Monday, September 24, 2012

KLCI down 20 points?

This is a lunch report ... I am wearing VERY RED today and it drops. Well, as I am cleared most of my stocks, this is the only cheer in my Monday Blue(no thanks to Liverpool). Also, my shorting of FKLI is doing well at the moment.

KLCI currently at 1610 ... breached 1600 shortly in the morning for me to be greedy enough to have many queues!! Only two counters done.

What a drop!! Budget fear or what? Hmm ...

It should rebound from here for a while but I dont see 1640 anymore ... perhaps, to 1630? And dive below 1590 ... and bye bye KLSE. Welcome FKLI. Might talk a little more about FKLI and FCPO.

Technical Rebound : I want to have a public talk this Saturday morning on catching a rebound or cutting losses once it rebounded. Anyone interested, please contact me la. Saturday 10am should be good. It is a short 1-2 hours briefing on what to look at for rebound. Anyone?

Got to go now ... KLCI should stablise for today.


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