Thursday, September 13, 2012

AirAsia : Grounded

AirAsia : Hard-landing today, gapped down again ... highest volume seen. 2.92 ... dived to 2.82 ... and closed higher than 2.92. Did anyone catch 2.85 or below? Because some crazy guys(and girls) bought below 2.85 when they knew I m buying at 2.85(posted in my stock watch too). Stock watch is just a page to show my buying and selling, but the RISK is too HIGH and I did mentioned. Need to place all the disclaimers. It is like ... hey, I am buying cheaper than him. ouch. Don't know how they get the guts ... sai-lang should be at 2.65 level, I do have queues at 2.78, 2.72, 2.68 and 2.62. If 2.62 done and did not rebound, I m murdered in the falling parang ... and cut-losses hugely, will take me 2 days to recover. Might not even see this post out. Haha ... ok, we shall check 2.65 now, shall we?

Everyone is asking ... what is going on with AirAsia? Is Malindo's news really scare off so many investors? Or is it due to the coming GE? I think those are few of the reasons but I do think more reasons will surface soon. Tony is selling to buy players for QPR? May be ...

Well, I will discuss about AirAsia when I have my e-meeting with my e-tratles. Again, please read my disclaimer before you said "You jump, I jump" ... and the plane is sinking somewhere in South China Sea. Please understand that trading AirAsia now is very risky. Do not let greed take over. Think of it this way ... what IF it never recover?

Disclaimer : I hv positions at 3.03(average) yesterday and 2.87(average) today. Normally, I will buy in small positions at stage one, increase it when it is down.

When was the last time I caught a falling knife and it did not recover and I hv to cut-loss? Well ... end of the year, IJMLand dropped ... no thanks to MRCB's deal called off. I bought due to the failure of the deals, bought after it dropped more than 8%, but ouch ouch ... it went lower and I averaged it lower. Ouch ouch .. cut off, finally.

Enjoy the song which I hv repeatedly playing since AirAsia diving. I do not understand the lyric, k? haha. Enjoy, anyway.

林志炫 - 單身情歌


抓不住愛情的我 總是眼睜睜看她溜走
世界上幸福的人到處有 為何不能算我一個

*為了愛孤軍奮鬥 早就吃夠了愛情的苦
 在愛中失落的人到處有 而我只是其中一個 (而我不是最後一個)

#愛要越挫越勇 愛要肯定執著
 每一個單身的人得看透 想愛就別怕傷痛

☆找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
 一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
 孤單的人那麼多 快樂的沒有幾個
 不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌

Repeat *#☆

找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
傷心的人那麼多 我應該勇敢的過
不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌

這首真心的 癡心的 傷心的單身情歌 誰與我來和

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