Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wake me up ... taking a break.

Morning .. it is Thursday, the only day when I have a few hours 'free' to check on things. It has been a busy days and nights(ever since I started my e-meetings). Really need to learn 'time management'.

Seafood : We had a nice time, 10 of us, have seafood dinner last Friday. The food is nice, most importantly, the company is good. Thanks, tratles for the dinner and nice company.

Cohort-7 : Then, on Saturday ... I had my module-4 with my latest batch. They are with me for 2 months now, and some nice appreciating words from some of the members giving me the motivation to present and teach better. We were discussing about Trading Plan and Trading Journal. Risk-Reward is being shared too.

Kids-run : On Sunday early in the morning, we went to Kepong's Metro Park for the kids-run and this year is the 2nd year they were having it. The crowd is larger than last year. My son did finished his run but got only 20+(compared to his 14th position) ... at least he finished his run without a stop. Good. He will be running in higher category(7-8yrs) next year and I will not need to accompany him for the run anymore. Phew ... I m still trying to heal from the ache!!

Friend : I hv an old friend visiting me during the weekend. That is the nice thing on Sunday, after the kids-run and rushed home for a tution class. I seldom have friends ... and now my tratles-group, some of them are 'closer' to me, becoming my friends?

mom-in-law : My wife's mom came back from London and staying with us for few days. I extended her stay and bought her new air-ticket. Seeing her so happy being with my kids, it makes senses to me to invite her to stay longer ... but I m too busy to 'bring her around'.

e-meeting : On Monday night, I had an e-meeting but this time the turnout is not full. Well, it was a public holiday, some might be celebrating Malaysia day. Anyway, I shared with them "MACD" and how we read/use MACD in our analysis of charts.

FKLI : On Tuesday night, I had another meeting to talk about some basic strategies and changes in our way we trade FKLI. We are doing OK but missed two strong trends. Thanks for the drink, anyway.

e-stock-analysis : Every Wednesday night, I will have e-meeting with my tratles as we check on stocks we are in positions or some interesting going-ons, sharing of opinions etc etc. It is still very new. It is closed for members only.

So, as u could see ... I hv not been having enough time to rest. On market front, with budget and election fear, I have to close most of my positions and sold all my AirAsia too.

KLCI supported by20MA, reaching to the resistance at 1655 ... but at the moment, it is down nearly 10points. The risk is higher than reward, with KLCI over-valued. So, I shorted the FKLI .. hang-on it. I hv sold most of my KLCI counters too(for profits/losses) and to move more to HKSE. Few are interested to know more about HKSE but I am certainly feel it is VERY risky for those who could not take the volatilies in HKSE's stocks.

Anyway, many cheap valuations stocks in HKSE ... and not in our fear-charged KLSE. Wake me up when September ends ...


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