Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tratles meeting

Last night we had another fruitful meeting for our tratle group, a total of 20 max tratles turn up, packed and enjoyed ourselves plus knowledge shared by one of our experienced trader. This is very encouraging as I meeting that I m no longer the only person to guide, but slowly asking the some of them to be as independent. It is merdeka day. Yes, wanting more of them to contribute to the group as we grow larger. It is sharing basis, rather than dependency on a single me.

You see, when you get a group of serious traders, some experienced ones mixing with logical young brains, you could go further and could be creative what we want to do to help each others, with the similar objective of profiting from the markets. My charitable cause is personal, but once we all doing well, we won't mind chip in to help other more unfortunate ones.

I do still have a hope to help more newbies or those who are still losing money. The basic idea of helping , sharing, analysing is with the group. That is something I treasure most. Some came into the group with personal agenda, and I do know few are not so willing to share ... It is just personal to them. I could not change a person's personality but I do hope I could get those with sincere heart, like me, to help and share.

It is not easy to be a leader as the group consist of different age group, from different professions, different trading and investing background. It simply not easy as I need to be seen as being fair to all, irrespective of if they are closer to me or otherwise. Some of them like me and I do believe some do not like me, tho they do not mention it. Being a difficult person myself, it is a huge challenge for me to handle 'human'. Each individual is unique. We have those insist with their own analysis and I do wonder why he will come to learn from me. On the other hand, most of them satisfied and glad with my teaching and sharing. Nevertheless, being a leader of the tratle group, i m consistently reminding myself to face issues and be more organized to recognize those issues, and not to let things getting out of hands. Serious, it is a huge responsibility with so much of money on the line. I do not give a call to buy or sell. I will jot do that. No one in the group would so such. We analyse together and to seek for opportunities. We share opinions ... But final decision is still individual.

Anyway, I m a very satisfied person. Perhaps I am easily content person. I m ok with simple things as I do not like complications. Even in my trading plans or analysis, I have asked the group to keep it simple and forget too much of technical analysis. Focus in few stocks in play or sector in play?

It is always easier said than done. But when u hv a whole group supporting you on your back, we have the comfort to trade more confidently. I could only see many to profit from the group. I have never been self-centered to say this is my group or my efforts or I should be given the credits. I always see it as efforts from the whole group. Fantastic people around, indeed.

Thanks tratles for keep the group stronger as we do need to analyse as a unit. We must also help those young ones, those newbies in our group. Thanks for reaching out. Nothing could be achieve without putting our brains together. Imagine the amount expertise we have in the group. Simply fantastic.

Off for tratles' stock analysis meeting again.


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