Wednesday, September 05, 2012

KLCI dropped ... finally.

So, KLCI dived more than 10points, as expected. Technically we have discussed that with the whole group 2 weeks ao too. The signs were there ... so, I told my group that I sold off my GenM, Genting and Armada due to klci-linked risk. But my non klci linked counters also suffer some setback today. So,  top up and buying spree may starts again. You only get excited when u hv cash in hands and during cheap sales. If I have cleared all my holdings and buyback today at their lows, I could 'save' few k. I did cut loss or took profits for some but not all. So, what is next?

I will want to write about JCY and check on i3 when someone cursed me when I said technically it's a sell at resistance 1.60. He claimed that JCY will be trading at rm2 or was it taken private at rm4. I have a reader, I think from i3, asking me about JCY as he bought at 1.30+. Seriously,  I have to say that I feel sorry for that. I don't read noisy forums. Do we understand that stocks are legally manipulated? Err .... I mean, unwritten rules, loopholes and who know who kinda manipulations. If u know JCY will be pushed up beyond Rm1 from 50cents, don't u wish to buy hugely? When u know a stock will be pressed down or game is over soon, wouldn't you be glad to sell before such crashing occurs? Reminding me of E&O where in less that an hour, so many punters bought into her at 1.70-1.90 as it will be at 2.30 the next trading day, see? Don't ask logic ... Tis is driven by greed. Otherwise, how do u explain why 80% retailers losing money in markets?

No one wants to lose money, including me, of coz. In order not to lose money, we need to be critical and analyse our stocks. We need to do our own homework so that we will not blame the broker houses, media, our friends ... your dogs?

Need to take a rest and will have another e-meeting. Tonight will be with my tratles group where we will be excited to discuss stocks to buy tmr for technical rebounds? Yes, my group could access to each other to discusss and analyse. I m glad we created such platforms and understanding. Not all but those active and willing to share ones.

Dinner time.


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