Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Never play with fire

HBGlob : From 0.55, opened 0.51 and closed at 0.41 yesterday. Today, a doji formed. You dont need FA or TA for these counters. Just punt ... follow some runners in forums, or someone will promote it through media to trap those GRREDY ignorant ones. If u r newbies and get caught, cut it off and LEARN the painful lesson. NEVER to buy a stockw without FA, and TA could not be applied.

Ingens : Still can run? Dont know how they trade these counters ... pure punting, following noises in forums and pray after bought. Jumped up happily, treat friends good dinners ... today have to lick wounds? I still think it is illogical to trade such stocks. Hard earn money ... gambled and who are the winners? Syndicates happily clean their plates. Yum yum!!

Mtronic : Aftermath ... no escape ... or hope for next round of goreng up another 200%? Hmm ... ok, let's wait then.

Aglobal : See any similarities ... well, I know u will tell me that you luckily get away with 200%. Congrats!!

Note : If we do not want to get badly burnt, do not play with the fire. Again, it will be taken by those never-say-die punters. Good luck


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