Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genting and GenM

KLCI : At 1625 level again, and checking at 1600 level ... pulled down by Genting and GenM today.

Genting : Closed RM8.70 ... the level I missed. I bought RM8.88(everyone knew about it) and sold days later at RM9.08(told everyone too) as it hit 20MA and I do not see upside, comparing many other stocks in my list such as MyEg and Johotin. Anyway, I will NOT buy Genting at RM8.70 level today as more sell-down expected. We discussed about the chart-analysis ... and I asked the group to watch a few things to catch technical rebound.

As for GenM, the technical chart is not so nice to catch ... wait at RM3.30, we shall see if we going to analyse further.

Technical Rebound : There are requests for me to share about 'technical rebound' play. I shared that with my Penang-readers last year after Sept dive! If not mistaken, about 8-10 of them turned up for my Penang-talk.  So, I m thinking of a talk on 'technical rebound' next 'Saturday Morning' 9.30am(an hour talk and an hour Q&A) which would be 29th Sept, at Subang Jaya here. Those without charting knowledge are encourage to attend, to learn how to deal with such cases.

Those interested with the talk, please let me know. e-mail me at . Due to space limitation, I will have to give first come first serve. If my tratles wanted to join(50% discount for them!!), they will be my priority.



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