Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Et cetera

KLCI went down about 8 points in the morning but in green now. Genting touched 8.55 yesterday, and back to be above 8.70 now. It is so difficult to trade ... we hv only short rebounds and seeing red again ... so, I decided to stay sideline to do readings ...

Tratles : Well, it is one year now ... yeah, one full year that Tratles-group was formed. It was formed by my earlier cohorts ... 1 and 2. The continuation of supports from my cohort-3 and 4, pushing forward for cohort-5 and 6. Today, I am having my cohort-7 ... and in Nov, my cohort-8 is full(soon). Thanks to many in my group for seeing through the hard one year of trading ... while learning more tricks-treats of markets.

e-meeting : On Monday nights, I do hv e-meeting with my e-tratles, sharing with them how we should approach markets ... with discussion on fundamentals while checking technical outlook of markets. It was full last night and unfortunate that some 'late comers' could not make it. So, I will do a 'repeat' on Thu ... on how we use MACD, together with Support&Resistance ... and MA to check the trends.

Public-talk : Well, the response so far is rather 'cold'. Hmm ... as always, even with one participant, I will continue to have it. Haha. Yes, this Sat morning I thought that it will be a good time to share with others how we could benefit and to learn 'technical rebound'. Limiting to 20 only.

FKLI : Learning to trade FKLI is not easy. I do feel more comfortable to short the index. Well, yesterday dived was a good one for us. As rebound expected today, we have covered our shorts, taking good profit from the trade. Need to get the confidence going before we could trade with larger positions. Learn, learn, learn ...

Right-issues : Recently, me and the group is learning to trade counters with 'right-issues' ... right-issues may not be right for the company. Will you subscribe to KNM's rights? That is not so right ...

IGB-Reits : It went 10% up during day one. Over-subscribed by 20+ times la ... I did not apply but I asked many to apply when they asked. Well, someone I knew asking others not to apply. So, I did argue with him, trying to get his opinions on why he was telling others not to apply? It is ok to have opposing opinions, but we just want to know ... a healthy discussion should be encouraged.

Astro : re-listing again ... to suck more money for the tai-kor, from the ignorant public. I don't know why Bursa approve such activities ... now you see it, now you don't? Will you apply? By the way, I have cancelled my Astro channels and my kids only watching Unifi-TV. I do not watch TV/Astro, anyway.

OSK-IC : There is this investment-challenge organised by OSK for kids. They should use the word TRADE or PUNT rather than INVEST. We can't invest in ONE month time frame, ok? That is mis-leading leh. Anyway, I will be giving some 'tips' and a talk to participants of our college. I might try to find time to manage a team or two. It will be good to get the right mindset to these youngsters. Who knows ... we might have some smart and logical ones in the making? Winning the competition will be good but not the goal.

QE3 : The effect of QE3 is ... gold/silver rebounded strongly. Wow ... suddenly everyone is talking about gold/silver again?

Mom-in-law : She is going back to KK tmr ... I do feel bad as I m too busy to bring her places. Will fly her here in Dec again when I m have my break. She has helped me a lot when I struggled in KK. Yes, I do appreciate humans who have helped me. Thanks

Exams : With exams around the corner, I will have less classes ... and want to catch-up with some readings.

Gangnam : This is one crazy hot things going on ... it is simply crazy la. Whatever 'style' also they came out with ... how bout BN-style? Sigh ...

Mooncake Festival : Over-priced so-called sweetened cakes, with various flavoring ... designs and also the packaging. Heck with the culture ... we are talking about crazy prices, for normal herds to follow. If the demand is there ... why not hike up the price? That is the mentality ... well, will you still buy?

Shila : Well ... amazing singer, making Malaysia proud. It reminded me of Sudirman(sang One thousand millions smiles). She even sang Zheng-Fu, a popular Mandarin song by Na-Ying. I simply adore her voice, her perfomance. She is making waves ... there is another lagenda, Sheila Majid.

Yes, she set fire ... great!! Time for lunch and will continue to blah blah etc etc ... haha. What a title for a post in a blog. TEH

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