Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is difficult

I bought a book by Azizi Ali, pointing out how difficult it is to be rich.

...  'some of the sacrifices including reading a lots of books, attending classes, missing time for parties, missing time with your family, skipping holidays, skipping tv, skipping newspapers, being laughed at, scorned at, belittled, criticized, working fifteen hours a day, seven days a week, sacrificing perhaps even your health and living normal lives ...."

Are we willing to sacrifice for achieving our goals?

It is difficult to be good in anything ... we just need to continue to learn and experience.

Just do it.



Edwin Toh said...

This is advice for bodybuilding and hope will apply on our StockTrading too..

Take RISK buy more penny stock ... ( Scary :P)

Steven Moo said...

It won't become difficult if we have the interest for it... as in bodybuilding also. heheheh.

Perhaps changing a lot of methods for every part of the body building would mess up which part of body that we are trying to build.

Knowing the fat in the priority place, and how to work on it. Knowing the low and how to work for it.