Saturday, September 08, 2012

Wealth expo day 1

Well,  I m tired. Took a day off to attend Adam khoo's talk and listened to Joey Yap and Conrad preview of heir classes. Yes, it's more to motivate normal working class that they too could be a millionaire? I was with few of my tratles and Adam just talking about basic investing in etf indices or using MA of 50-150 crossover. Yes, that is basic for novice investor.

Joey yap' s talk might excite my brain a little as it is new to me.  I seldom red about these. Perhaps, I should learn how to change my destiny too?

Conrad is expensive but in three days, he is teaching novices 20 modules? Wow ... Believe me, u can't digest 2 in a day and a novice will get confuse further.  Hmm .... Mt tratles was very glad to know me, as I charge them a small fraction of that and I m still with them for months, making sure they continue to learn real trading! No one could learn in days? As I told my whole group,  I m into my 5th year of  learning. If one is motivated to llearn, and committed to do such in coming few years, then ... Yes,  I am glad to be their mentor?



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