Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bullish Day

234.56 ...Yeah ... that is a nice number!! HSI today up 234.56. Is it planted? It up 1.14% in a bullish day for indices, where our Bursa-boleh up up up ... thanks to telco like DiGi and Axiata, seeing new high. Even AirAsia went above RM2.90 today. Hurray ... reversal in the making, with 1655 target now to breach. Well, must be good budget rally in play ... which sector should we move in(if u r sideline?)

Well, IJM rebounded today too ... was discussing that with my tratle-e-meeting last night. I missed the fast rebound, wanting to wait at lower price. Bullish now ... can still chase or going back to my AirAsia?

I gave a talk to a batch of our college students ... about 50+ of them, I guess. Three weeks of competition, guiding a total newbies. That is a challenge to me!! I will be very busy in this one month, monitoring them and such. Well, got RM3k price if any of my team win leh ... want to work for it or not? Haha ... As for me, winning/losing is part and parcel of competition. It should be the spirit of participating, to LEARN ... and be exposed to trading, from a real trader ... me.

It is difficult to make them understand that it takes more than FA/TA ... we need LOTS of LUCK as it is for 3 weeks. Nothing much to lose, virtual money. Just punt ... buy-sell.

dinner time. continue later.


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