Tuesday, September 04, 2012

e-meeting activated

Last week I was trying out my e-meeting with my tratles. It was OK but I do still need to learn how to 'speak to myself'. Haha ... Then, on Sunday night, I hv my e-meeting for my FKLI group. That was good as we do not need to leave our home.Last night, I have an e-meeting with my e-tratles, those coming to learn thru e-learning!! That was a good one!! I was nervous but most of them are nice people, making me feel comfortable ... thanks. I will have more of such e-meetings with my tratles and e-tratles.

As for stock-analysis online group, I have not look into that yet as I am too busy. I do have many e-mails un-replied and there are few asking about my e-stock-analysis!! That will be for my readers, and they could 'talk' to me ... asking questions about their stocks(but NOT for learning). Tratles are those learning basic technical analysis ... while stock watch is a group where I placed what stocks I am trading or looking into. Stock analysis group is for those who wish that I analyse the stocks for their choice. So, these groups are created with different purposes, for different needs.

Well, again ... it is not from me. Those ideas were given to me and I only try to feed in to see how I could help. Yes, reaching out for more out there who are looking for someone to guide them. I do not make buy-sell calls, please. I do not think so anyone should do that.

Well, I will be spending more of my time have e-meeting with different groups of mine. As I said, I could only improve .. and those willing to learn, will certainly find the way.

CSL : Someone in my e-meeting asked about CSL = Chua Soi Lek's counter. I do not like these counter as it is too speculative. I do not like its fundamental but it could be traded. Most of those very speculative counters fail in FA ... and also TA. Avoid is my opinion.

KLCI going into new high ... we are in bull-run ... yeah!! To me, it is SEPT, time to trim my positions ... and hibernate!

Time to do work ...


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