Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OSK Investment Challenge

I will take part in this so-called competition. Well, I have a group of students and will like to guide them(for free la ... but see can win anything or not?). Winning will be sweet(and needs lots of luck) but seeing them participate and learn will motivate me better.

The period will be from beginning of OCT, and for three trading weeks. Well, from such a short time frame, all hells break ... how those young minds to understand stock-markets in 3 weeks? They will win or lose, they won't even able to understand what hit them!! Haha ... as I mentioned, I will like OSK to change the word 'investment' into trading ... if not punting. Tikam-ing or gambling will not be appropriate. But, that is 'marketing' or perhaps keeping with Bursa's regulations? I don't know ... I do know the word 'investment' is not appropriate as one could not invest in 3 weeks. The term used SHOULD be right as these young minds will really thought they are ... investors? Haha ...

Never mind about that, I do need to prepare some slides for tmr's talk ... yes, I m giving a free talk to those interested participants(and those who want to come la). I was trying to promote my talk to students yesterday but most of them walking out before I could even introduce myself. Hmm ... they are young and restless. They are barely 18+ and can't even understand amount of works need to be done to even have a decent trade done. Well, no thanks to the OSK's promoter ... showing how easy for them to WIN the competition and prizes awaiting. Hey, they do have prizes for lecturers. I was thinking of in control only about 2-3 teams ... choose them based on their MATURITY and MATHEMATICAL minds. But then again ... it is only 3 weeks!! Haha. No need to be mature or no need to calculate. Just punt into those popular stocks like Oldtown or Padini ... perhaps ... Axiata(up 3% yesterday, man).

I do need to read the clauses too. We could only buy RM1 and above stocks. Wonder what happen if I am to buy MAS, Success or 3A which hanging at RM1 now, and could turn into penny stocks any moment now!! AMedia down ... if I have bought at yesterday's price, what if it closed at 0.98 today? I don't know ...

We are not allowed to buy warrants or loan-stocks. ACE stocks are ok. I asked that yesterday. What else? We need liquid stocks ... but ... most of those actively traded stocks are those penny counters? Really need to do some homework on these and will be very busy on Saturdays as I will ask my students to attend my talk(technical rebound). Only those selected to be guided by me, of coz.

Next month may not be easy month to trade. So, I will create a close-facebook just to communicate with these students. I will have few sessions or workshop with them. I want to try my hands teaching these unstable minds. Haha ... well, still prefer sharing with my tratles as most are matured and logical adults, using real money and causing real pain!!

By the way, we will be giving RM100k to trade.

I will update on the performances here as I will be busy with this investment-challenge ... err ... no no .. i mean, trading-challenge.


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