Friday, September 07, 2012

Dropping 20+ points?

Tell me, how often do one see KLCI dropped 25 points? When was that the last time this diving happened? Do some homework, please.

When are we buying stocks? When it was at high resistance of 1655 or when it is going to support 1600 psychological level.

With basically only 10% of trades done by retailers, and with 90% of retailers losing money, you could guess that many would have panicked and sold their stocks?

No one really expect such a drastic dive. 40 points in two days? What a sales. It is SEPT thingy again.

With that, I called for 'urgent' e-meeting with tratles group to discuss some good stocks in good technical rebound play tmr. Well, I do share with them logical ways of seeing market. Yup, they are glad to be in the group to learn. It will take some 2-3years for them to understand how markets actually work and why off sudden there is a sell-down, how do we play on emotions of markets and going contrarian? I bought some stocks I like ... it is a sales?

DOW up 230+ as I am going to rest soon ...

I took a long position today. Hope it will rebound. Wish me luck in my future as my future trading is depending on it. Hehe


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