student ... JLim. One may want to read more about how sad I was when he started to show his eagerness of profitting and I remembered well his words "Teh, forget about learning much first, we should be profitting well now" It was Mac 2009 ... market recovered in fast pace(and we at new high today 1671). Never mind ... he did dampened my mood to teach anyone in future. The risk is too high ... it involved money and emotions.

So, the partnership failed. The friendship failed. I feel the pain of losing a friend, not a student or money he owed me. It is pain as I sincerely coached him ... sincerely helping him to understand etc etc. Bak pepatah ... Kacang lupakan kulit case. JLim was with me for about 3 months, and he really thought I taught him too little, too slow. I never charge him a single dime.

Back to KL 3 years ago, Jan 2010 ... I am still an active trader, learning the tricks and trades. It is not easy ... I have to uproot my whole family from KK ... to KL. Dealing with a new job, new environment ... it is difficult to trade as I m getting by without tuition etc etc. I am such a strong person, I guess ... determined to learn and to see what I am doing, moving towards my goal --- to be a good trading-teacher. In order to do that, I need to be a good trader ... myself. I am talking about taking real trades, real pain-gain. First few months in KL was a real struggle as I still have to fly back to KK during weekend to give tuition to my existing KK's students. What a strong dedicated teacher ... no earn also flying all the way to continue my responsibilities ... as a teacher!! They done well, few becoming doctors and dentist in the making!! So proud of my own dedication, tho it was extremely tiring!

In 2010 year end, I have two young colleagues, will always wondering what I am doing with my small netbook. Yes, checking on my trades and market-news ... it is my daily 'job' ... and I am so used to the drilling of jargons, words and terms that I could not understand!! I am so used to reading reports which I can't get what they meant etc etc ...

But, I gathered a group of my young colleagues and they are interested to learn about investing. I did not teach them charting ... just 4 or 5 classes about FA and what stock market is about. I was using a small place at my rented apartment, with a small white board. Well, looking back ... I think I 'failed'. Haha ... I called them cohort-0 now. Three of the seven still in our tratles group, coming for meetings and learning. The two young colleagues of mine, PT and EK, still with us.

Looking back ... they are my first batch of tratles. Seven young ones, new to market!!

I did not plan anymore teaching since then ... prefer to continue to read and learn more about technical analysis. Yeah ... I started with FA, learning terms. I was from ground-zero ... learning subjects that are aliens to me!!

I can't really recall how I started my cohort-1. Haha ... I do know that a few readers e-mail me and said if I could teach them how to trade. So, I just posted in my blog that I will teach for about RM50 per class!! Haha ... yes, no projector ... no young lady to serve u water(I do not even provide drinking water then ... today, I have added sweets!! haha). Learning trading without teaching tools!!

 ... it was end of AUG 2011, the scary diving market!! If we have hold till today, the profits could be huge!! I had my cohort-1, it was Friday night. I had about 10 of them. Only 4 left being active with our current tratles(I used the term active tratles!!) ... BL, MS, AC and KL.

Cohort-2 started soon but this is a smaller group. Only three left being active. Cohort-2 came in Sept ... then, cohort-3 started ... and when I reached cohort-4, I shifted to a slightly larger place as the group a little larger too. I was using one of our tratle's office room for meetings and he was very kind to accomodate. Yes, I do have many kind-hearted tratles in my group, and that I appreciate the most. I dont treat them as client, but rather very willing to share and learn. The whole group doing well ... for the whole year now. Proud? More than that ... I have slowly checking on my dream of having a group who share-learn ... and helping each other. Trading could be a lonely journey, and I am no longer alone.

I have just done with my cohort-7 last month and taking a break this month. I will only start my cohort-8 next month(full) and cohort-9(Jan13 to limit to 15 .. opening for registration) ... and many of them are referral by my tratles!! Yeah ... I appreciate their kindness. And I think it is mutual ... as they appreciate my dedication of teaching them about markets and trading!!

will update this post when I have my cohort-8 ... soon!!

as my teaching adventure continues ...



KLCI at new high 1670 now

As I was busy this morning, I did not realise that KLCI reaching new high ... now it is at 1670.

Malaysis Boleh .. positioned #12 ... front page of The Star paper.

I had a drink with my tratles(10 of us) last night ... we talked about my cohort-1 stories ... and I had a great laugh. haha ... I am having cohort-8 next month(closed) and preparing for cohort-9 in Jan2013(joining us, let me know). Yeah ... the feeling is GREAT. How I started with my cohort-1? Will write a short story ... for the information of all my new tratles ... how the seniors in cohort-1 learnt without even a projector!! Haha ... I drew lines to show support-resistance and MA crossover using different marker pens!! Haha ... what a feeling!!

stock-watch : A sample

Johotin : Reversal signs shown. I am buying nearing to 1.60, with cut-loss if going below 1.56. The selling price would be around 1.83(or 10% if shooting very fast).

Well, for educational values, sometimes I explain why I am buying the stock at that level. As this is NOT my learning page, I will only post a stock to the group what I bought. I do not ask anyone to buy-sell,  but will post to all when I sold my portion.

Example : I bought TWS at 6.40 but sold too early at 6.90, some of them hold and sold around 6.50 or higher. Some bought at 6.40 or lower, some bought at 6.50, some at 6.60. I dont know ... only after they profitted, they told me ... I just listen and only realised that so so many of them take the plunge with me.

Example : Everyone in the group knew that I bought Astro at 2.75-2.78 levels but sold too early at 2.82 yesterday. ouch.

Example : UEMLand was given weeks ago at 1.70 levels but I did not take the trade. So, I have no update on it ... but some took the trade and asking me yesterday at 2.10 levels, I have no say. It is up to the person to take profit, or greedier ..?

note : Read my disclaimer. All things written here are for educational and entertainment (= edutainment) purposes. It is not a buy-sell call. Warning ... trading is a risk activity.

I do receive few e-mails indicating their interest to join my stock-watch group. Fine. I am using fundamentals(with logic), news analysis ... and technical analysis to trade stocks IN MY LIST. I do not check those stocks not in my list, failing my criteria to trade(example Scomi or HWGB).

I hope I have cleared some few questions ... this blog is only blah-blah ....and never buy a stock simply because you read from a 'good' blog. You are taking too much of risk. LEARN first ... make decisions based on some good analysis, not pure punting.

If you wish to join, do ocntact me(tired of promoting. haha)

Lunch time ...


Learning takes time

I have just came back from a market-talk. Well, as I am still a novice(no longer a newbie) ... I do still listen to many to learn. I do still attend talks whenever I can ... and from each talk, I could always find something I could learn, or enhance that I have known. Well, it is good reminder ... as a trader, we need to keep tap with the latest ...

I always share with my tratles(and e-tratles) telling them how difficult trading could be, rather than giving them FALSE pictures of how easy trading could be(as advertised). In my opinion, whatever written ... too good to be true is not true. So, I m using lots of common sense ... A LOT. I do analyse fundamentals of companies ... news related too. That is FA + NA ... then only I will check the charts to see the technical landscapes of the stock. It is difficult to answer someone when he/she asks my opinion about ... say, XYZ? If the stock is not in my list, it means I did not follow the stories/news related to the particular counters. I can trade GenM, AirAsia ... TM easier than those pennies like GPacket. If you are my 'old' readers, you will understand where I came from ... how I developed to what I am today and the directions I am going. I m your slow-coach ... learning for nearly 5 years now, yet still a novice.

TM : Many in my group taken the trade when I moved in around RM6. Some got at 5.98-5.99, cheaper than me AGAIN. Anyway, when they knew I m moving huge into it, it shows confidence ... and many bought at RM6. I am glad it turn out to be good, again. Yes, many in my stock-watch with me for a year now(for small fees) ... and I do add some educational comments for some to learn how I could trade consistently. When to sell? Checking RM6.20, RM6.30 next ...

Note : I do not ask anyone to buy or sell. I am just telling them what I bought, at what level I bought and when I sell, I will tell them ... it is up to them to take the trade .... buy or sell. That is my stock-watch group I am trying to promote.

In my opinions, if you are less than 1 year in market, you do not know anything much. Well, I may be 'blunt' but I am just pointing out some truths. If you profitted from a counter, good. But ... you may not even know why you buy, at what level are you buying ... what you bought. Then, came the selling part which could be very difficult too. If it goes against you, you will get stucked ... and that is REAL pain ... paper-loss is a loss. Accept that and move on ... cut-loss early may sound logical but ... again, we do not place logic when it comes to trading. We could be lost ... as we are newbies.

Imagine a new person in market gained from Amedia ... only to be given back(much more). Imagine that someone started to believe Scomi or GPacket stories ... and you are newbie, it is too risky and you may not even aware of it. Stating some facts about trading is a very important in my sharing with my group. How market operators work? Some called them SM(Smart Money) ... while some named them 'sharks'. They are everywhere ... we have to learn to be LOGICAL to protect ourselves. That might take years ... and for some, forever. They will NEVER understand how market works as they are lack of LOGICAL brain. Can't blame them ... it could be in-born, it could be due to their environment, attitudes etc etc ...

It simply too difficult to learn trading. Too many details to look into and still we could never be 90% sure ... at best, I will say 80% confidence built.

It is 1.30am ... I am still thinking about markets. Yes, it is a continuous thing that many could not sustain. It is tiring ... but to move from newbie to novice(my level), it takes hours to learn ... for few years. Even that, you need to have my strong learning attitudes and commitments. It is clearly derived from passions!!

Got the above picture/quote from my facebook. We all know that to learn some skills, we need to build things in slower manner. I am one non-normal trader as I took much-much longer than majority to learn and I am an educator, certainly I could understand how I learn-teach-learn. I do know that caught in the 2-hours jam just now, to listen to 1 hour talk and then lepak with my tratles(teh tarik after talk) ... it is worth the 'trouble'. To me, it is a slow accumulation of knowledge. No one could take away the knowledge I am building while I am re-fining my trading concepts, systems ... and planning.

To be a full-time trader one day ... I need to take another 3-5 years. Why teach when I could trade? Because I am a teacher ... and I am a trader. Not many in my positions ... to understand education and guide many in daily basis. It is difficult to find such a dedicated trading-teacher or mentor.

Yeah ... I still have a dream ... a dream to guide as many as possible, telling them some truth about markets and let them be wise enough to understand the messages behind trading. I will continue to reach out to many ... but I am just an individual ... with a dream.

do contact me(  if u wish to join any of my groups. welcome.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

KLCI correcting soon

With DOW down 240 points, I am not sure how long KLCI could stand still ... it is kinda tahan-lasak. Last night when we were have e-meeting(normally on Wed), we were watching 'live' that DOW down 228 points then ... and it did not recover. So, we can expect the new high of 1670 will not be so soon ... perhaps, a short correction will be healthy ..before it shoots above 1670 ... to 1690 or beyond?

It is difficult or near impossible to predict movements of stocks in short-period of time. Hence, it is fruitless to predict ... up or down. Just place the trading plan well, be discipline to carry out the trades as plan ... and check if it works out, otherwise ... analyse what went wrong, and re-define the plans, objectives, indicators ... or perhaps change our mindset?

Banking ... PBBank making new high, MayBank hit new high and retracing back to support while CIMB is lagging behind(tho with Thai-CIMB profit news out?). BIMB and Takaful ... interesting to see the dive in Takaful but BIMB staying put above RM3. They used to move in tandam ... but BIMB dumping Takaful ... shoo-shoo ... main jauh-jauh la. Haha

Plantation ... SIME and KLK recovered back to the "acceptable" level after that one-day dived(thanks to CPO down to 2200 levels, recovered to 2500 ... and consolidating at current level) ... but PPB showing strong recovery. I missed her ... I was pointing it out to our group as PPB moving out of the base(BB squezze break-out). Two weeks ago, some of us taken TSH at 2.20 levels and 2.40 is a selling point. Yesterday, finally those taken TDM could have some cheers as it moved yesterday. The lagging one is THPlant. The three 'T-plantation' discussed 2 weeks ago in out meeting. So, we took some time to discuss more on few of the plantation counters, anticipating the recovery of CPO. RSawit saw some activities yesterday too ... but I will want to see Kulim breaking RM5 level. TWS will go for another round, while I sold off my TWSPlant.

Construction and property are another two sectors to consider, but still in very much lagging. UEMLand broken 1.90 soon, Benalec never look back(this one given months ago in my stock-watch and many bought and sold too ... it was around 1.15 level then). I do like property stocks, moving forward for coming months(before GE).

Steel sector has been depressing for some time ... so, we discussed about that last Saturday meeting, while I shown AnnJoo recovery. I did talk about PMetal but no one post the chart or write out the plan, so I guess non of us taken PMetal trade, it shot up. We were checking on other steel-counters such as LionInd, Masteel. I shown them Lafarge and Tasek which showing very strong uptrend. YTLCement taken private some years ago. Well, building materials .. can we place timber-stocks in this category too?

RM1-stocks like Unisem and Mas still in watch list ... many went below RM1 and becoming penny now, such as YTLLand, Muhibah, CIH, RSawit ... and such.

I do have some e-mail ... and will reply them later. Do be patient with me.

10.50 am : KLCI in green ... but I am wearing RED. ouch ... we shorted FKLI as it reaching new high. Really ridiculous ... DOW down, KLCI really boleh ...

So, I managed to sell my TM(6.12) and Astro(2.82) for some profits.

TM at 6.16 now ... KLCI at 1669.91


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Risk Management

Last night I have my e-meeting with my e-tratles ... continuation of last week tallk about RRR. Yes, last night I used about 2 hours just talking about how RISKY trading market could be. There are newbies, there are many who could be new to technical-analysis ... and certainly there are people who never logically pause a while to understand the RISK they are in. If you are in stock-market, you are in a risky-biz. Simple as that ... afterall, 80-90% of them losing money?! What makes you think you will be in the top 10% of those traders or investors?

So ... the first thing any newbie should THINK of is RISK and how they could protect themselves from the exposures.

Sinotop : Previously known as John Master International(I was told) ... I used this stock as example yesterday. Now, how do you trade this lousy goreng stock? FA failing ... pure fundamentalist will ignore this stock(I will too as it is speculative) TA failing .. pure technical analysts may want to claim that those indicators giving them buy signals(I am not pure TA person, so I sure TA fails for such stocks).

If we do not have KNOWLEDGE, and taking this trade ... it will be LUCKY if one could get out with profits. We are trading with some sharks there ... and stealing their food is NOT advisable. So, it is extremely RISKY to take a punt into these stocks ... generally, we could only advise a person not to swim in that part of water as it is sharks-infested. But ... being newbies, being ignorants ... do you think many will listen? They will ... only when they lost part of their bodies, badly wounded ... if they ever recover to stay positive, and fight for their lives. Then, may be ... just may be ... they will change their mindset, attitudes.

I told my whole packed meeting last night, that is what RISK means. RISK is in markets, always ... but we want to increase our knowledge in order to reduce our risk ... forget about profits, please.

Yes ... I was talking about RISk for about 2hours plus ... and I could actually continue for another few hours!! Haha ... No one will tell u these .. the risk and how not to lose money. It is like spoiling your mood(as if markets care about your mood?) ... as many came into markets with IN-CORRECT mentality(I want to be rich?!) ... and without much of logic. No logic ... no need to talk to them and let them experience swimming with sharks!!

After telling them about sharks-stories ... where it takes time to understand ... EXPERIENCE is another very important part of trading well. No one could obtain experiences by reading!! No one!! It is a schoo of hard-knock case where causing us real pain ... making mistakes, blunders ... everything!! Then, if we could still stay positive ... good. We have a surviving chance and be stronger!!

It is 'easy' to teach a person METHODS ... even tho we placed it 'easy', it is because it is so much difficult to teach a person to do homeworks and be discipline to write a trading plan. That will take a few years for a trader to be good in it ... indicators? That is much easier to learn ...

We should not ignore the risk ... we should not be distracted with so many methods used etc etc ... for newbies, it is too daunting. It is too huge ... to comprehend. Hence, getting a person and a mentor(good experience and sincere one, please)  to guide will be good.

Teach them how to 'fish'. Teach them which ponds to fish for the type of fished they want. Not everyone like Tuna or Salmon, you know. Teach them ... to differentiate deep sea-fishing and different baits to be used. Teaching a person to fish is certainly much better then providing them the fishes ... as my taste may not be your taste, right?

e-mail : I do have few e-mail from i3(i think) requesting to join my group. Well, first of all, all my groups are closed groups ... next time, I will have interview process(LOL) for new members. I am going to explain(AGAIN?) the differences.

stock-watch : NO learning here much as I will only post what I am buying, at what price, when to cut-loss ... and take profits. Yes, MY trades ... not analysing anyone's else stocks. One may alert me to take a look at a certain stock as it is technically nice, but I am more to fundamental-news analysis person. I will only use technical after I have checked on its FA-NA.

cohort-9 : This is come personally for my ah-pek trading class. I called this group as 'tratles'.

e-tratles : Yes, I am taking in(and limiting to 25) those interested to learn thru 'online'. It will start in JAN2013 and I am still designing my modules, to make it much more effective. I do have batch-1 and batch-2 with me at the moment. The limitation is needed as I wish to have time to guide, especially it is not easy to learn thru online ... I do have e-tratles from all over, even some from Spore!!

I only charge small tokens ... but if you want free, if you are those noisy-kaki, then it is not suitable. I am only teaching BASIC ... so basic that it is suitable for newbies and novices. If you already knew all those technical charting and trading well, it will be a waste of time(and money).

Hope I have cleared some dust. If you are still wanting to join me, do e-mail me at

glad to help and serve ...

ok ... enough said.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Astro ... worth applying for IPO?

It is Monday ... KLCI in red but not deep enough.

TWS : I asked my collegue to call his friend(the one came to me last-last Sunday and finally joining my cohort-9) to sell his TWS. He bought at RM6.50 levels too after hearing my reasons why I bought and asked the whole group to buy at RM6.40. Today at RM7.50 now, in red already ... after a strong surge to RM7.90!! Then, I asked him to buy XXX ... and suprisingly, he bought it too. wow.

Well, he already gained enough to pay for his fees! That is one good trade.

This is what I want to make sure ... our tratles do not lose money but to gain back the small fees they paid me and they gained KNOWLEDGE and ... slowly gaining EXPERIENCES in trading. Otherwise, these newbies will never actually know how market works.

But, today's show is not TWS ... it will slowly going down from here ... and suddenly it is over-valued stocks again at RM7? Today ... we watch Astor. Jom ...

Day 1 ... Astro went to 3.10, from the RM3 IPO-price. As I am writing, Astro at RM2.75, touched 2.73. Will you buy Astro at discounted price now? If you got IPO, were you happy last Friday, only to curse or going into depression ... as you put all your bet on the sure-win IPO? Well, remembering how IHH, FGV and those IPO .... you were certain that this one will fly 10-20%, at least. Over-valued? Well ...

Time to take a nap ... zzz ... and will try to write again later.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brokers' Calls

Broker's Digest (page 60)

Local Equities

Stock(CALL) : RM-at Oct17, Fair Value given

Cocoaland (BUY): At RM2.55, FV at RM3.50

Prestariang (BUY) : At RM1.21, FV at RM2.15

IHH (HOLD) : At RM3.19, FV at RM3.15

UMW (OUTPERFORM) : At RM9.93, FV RM10.90

AirAsia(OUTPERFORM) : At RM3.12, TP at RM3.50

DRBHicom (BUY) : At RM2.37, FV RM3.80

Iris (BUY) : at RM0.185, TP 31cents

Telekom (BUY) : At RM6.10, FV RM6.70

Pantech(BUY) : RM0.68, FV 81cents

AMMB (HOLD) : RM6.33, RM6.30


MPHB (STRONG BUY) : RM3.56, TP RM4.59.

This is taken from this week's THE EDGE. I have highlighted the stocks that I am looking into and shared with my group. Yes, the entry and exit points are very important. Do think about the position sizing too.

stock-watch group : This is a closed group to check on what I am buying-selling. It is not a tips-page, but basically checking on my trades. At least one know that I do take TWS trade or many more trades mentioned. Yes, most of my trades giving profits to the group and I do have many good testimonials to post soon.

Do get to me if you wish to join me. e-mail at

Thanks and Night


Reading headlines

It is 12.10am ... I was very tired and dozed off. Well, I had a tuition in the morning, then had a meeting with my tratle group(batch-2).

The headlines for this week's The Edge is very interesting ..."BALLOONING public debt". I read the whole article ... and yes, I hv not read anything much from The Edge, tho I do still buy in weekly basis. I do read most of the headlines and those catching my eyes(and logic), I will put in mind ... checking if I could trade the stocks.

For example : MAS not out of the woods yet. (page 20)

If I am going to trade MAS, I will briefing read through ... I do not have the patience to read much, actually. Then .... I rather check the chart. See below.

MAS : The chart is nice ... support at RM1.02, low at 0.995 ... so, wanna bet on MAS turnaround?

AirAsia is recovering to RM3.20 now(I asked the group to buy at RM3.10 level, only one of our tratle, a Malay accountant told me he bought AirAsia at RM3.10 ... maybe more bought into AirAsia, I dont know).

So, The Malindo news subside ... no more at RM2.80+ level ... happy to buy now or asking if we can buy when it is at RM3.30 or RM3.50 again?

Being a contrarian ... I do buy many stocks when they dived, when they are trading at cheaper valuations and when technically nice ... of coz I am aware of the market sentiments and how these news related will affect the counters. So many in our group bought at around RM2.90 for AirAsia ... and I do ask them to check MAS at RM1. If MAS going below RM1, please let me know ....

Anyway ... these are basically steps I am doing ... read the headlines, check the sentiment around, read some news related to the sectors/peers ... then, check the technical chart ... draw up a trading plan for my stock-watch group, telling them to buy at what level, cut loss at what level ... and take profit when it moves.

TWS is one of my best call at RM6.40 and today only I realised that so many in my stock-watch group and also tratles do buy. Some being a day late bought at RM6.60 levels and still holding!! It is a sell soon to me.

I do not check WHY TWS dropping from RM7.50 ... but when it broken RM7, I was glad to stalk closely. When it reached the reversal point at RM6.40 last Friday, I just grabbed into it and tell the whole group.

Then, someone told me Dali wrote about it ... and suddenly media started to said about it ... broker houses talk about it(I recieved e-mail about it too) ... after it jumped so high, blogs writing about it ... forums making more noises about it as it is  at RM7.70 levels now ... when it is noisy, it is SELL.

Good luck ... and do read more headlines. I am learning the 'skills' of reading headlines to trade!! Yeah ... my whole group is very glad staying around as we DO NOT lose money group. Haha.



Saturday, October 20, 2012

RDPD : E-S to B-I quadrants

DOW down about 200+ points. Oh boy ... our KLCI reached new high on Friday and here we go again ... expecting some dips in KLCI. Recently I bought a few stocks and still hanging at my cost price, and next week expecting many to retrace ... should we be selling or buying?

Last night we had dinner together, 7 of us ... curry fish-head. It is not to celebrate our TWS or Padini, but to gather and knowing each other better. Then, we adjourned to our usual yam-char place, having the over-priced hike-up drinks!! Haha.

Now, yesterday ... I brought up some ideas about biz ... yeah, another part of the quadrant that I want to move into and that is the only way to get out of the rat-race being an employee.

We read or at least heard of  Rich-Dad, Poor-Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. We recently read that one of his company filed for bankruptcy. Well, that is how rich becoming richer ... or is it?

Let me revise the quadrants which clearly stucked in my mind ever since I read about it about 7 years ago ... and I started to buy more financial books ever since. Reading is not good enough ... we need to understand and internalised them. ANd continue to look into it ... apply and check if we have side-tracked.

E : Being an employee, I have been working since I graduated at 23. That is a total of 22 years, working full-time ... drawing salary, clock-in clock-out like most of the majority. Teaching doesnt pay much, so we will have to work till retirement, and certainly can't afford many of things mid-income group or higher could afford. Most teachers retire with little savings(if any) and have to continue to teach beyond their retirement age ... of coz, they will claim that they LOVE their jobs so much that they continue to teach till 60s ... the fact is, teachers DO NOT have financial knowledge, not much financial intelligence in them and they are VERY academic kinda of group. I am in teaching line, I will still be in teaching line as that is what I love. But ... due to realisation and increase in my FQ(financial quotient), I will say that I am moving out of the E-quadrant as planned, 5 years ago.

S : This is the part-time job that we have. As a tutor, many teachers do give tuition ... to supplement their 'small' salary. Some of them doing well ... and earn more than their salary!! I do know of a few popular tutors who are earning 3-4 times their full-time salary!! But .. we still need to be physically being there to teach ... no work, no income. I am still very much in this category.

So, if we are in E-quadrant  ... we could hope for good increments and bonuses. We prehaps try to impress the boss, try to do something extra, hoping that we will be rewarded. If you are in those professionals and highly paid jobs, good for you. But ... not for lecturers or teachers. With office politics, favouritism etc etc, it is too 'hazzle' and lots of work ... to get that small bonuses, and hoping to climb the ladder. Teaching is a place where the ladder is very short, nothing much to climb ... with many queueing up, anyway. Haha. Anyway, our increments are limited. Nothing else we could do except ... perhaps jump-ship, to a better paying colleges or schools. If you are already in one of the best paid college, yet the salary is much small in other coperate firms, will you quit your job for other fields? Getting to work in coperate work may not be the cuppa of many teachers ... so, they stay to work till they retire.

To supplement our income, majority is giving tuition. That will increase our salary ... and giving tuition is a 'lucrative' job. But ... it seems like EVERYONE if giving tuition ... I got to know that some students going for Math tuition with un-qualified tutors!! Well ... everyone want the pie, to earn that 'extra'. Most of us will send our kids to the 'best' tutor ... will you send your college kids to me to teacy tuition? I am one of the best in teaching Maths and I am sure about it. I do teach many lecturers ... on how we could teach certain topics etc etc. Yes, 20+ years of experienced, plus the deep knowledge about the subject enable me to be the sought after Math tutor. But ... no matter wat, I still need to be there to teach!! It is a good side-income but we still need to work hard? I could not afford to fall sick or take a break from a weekend as one weekend could pay me half of my salary?!

Hence, since back to KL nearly 3 years ago ... I have been drawing plans to get out of the E- and S-quadrant!!

I could not do anything much to increase my income with my meagre full-time salary ... luckily I still enjoy so much teaching my students and being with them, seeing that they improve and they like my teaching ... motivate me. Next year, I will have another 5% increment with 1-month bonus. I do minimal in my full-time job, so nothing to shout about.

I have to promote myself further ... in giving tuition. We have so many lecturers giving tuition. I will create more ways for myself, alternatives and work on such. That is the only to be known? As I said, I am 'new' in current tuition market and tho I am very good, I am un-known. Majority students still go to few 'popular' Math tutors. The only way to increase my income from tutoring is to get more classes or/and increase the fees-rate? The rates could not be increased as it is at high-end now.

got to go for breakfast and hope to continue to write about my B- and I-quadrants that I am moving into.


Friday, October 19, 2012

KLCI at 1668, new high

KLCI reached NEW historical high today ... everyone watching Astro, as we welcoming back the one that taken out. Well ... Astro is the FIRST stock I bought in my trading adventure!! Will they re-list Measat or Tanjong too? Afterall, that is how those tycoons and also many related parties profitting millions for such activities.

With many stocks shooting higher, check out TWS ... the undervalued stock? Haha ... when it dived below RM7, why it is not said to be undervalued? Why at RM7.50 now, it is? Many novices could not explain such situations as buying SHOULD be at RM6.40 and selling is today RM7.50. But they are buying under-valued stock today? How is that when KLCI at new high? Well, buy high, sell higher!! Hehe

Well, HuaYang breaking new high today, breaching 1.70. Given dividends, given bonus issues ... still going up. This is the trend we want and it was given to my stock-watch group about 1-2 months ago, today ... many still holding but when more driving in, time to sell too.

If you tell others to buy good stocks, they will wonder WHAT stocks could be considered as good? That is a VERY valid question. HOW are we going to know good stocks? For some, there is no such thing as white or black cat, the cat that catches the mouse is a good cat!! But, then again ... how are we going to know, from many cats ... which one will be able to do the job, catching the real mouse? Some might be catching your MOUSE. Haha.

If you are telling them KNM is not a good stock to buy-hold, they will be wondering why you are talking about such? These are things newbies need to learn and ACCEPT. If one is too new in market, we do not even know what stocks are considered as speculative(VERY, I mean ... generally, all stocks are speculative in KLSE ... low liquidity, low foreign-funds ownership, high corruption levels, many sharks etc etc).

Then, if you share with them technical comments on their stocks(a sell call) they will be cursing you for asking them to sell for a loss? choi ... you bloody dirty mouth. Hmm ... sound familiar? If you mix with these aunties/uncles, if you mixed too much with those noises ... you will be drown into such conversation where ... share market is just a place for them to punt? No analysis needed ... don't talk too much about good stocks, do not ask me to buy anything about RM1 as it is too expensive(siao meh! you think I print money ar?) ... haha ... if you tell them about fundamentals of the company, they will ask you ... what about NiCorp or Harvest? Plain ignorants kinda questions and very irresponsible too(towards themselves!!).

So, I shared with my e-learning last night about RISK-REWARD and advising many not to talk about those speculative counters, change their mindset and look for consistently ... can sleep well kinda counter, while trading using some simple trading plans with simple indicators!! Make your trading as simple. Do not believe those salespersons ... can we? Well ... we could easily 'trapped' with their sales gimmicks. Easily we will be convinced that who-n-who are doing well, we should be following. I mean .. how do u know?

So, I shared with my groups the trades I am taking ... at least they could know what stocks I am looking into, why ... and when we could be buying. TIME FRAME and RISK APPETITE are two main factors to consider too. I am a person always telling them 80-90% losing money in markets, WHY should we be listening to others? We SHOULD be learning to trade it ourselves, making our own LOGICAL judgements and ... manage our own risk. That is what I am trying to help ... shortening many learning curves. We could only help those who wish to learn and leave those illogical losers(newbies/novices/aunties/uncles) alone. They could get very upset if you are going to tell them some truths, right?

It doesnt matter what kinda of analysis we are using ... but we MUST learn to analyse. We MUST learn to apply ... and gather experiences to trade better(than ourselves, not bothering about others). Do yourself a favour ... learn to trade. Learn to control that emotions of yours. Learn to be logical and do not add to the losers statistics!!

I spent till 12.30am last night ... sharing many stories about RISK and how we should view it seriously. It is MONEY, man. It is EMOTION, lady. It is reality ... of losing money, making us emotional.

LionDiv : I shared with my e-tratles how I lost when I was such a naive newbie ... bought at RM1.80+, only to sell when it came down to 60cents ... today, it is at 30cents. ouch. The broker analyst report porjected Rm3+ as target price, fair value ... blah-blah PER. haha.

My groups

cohort-9 : I am taking in next cohort, to start in JAN2013 ... cohort-8 is full and starting next month. Do write in and I shall place those interested in my KIV list?

e-learning(batch 3) : I will continue my e-learning for JAN2013 as I already have few KIV in my list. Those from outstation, from other states could be able to learn simple BASIC TA for a small fees. Yeah ... reaching out to help more.

stock-watch : There are still some enquiries about this group ... I will want to spell it clearly. I DO NOT make any buy/sell call ... basically, I will just tell others what I am trading(buy/sell). I do not write those too risky trades I am testing out. So, those TWS or HuaYang will gain many good profits, that giving many confidence to consider to continue. Many stopped too ... well, perhaps they don't like my slow way for trading ... like buying SKPetrol at RM2.20 and RM2.30 ... holding to sell at RM2.50?

technical rebound(batch 3) : Those missed out my 2 previous batches, could join my coming e-meeting for Technical Rebound. Need to put more testimonials when I hv the time!!

Just let me know if you want to learn from me, ok? e-mail at

got to go


Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Best Teacher

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.” —Abraham Lincoln

excerpt from "One Good Trade"
New traders frequently think that learning from the most talented traders is the best way to learn. On the contrary, new traders should seek the best teacher. There is a difference. I don’t believe in the old mantra “those who can’t do, teach,” because in trading many do both. But sometimes the best trader has no personality, or poor people skills, while a consistently profitable, but not top 10 trader, can emerge as a premier lecturer, one-on-one communicator, and mentor.

During one interview, a potential candidate boasted, “I plan on being your best trader. Do I get a chance to watch your best trader?” With his engine of ambition, this Ivy League–educated candidate believed that learning from the most talented traders was the best way to learn. Just like a lot of platitudes one would assume to be intuitively obvious, such as “learn from the best,” this is not one of them. New traders need to find the best teacher.

But I liked the young man’s confidence nonetheless. My philosophy echoes throughout the prop trading world. A friend of mine in the business who leads his prop firm’s training efforts was quick to share with me that he was not the best trader on his desk. This is not exactly a slight since his firm is loaded with excellent traders, almost all of whom he personally trained. His firm is certainly not of the “League of Lesser Firms” I mentioned in Chapter 3.

TEH : I may not be the best trader around, but I do have an intention to be the best traders-teacher or mentor. Yes, I am sort-of mentor to my tratles, guiding them in traders with my weekly e-meeting and monthly meeting with them. Nothing will be easy ... to teach anyone to trade. Many are in markets more years than me. Some using more complicated and advanced TA techniques. Many read more news/books than me ... so, I have vast levels in my trading-group. Yet, I believe I could be a good teacher ... to novices. As they trusted me, many bring in their own friends to join my classes/groups. A good trader teacher MUST be a trader himself, to understand the market pulse, movements, emotions etc etc which could only come with experiences. Those young ones talking about pure technical may miss-out plenty of 'juices'. So, I am motivated to be a good trader-teacher!! Given another 3-5 yrs, I believe I could teach much better, understand much better ... and moving from current novice level to intermediate level. Watch me move?

As much as we preach the importance of the process, our guys are more interested in my mentorship when my results top our leaderboard. This is not to say that they do not listen when I am not on top of our leaderboard, but certainly they listen much more carefully when I am. But just like in all of human nature, we chase what’s hot. When Steve or GMan or JToma leads the pack, people swarm to them.

When I first started trading, it was almost hysterical watching traders swarm like bees to honey to the desk of a hot trader whose name they hardly knew. Some traders obsessively monitor the leaderboard. We have one trader who lurks near our leaderboard, just staring at it. To this trader, our leaderboard is as mesmerizing as Scarlett Johansson is to the rest of the male population. I once asked him, “Do you think we are gonna quiz you on those results?”

One of our former traders spent so much time near the leaderboard I don’t know how he had any time to trade. Perhaps if he spent more time learning how to trade than staring at the leaderboard he’d still be with us. We have a detailed, state-of-the-art clearing site that keeps track of the numbers for all of our traders. With this guy, who needed a clearing site? 

It is just human nature to be interested in how others are doing, especially compared to you. But this mentality is not in the new trader’s best interest. “Mike, doesn’t it make sense that you ought to learn from the best?” people ask me.

“Don’t I need to learn from the best to become the best?” they continue. No.

If this were the case, then Steve and I would be sitting next to our friends, some of whom are the best traders on the Street. It just doesn’t work like that. Think about it.

Who are some of the best professional coaches? Were they preeminent players?

TEH : Majority of traders MISSED out that the process in learning is the MOST important part to be a good trader!! That explains why they are running from one forum to another, one trading course to another, one system to another, and ever searching for that sure-win system. These traders will never learn well, unless they take an effort to rectify such a weakness. Yes, spend more time learning to trade rather than making noises in every forum's posts, or every facebook. It is simply more interesting listening to what others doing than doing it ourselves!! Then, many boasting around and we wasted so much of our time even reading what they are writing.

To trade well, we need to learn. To learn, we need to be serious and understand that it takes EFFORTS and TIME. To be a contrarian ... it is very difficult. So, if you are to tell them trading is not easy or why it took me years to get out of newbie-levels, they will be puzzled. What is there to learn? That is how their naive mentality works ... everyone will agree that we need years to master a subject, but somehow or rather ... learning to trade doesnt come into their logic. They prefer to pay thousands of dollars to those sales-people selling them sure-win systems. Yeah right ...

Anyway, Sir Alex was not a good football player himself but he is certainly one of the best club managers around!! So, I may not be a good trader, I do have few of them in my group trading better than me and I am very glad with that.

If the top coaches were not the best players, then why do new traders look to the best traders for mentorship? I posed this dilemma to the best trading teacher I know, Dr. Brett Steenbarger. He responded, “Many of the great coaches were competent players in their own right, but not all-stars. They knew the game, but their passion was for teaching and developing players. They worked on their coaching game as hard as the all-stars worked on their playing game. It’s all about knowing what makes you tick, and what you’re really good at.” Spot-on commentary from the trading coach of all trading coaches. The skills necessary to become a great trader are different from those required to be an effective trading coach. Being a star trader requires superior pattern recognition and discipline. On the other hand, superstar trading coaches are often:

Obsessed with finding better ways to teach
Highly motivated
Communicate clearly
Consider a trader’s unique style
Know when to get tough
Set firm values
Believe in the student

TEH : This is the best part of the excerpt that I would like to share. I am learning to know the game of trading. I m improving each and every year and still attending some talks, courses and more readings. I am still practising my trades and learning. If you find a so-called 'guru' talks a lot about investing/trading but he did not take many trades, then he is just a theoritical teacher who do not know how to apply much of the theories when it comes to reality. Trading is something very different from teaching many subjects. A person with a Master or PhD in Maths will NOT be able to teach Maths as good as me. That is definite! A young Maths graduate could certainly won't be able to teach Further Math well ... and defnitely could not teach better than me. But, after I teach my students, many of those brilliant students could do those FM questions better than me!! That is my greatest satisfaction ... and my driving motivation to teach better each year. Yes, I am obsessed to teach better!!

I am highly motivated, I teach when I chat, when I blog, when I write a comment, when I teach through online ... or any ways for me to TEACH. Now, this is my passion ... and those with me benefit well from my dedication.  Glad to help. Perhaps I am unselfish ... but I am lack of patience and must learn to communicate well. Yes, I do have set of firms beliefs(for example, I won't analyse your Ingens) ... and I do believe everyone could learn ... if they wanted to.

While I have taken about 5 years to learn about markets, I do know of few who are just a yr or two in markets but are good traders. I am a practical person ... a trader. I really dislike those so-called guru going around the bushes and never willing to share knowledge. There are many such so-called guru.

Since when I claim that I am good? I am always humble enough to learn, but I want to learn what is REAL. Do not tell me stories ... I just want to know, can your system trade this particular stock well enough? I just want honest answers ... but majority around are NOT even a trader. Where should I look for trader's teacher? I asked myself this question 3-4 years ago ... there is a HUGE void there, a hole, a gap ... that I am trying to fill. If those newbies want to learn ... WHERE can they go? WHO should they look to? HOW much will that cost us? WHY we need to learn from him/her? For what we know, he/she is just another salemen, offering you a preview to his so-called best system. Then ... the salesman will go to another company and claim the next product he is selling is the best or up-to-date?

Yeah ... I just want to be the ... best teacher. Gievn a chance, I will move into that direction!


p/s : I was awarded the best Math Leacturer(by Mapco) after 2 years teaching Maths, for my dedication towards learning to teach better. I still keep the Sgor pewter plate. Year : 1992

KLCI going for new high

TWS : Sold at RM6.90 done ... as I bought last Friday at RM6.40 .. I alerted my stock-watch group and glad at least many took the trade too. Some sold too early ... it went above RM7 just now.

Now, I m surprised that i3-admin actually e-mail me ... I thought it has something to do with my blog taken out from the portal(which is still very OK with me) ... but instead a pleasant surprise. They are giving away polo-T to those contributed to their i3-portal. I did not do anything much, except agreeing that my blog is linked there.

Now, as I am leaving the noisy forum(leaving those haters and many un-compromising humans), my blog is still there.I will write it here now ... so, even if it is half way, I will post and continue later(but won't be shown in i3). Leaving the noises ... I would rather to focus in my own groups. Yeah, be with those people appreciate us ... and we will be happier. Leave those un-happy ones, those negative people who will not bring any benefits to our lives. We should learn to filter and say 'no'. We could not accomodate to all, anyway.

Being a human, I have wanted to explain ... and clarify on certain issues or insults. I have wanted to point out those 'accusations' ... but then again, it is tiring. We have better things to do in our own lives rather than explaining to others what we are doing etc etc, right? So, I m thinking clearer ... opt-out and ignore should be the best ... even if you want to be nice, not all humans are nice people, anyway.

Yeah ... was not feeling well last Sat, trying to recover on Sunday ... now, having cough with sore-throat. I had e-meetings every night so far ... Sunday night(with my OSKIC students, checking on how they are doing ... ending tmr), Monday night(with my e-tratles batch-one sharing on how to see RRR), Tuesday(with my stock watch group, analysing their stocks and then, continue with my fkli-chat), yesterday night was with my tratles for e-meeting, checking on their trades(TWS and Padini ... and what else to look for) ... tonight will be with my e-tratles batch-two, talking on RRR. Tmr night ... we will have dinner(curry fish-head suggested) together(about 10 of us) ... free dinner and drink for me again.

Technical rebound (Batch 3) : I have 2 enquiries for my "technical rebound talk". Ok, I will arrange it for next week or so. Yes, how I used it effectively on TWS recently. How my tratles used it on Padini(I did not trade la).  Do e-mail me if anyone else interested. I will only consider if more than 15 of them.

It is difficult to teach any techniques as it is NOT as simple as said. Not as straight forward. It needs to be tested out ... perhaps many of times, to understand and apply

lunch time .. will post my batch-2 technical rebound testimonials later. Many more testimonials and appreciation words I do not compile it up and did not post in my blog!!

I post in my blog NOT for thosenot interested to read, it is NOT for your reading but my blog is a place I keep my dairy ... those sent many 'thank-you' words to me. My blog is for MY personal pleasure readings. Do come to my blog : to read my disclaimer and many more items decorated in my personal home. All are welcomed, but if you need to be an ass-hole guest, please leave.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My blog, my personal home

Well ... DOW bullish ... KLCI very bullish, at 1658 now. Maybank pulling the KLCI up today, went above RM9.20 today!!

Unisem and JCY indeed making a nice turn-around. Topglove up ... Mahsing up ... TWS continue to go up .... SKPetrol moving today too. So many counters shooting up ... and sentiments becoming good. So, I have to cover the shorts ... and perhaps will go long. Do not go against the trend ....

GPacket shooting up(yes ... the unwanted stock which retraced from RM1 to current low) and YTL-e also follows today ...


This morning, instead of writing here ... I went to i3-portal to put a post there. Yes, I have to apologise with few readers there(somehow they STILL insist in reading my posts?) for irritating them? Heck ... we could never please everyone. Those in i3-site DO NOT even know my blog site as they are reading my blog FROM i3-pages. And it will not be refreshed, means that ... at time, I wrote half way ... then I will continue to write here, the second half will not be seen there!!

So, I thought of posting analysis first ... or relevent postings ... and to continue to write my blah-blah AFTER my posts planted in i3-site. Well ... after thinking about it, I do not think so I will be natural in my writings!! Writing my blog ... is not being planned. It is spontaneuos. When I teach Maths or Trading, I do not even have a piece of note with me ... I just teach, naturally and sponteneously.

Anyway ... I hv no ego much in me. I apologise if I offended anyone. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG. Well, even with many of times I hv tried to explain, somehow ... I still attracted haters. Hmm ...

Another thing I am worry is my novice's analysis which might be flawed. It wil be risky if some of them simply followed blindly(do not laugh, MANY actually buying stocks WITHOUT any analysis ... that is why they hang around forums) ... it is simply to risky to read blogs to buy.

At one point, I have moved myself away from the forum but still feel the forum is a good place to share knowledge and I could learn many finer things about investing or trading. Yes, practising filtering-eyes ... but but ...

So, what have I done to irritate a group of INDIRECT(those who do not come to my blog to read) readers, which happen to always hanging in i3-forum?

One of it could be ... they can't tahan me blah-blah ... about my own personal emotions, my own trading groups(some of my tratles knew me from i3) ... about my personal views, which non-relating what-so-ever to stock markets! Too bad ... that could not be changed as that is the way I write my blog. Sorry if I bored anyone to death with my extremely cheong hei writings. I dont know how to summerise, and do not see why I should summerise anything I am writing here?

Another point might be ... they get irritated as I always say I am a novice, but somehow talked as if I am very experienced and to them, whatever I analysed here are full of bull-shit. So, it is 'ego' problem. Even if they do not like, I will remain that I am just a novice(fact) and the way I comment or write is based on my limited knowledge. Even my limited knowledge, I wont mind sharing, so that I could continue to learn. If my ego is too huge, I know that will hinder me from further learning from those know-how. NOT EVEN ONE post did I write that I am an expert, I am 'sifu'(ask my whole group ... no one allowed to call me sifu as I am not and I do not believe in such mentality). I never even said I am 'good' ... so, what makes them jumping into conclusion that I am elevating myself higher than others? Wait ... did I look down on others? If I ever did, please let me know ... and I will certainly apologise for that. I know my own characters well, I never have bad intention to look-down on others. I have my whole group as a proof?

I dont know what I am writing .. haha. Perhaps ... I just don't wish to offend anyone anymore. Perhaps, I will e-mail i3-admin later to take down my blog from i3-portal. Yes ... then, I will have my freedom again, not being judged. I could write whatever donkey's stories or create a fairy-tale like dreams ... for, who cares ... it is just another personal blog?


Stock Watch : TWS

TWS : It went above RM6.80 today, at RM6.77 now as I am writing. Many asking the exit ... and normally, I will like to be out when it is hitting 20MA, using that as resistance.

I bought last Friday, before someone tole me Dali wrote about it(thru KYY). I was not aware of that as I asked my stock-watch group to buy at RM6.40, due to technical signals showing rebound. We bought in the morning.

The writing was just coincidence ... but helped to fuel the rebound. Thanks


When 'hot stocks' no longer hot

Here are just few 'hot stocks' which was playing on some news and fizzling out .... will they continue to go lower ... or bottoming?

JCY : Still in strong downtrend ... selling seems to subside but I will certain won't move in just yet. Unisem shown some activities today ... and perhaps the sector is bottoming out?

Oldtown : Downtrending ... checking 1.70 levels next.

Padini : Support at 1.80 should not broken, otherwise ... koyak. Many started to wonder if the fundamental in tact as some competitors might eat up their pie.



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The First Man Strategy

I was reading 'Money Is Everything' by Azizi. I will recommend any newbies about money to read some such good basic books, instead of watching movies, with over-priced popcorns!

The strategy is to SAVE : Yes, put aside at least(sekurang-kurangnya) 10% of our salary.

It is nothing new ... I have heard of that when I was much younger. But, only recently ... about 7 years ago, when I do not even know about markets(still busy selling keropok at Gaya Street? haha). Yes, it is 7 years now. I FORCED myself to transfer 10% of my salary directly to my wife's ASB(she is a sabahan-bumi). My salary was low back then, so 10% is a huge amount as I barely survived(with my young baby). But, I know it is necessary ...

Today, that 10% I placed could be earned in a day or two. With higher income, I am still failing to place 10% of my income into saving!! So, reading Azizi's book just now .. making me wonder how I could forget to do that for past one year?

How to increase my income becoming my main focus. With salary hike of more than 25% since back from KL almost 3 years ago, I did not increase my savings!! Why? So, that is not an excuse ... I will take another loan(only for bumi) from Maybank to transfer another 10% of my current salary into saving a/c ASB, which gives about 7% annual returns. The loan interest rate is below 5%. Will shop for cheaper rate next month!!

At the moment, I will also put few hundreds per month aside for children's education fund. I do not believe in buying those education-fund policies, letting them to charge u fees etc etc. What do I do with my funds? I will wait for market to collapse ... and go shopping!! Hope it wont collapse so soon so that I could accumulate more bullets for it. Anything gaining 20-30%, I will sell off and wait for next crash. Do that for 10-20years to come, my children's education fund will be taken care off.

With freeing myself from credit-cards debts(I was trapped merely 3 yrs ago!!!), anything extra would go into my investment accounts. Accumulate that consistently, with strong discipline ... I should be doing well, financially ... one day.

So, increase my income .... perhaps, to write a book? Perhaps to work part-time at KFC? Just need to work hard, to generate more income. Then, REDUCE expenses ... stay frugal and simple. Be discipline, can? Yes, frugal(stupid cat laughing) ... do not buy un-neccasary ... learn to value money. Learn to use money to generate more money.

Income minus expense = saving.

That is not a secret ... earn more, use less ... and increase our saving. Make sure we are in cash positive positions. I was in VERY negative merely 5 years ago ... moving out from them norm. Given time, with strong determination to do well, financially ... I do believe I will be able to maintain the 'First Man Strategy".

Do it for yourself too.

All the best


Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's blah blah

Yesterday, my colleague's friend came to see me, met at my training center ... and told me that he got to know me thru i3-portal. I guess I do still have followers in i3-site despite being 'hated' for writing tonnes of un-related personal 'rubbish'. Well, luckily I only irritated few, otherwise I will be 'banned' from the i3-portals?

Then, I noticed that my yesterday's posts were not placed there. Hmmm ... I was thinking, perhaps whatever I m writing no longer relevent and the i3-admin has removed my site from their reputable website. I have no complain as I admit that many of times, I m just taking this blog as my personal journal, writing my journey in my learning and teaching of trading. I noticed that I have even placed few songs-clips as I am listening to my songs!! Indeed, I could be carried away ... enjoying blogging and writing what I like to write about, forgetting that my writings will be read by few hundreds of them in i3-site.

It is OK to me if my irrelevent posts are taken out ... as I could still post some relevent analysis in i3-blog if I wanted to. I am busy ... and feel more comfortable writing in my own blog, more natural way. So, I guess I will stick to my own pages. Those followers in i3-site may need to check my writings here ... as if they wanting to read my posts? Well ... it is up to all, if they want to read.

My main reader of my blog now is my aunty(mom to me, ok?) ... and she said she doesnt read much whenever I write about stocks or analysis but she enjoyed reading how I am doing with my trading classes and feel proud(all moms will) when she got to know I am actually helping many in markets not to lose money, educating many and sharing knowledge. Yeah ... I was brought up by her ... to share and care for others. It is like 'planted' inside me and the influences by her is simply too great. She was a primary school-teacher, keeping strong to her values(rather than monetary gains) ... and naturally, I am 'influenced'? I will write as independent as I wanted to ... no matter who read my writings!! I want the freedom to write (except about politics etc etc where we are NOT supposed to tell truth).

Johotin : I wanted to write about Johotin and the right-issues ... but everything I write really depending on the 'flow' of my moods, my needs ... and my time. ex-date soon ... so, if I m not going to take up the rights, I need sell some of my holdings. Perhaps I should just take 2k units. It is still hanging at 2.05 levels.

10.30 am : I started the above around 8.30am ... busy checking markets, busy chatting with my stock-watch group, busy talking to a colleague, busy ... reading Malaysian Business magz ... haha ... it is like many things going on that I lost the momentum.

Where am I?

1.10 pm : With my posts won't be shown in i3-portal, perhaps it is better that way. Afterall, I want to read for my own pleasure readings ... yeah, it is kinda 'weird' ... tied to i3-portal for a year now, met the i3-admin who kinda like the eudcational values in my blog writing, tho I told them many times I might not write about stocks!! It is a personal dairy-kinda blog ... where if I sneezes, I will even write about it!! Haha.

Being a human, an a real one, indeed ... I prefer to have a relax way of writing my diary-blog. I want to speak about the morning rain this morning. I prefer to talk about people and events going on ... and some of my thoughts, besides stock-markets. I know I am 'attached' to many in my groups. I do like chatting with them, not because they have PAID me. I never want to see anyone of them as 'clients' as I am the sales-person trying to sell some products. I am more interested in sharing ... of what I read or think about. It is a daily basis ... I do read about markets related news in daily basis, aware of the prices of CPO, Gold etc etc ... even USD. I need to keep tap with the going-ons ... but at times, I am tired. I have just recovered from weekend fever-breakout. Physically still weak ... and taking today's in slower pace. No classes for whole day ... so, more relax to go to library to do some readings ...

Lacking of understanding in many things we are doing(why and how) could lead to mis-understandings. You see, some new readers ... if they are new in markets, they could not understand my 'stories'.

New readers ... jumping into many conclusions, and even placing un-just comments on my characters, my behaviours, my intentions, my desires, my expectations etc etc ... simply unbelievable IF I have to read all those noises written in i3-forums(or any forums). Sigh ... it was a good forum, it is certainly a very good site for KLSE's traders/investors to meet and share(use and not abuse). So, initially I was so glad to share my opinions, knowledge(if any) and comments ... then, it became noisier as market moving higher. More speculative counters being mentioned, fanned by some runners ... asking many to chase some hot-stocks. Then, came more and more noises with pages and pages of anaylsis!! Wow ... I was drown. I started to move out ... moving away. I dislike crowds, actually.

At one point, I just simple do not click on the i3-forums, so I do not know what was written there. Being ignorant could be a bliss, obviously.  Recently, I started to make 'foes', instead of friends. Someone named Fat-Cat who hated my postings trying to start so many 'fights' of words ... but it is so difficult to go down to that low-level. I chose to ignore him ... but he is very persistent, to tarnish my 'name'. Haha .. as if I hv made my 'name' popular? I do hope to go in with peace ... and as I can't find simple decent conversation or intellectual discourse, I do know it is time to move away ... and since my blog is moving out, it is timely!!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waterfalls : TWS

TWS : A buy signal and time to grab some. It is risky as it is a strong downtrending now. Trade at your own risk.


p/s : I noticed that my morning post NOT in i3-portal. Wonder if taken out? Hmm ....