Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday blah-blah

I could not managed to blog due to my tight schedules for the whole week ... it is tiring but fulfilling.

OSKIC : Given a talk but the mic failed me, not once but twice. ouch. Finally, we have to be transfered to another room, and some kids are restless and just walked out. I do like those who walked out, those who can't even take a little of uncomfort ... well, market is full with unexpected series of events. That is reality ... to do well in a competition, we need those who could last.

So, to make things difficult ... I posted in a facebook-page I created for those students under me, that I will have a meeting with them this morning 8am. ouch ... majority of them could not make it. Some telling me 'sorry' as he/she does not have transportation etc etc ... to me, if there is a will, there is a way. No will ... tak payah cakap banyak, these will fizzle out ... and give up, anyway. I am going to make it more difficult to them so that I DO NOT have huge crowds hanging on to me. Well, may the fittest survive ... make it susah, then they will QUIT. Yah ... quitters never win. Then, they will ask why they never do anything well?

Anyway, the competition officially starting on Tuesday ... guess I have to stay back till night to 'share' with them. Will they appreciate my efforts? Heck .. if they win, I might win. But if we do things with expectations, we will be disappointed. If I m going to teach them, I want discipline, logical brain ... and willingness to LEARN. Win or not, they already taken first step to be future potential winner in markets. A right mindset entering markets is VERY crucial. Majority of those newbies enter markets without knowledge, without common sense and without experience to speak about. I hope I could make them think REALITY.

Had a meeting last night to talk about FKLI and venturing into FCPO soon(currently CPO at 2-tear low ... nice).

Now, it is almost 2pm, I have to be mentally prepared to go through my module-5 : Mindset --- FEAR and GREED, with my cohort-7 in half an hour time!! Arrghh ... the most important components in trading(50% in my third M) yet most difficult to comprehend. I wil try myself to tell them some reality and hope to change A LITTLE of them mindset ... as our mind is most important assets in our lives, including trading.

Whether u r a winner or loser, it is your attitudes. It is your mindset ... your logical brain. It is your CHOICE. If you talk to normal people, they are too normal ... they rather complain and blame on you. Yes, they rather be given the fishes, rather than learn fishing ... so, I shall give fishing as example later on? Haha

Practice makes perfect? Well ... do practice, then

Need to go ...


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