Sunday, September 30, 2012

KLCI to rebound

It is Sunday ... I hardly have time to read or to blog. Just came back from lunch with mom(Metro Kepong Jusco) and it is a 'mooncake' festival. Well ... it is kinda expensive to taste mookcake these days. A sharp hike it prices! Ouch ... with the increase of 20cents in sugar prices, ouch ... we can say bye-bye to these delicious once a year 'cake'.

I bought the latest share-investment magz ... the title "Bullish on Equities".  So, I guess it is time to go shopping as Sept is over ... did you wake me up as Sept ending? So, we are in yet another last surge .... and could we breach 1655 this time? I do think so ... telco-counters at new high ... c'mon bull ...

KLCI is above 20MA again ... is that a double-bottom forming? Once breaking neckline 1645, can fly to 1655 or not? Then, if break 1655 ... how high could it go? 1680? Then ... I need to cover my shorts and short again at 1680 then? Or 1700?  .... can we really predict how high our KLCI will go?

Technical Rebound : I supposed to have a talk yesterday morning but have to postponed it as the response is not encouraging. When market sharply going down, no one seems to be interested.

What is technical rebound? It is to catch a knife, knowing what technical indicators to watch and to protect ourselves from getting the wounds. And if we could catch a good rebound, the profit will be good in short 3-5 days!!

Check out AirAsia, how one could grab below RM2.90 and sell when it goes above RM3.05. That is about 5% in 1-2 days, depending on your entry and exit.

Check out Supermax when at 1.93, rebounded to touch 2.12 in days. Very strong rebound in days!!

Check IGB, another rebound in play after IJM and IJMLand rebounded.

Check many more waterfalls ... they are so nice and I am happier each time I have such opportunities. Yeah, like those with sharp drop ... and using technical rebound for that quick trades.

I will be giving my e-tratles an e-meeting regarding 'technical rebound' next Tuesday night. Don't worry if u missed the recent rebounds ... as they always chances for such rebounds!!

I am still charging so cheap(haha ... I didnt say that, many of my tratles told me so) ... but I am satisfied. I m glad that I have help so many who came to me, learned and appreciate my efforts.

from my tratle's page

TEH : Today I am done with another cohort, the cohort-7. Thanks for being patient and well done to complete the modules. Trading is not as easy as being advertised or being said by those selling their trading courses or softwares. Being logical and with good mindset, we could improve our trading skills, given time. Yes, practise and practise ... All needs time to understand and need a strong mental to maintain long in markets. I will urge all those finished the course to join our seniors, and very experienced traders, and to benefit together. So join us in the meeting or at times, gathering to know each other. It helps to form a good network as support group to our tradings or decisions. We do have many kind traders who share resources, knowledge and experiences, ideas and such. Hence, be pro-active in our own learning.

Learning is continuous. Stay in touch. Thanks again for join our tratles-group. All the best.

AT : Today(oops..yesterday) completed the last of Cohort-7 module. It's been a knowledgable 2-3 months sessions with CP. Good sharing on the trading experiences.

Just to share, I started my first trade in 1993 using my aunt account. Can't recall if it was a profitable one but I guess it was as it was the year of the Bull run period. Since then I was not actively trading till I open my own trading account few years later. I begin trading without any prior knowledge of how the market works, nor I use TA or FA when I trade cause I have zero knowledge.

Thus, losing these trades was not surprising. Those stocks I did not cut, I become a long term investor, so to speak. Zooming back to present days, I only started trading actively early this year. Still, I do not have any prior knowledge of TA nor...FA. I visited several forums and naively followed their buy calls and got burnt as usual.

I begin to source for informations to self learn. It was in one of the forum, I got to know CP, read his post and blogs. Then I found out that he is offering trading classes, I decided to enroll... and the rest is history. After completion of the modules with CP, I realize the mistakes I've been doing and I can safely say my trading mentality have changed a lot since then.

I'm sure I'll continue learning with my trades albeit winners or losers.. I've missed a lot of good trading opportunity as there is still a Fear in me of losing. I realize now I was too focus on the Fear of losing till I missed out these opportunity of profitable trades.

I'm sure I can a much better trader when I can conquer this Fear of mind. Through continuous guidance from CP and the seniors, I believe I can trade better in times to come. Lastly , just to share something from the Star paper today(yesterday)... "we need to fail in order to succeed".. Thanks CP, Kxxx, Mxxxx, Txx and rest of the tratles team.. Cheers.

Thanks for the testimonials. Many more good testimonials, motivating me to teach better. Thanks again.


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