Sunday, September 30, 2012

KLCI to rebound

It is Sunday ... I hardly have time to read or to blog. Just came back from lunch with mom(Metro Kepong Jusco) and it is a 'mooncake' festival. Well ... it is kinda expensive to taste mookcake these days. A sharp hike it prices! Ouch ... with the increase of 20cents in sugar prices, ouch ... we can say bye-bye to these delicious once a year 'cake'.

I bought the latest share-investment magz ... the title "Bullish on Equities".  So, I guess it is time to go shopping as Sept is over ... did you wake me up as Sept ending? So, we are in yet another last surge .... and could we breach 1655 this time? I do think so ... telco-counters at new high ... c'mon bull ...

KLCI is above 20MA again ... is that a double-bottom forming? Once breaking neckline 1645, can fly to 1655 or not? Then, if break 1655 ... how high could it go? 1680? Then ... I need to cover my shorts and short again at 1680 then? Or 1700?  .... can we really predict how high our KLCI will go?

Technical Rebound : I supposed to have a talk yesterday morning but have to postponed it as the response is not encouraging. When market sharply going down, no one seems to be interested.

What is technical rebound? It is to catch a knife, knowing what technical indicators to watch and to protect ourselves from getting the wounds. And if we could catch a good rebound, the profit will be good in short 3-5 days!!

Check out AirAsia, how one could grab below RM2.90 and sell when it goes above RM3.05. That is about 5% in 1-2 days, depending on your entry and exit.

Check out Supermax when at 1.93, rebounded to touch 2.12 in days. Very strong rebound in days!!

Check IGB, another rebound in play after IJM and IJMLand rebounded.

Check many more waterfalls ... they are so nice and I am happier each time I have such opportunities. Yeah, like those with sharp drop ... and using technical rebound for that quick trades.

I will be giving my e-tratles an e-meeting regarding 'technical rebound' next Tuesday night. Don't worry if u missed the recent rebounds ... as they always chances for such rebounds!!

I am still charging so cheap(haha ... I didnt say that, many of my tratles told me so) ... but I am satisfied. I m glad that I have help so many who came to me, learned and appreciate my efforts.

from my tratle's page

TEH : Today I am done with another cohort, the cohort-7. Thanks for being patient and well done to complete the modules. Trading is not as easy as being advertised or being said by those selling their trading courses or softwares. Being logical and with good mindset, we could improve our trading skills, given time. Yes, practise and practise ... All needs time to understand and need a strong mental to maintain long in markets. I will urge all those finished the course to join our seniors, and very experienced traders, and to benefit together. So join us in the meeting or at times, gathering to know each other. It helps to form a good network as support group to our tradings or decisions. We do have many kind traders who share resources, knowledge and experiences, ideas and such. Hence, be pro-active in our own learning.

Learning is continuous. Stay in touch. Thanks again for join our tratles-group. All the best.

AT : Today(oops..yesterday) completed the last of Cohort-7 module. It's been a knowledgable 2-3 months sessions with CP. Good sharing on the trading experiences.

Just to share, I started my first trade in 1993 using my aunt account. Can't recall if it was a profitable one but I guess it was as it was the year of the Bull run period. Since then I was not actively trading till I open my own trading account few years later. I begin trading without any prior knowledge of how the market works, nor I use TA or FA when I trade cause I have zero knowledge.

Thus, losing these trades was not surprising. Those stocks I did not cut, I become a long term investor, so to speak. Zooming back to present days, I only started trading actively early this year. Still, I do not have any prior knowledge of TA nor...FA. I visited several forums and naively followed their buy calls and got burnt as usual.

I begin to source for informations to self learn. It was in one of the forum, I got to know CP, read his post and blogs. Then I found out that he is offering trading classes, I decided to enroll... and the rest is history. After completion of the modules with CP, I realize the mistakes I've been doing and I can safely say my trading mentality have changed a lot since then.

I'm sure I'll continue learning with my trades albeit winners or losers.. I've missed a lot of good trading opportunity as there is still a Fear in me of losing. I realize now I was too focus on the Fear of losing till I missed out these opportunity of profitable trades.

I'm sure I can a much better trader when I can conquer this Fear of mind. Through continuous guidance from CP and the seniors, I believe I can trade better in times to come. Lastly , just to share something from the Star paper today(yesterday)... "we need to fail in order to succeed".. Thanks CP, Kxxx, Mxxxx, Txx and rest of the tratles team.. Cheers.

Thanks for the testimonials. Many more good testimonials, motivating me to teach better. Thanks again.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday blah-blah

I could not managed to blog due to my tight schedules for the whole week ... it is tiring but fulfilling.

OSKIC : Given a talk but the mic failed me, not once but twice. ouch. Finally, we have to be transfered to another room, and some kids are restless and just walked out. I do like those who walked out, those who can't even take a little of uncomfort ... well, market is full with unexpected series of events. That is reality ... to do well in a competition, we need those who could last.

So, to make things difficult ... I posted in a facebook-page I created for those students under me, that I will have a meeting with them this morning 8am. ouch ... majority of them could not make it. Some telling me 'sorry' as he/she does not have transportation etc etc ... to me, if there is a will, there is a way. No will ... tak payah cakap banyak, these will fizzle out ... and give up, anyway. I am going to make it more difficult to them so that I DO NOT have huge crowds hanging on to me. Well, may the fittest survive ... make it susah, then they will QUIT. Yah ... quitters never win. Then, they will ask why they never do anything well?

Anyway, the competition officially starting on Tuesday ... guess I have to stay back till night to 'share' with them. Will they appreciate my efforts? Heck .. if they win, I might win. But if we do things with expectations, we will be disappointed. If I m going to teach them, I want discipline, logical brain ... and willingness to LEARN. Win or not, they already taken first step to be future potential winner in markets. A right mindset entering markets is VERY crucial. Majority of those newbies enter markets without knowledge, without common sense and without experience to speak about. I hope I could make them think REALITY.

Had a meeting last night to talk about FKLI and venturing into FCPO soon(currently CPO at 2-tear low ... nice).

Now, it is almost 2pm, I have to be mentally prepared to go through my module-5 : Mindset --- FEAR and GREED, with my cohort-7 in half an hour time!! Arrghh ... the most important components in trading(50% in my third M) yet most difficult to comprehend. I wil try myself to tell them some reality and hope to change A LITTLE of them mindset ... as our mind is most important assets in our lives, including trading.

Whether u r a winner or loser, it is your attitudes. It is your mindset ... your logical brain. It is your CHOICE. If you talk to normal people, they are too normal ... they rather complain and blame on you. Yes, they rather be given the fishes, rather than learn fishing ... so, I shall give fishing as example later on? Haha

Practice makes perfect? Well ... do practice, then

Need to go ...


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bullish Day

234.56 ...Yeah ... that is a nice number!! HSI today up 234.56. Is it planted? It up 1.14% in a bullish day for indices, where our Bursa-boleh up up up ... thanks to telco like DiGi and Axiata, seeing new high. Even AirAsia went above RM2.90 today. Hurray ... reversal in the making, with 1655 target now to breach. Well, must be good budget rally in play ... which sector should we move in(if u r sideline?)

Well, IJM rebounded today too ... was discussing that with my tratle-e-meeting last night. I missed the fast rebound, wanting to wait at lower price. Bullish now ... can still chase or going back to my AirAsia?

I gave a talk to a batch of our college students ... about 50+ of them, I guess. Three weeks of competition, guiding a total newbies. That is a challenge to me!! I will be very busy in this one month, monitoring them and such. Well, got RM3k price if any of my team win leh ... want to work for it or not? Haha ... As for me, winning/losing is part and parcel of competition. It should be the spirit of participating, to LEARN ... and be exposed to trading, from a real trader ... me.

It is difficult to make them understand that it takes more than FA/TA ... we need LOTS of LUCK as it is for 3 weeks. Nothing much to lose, virtual money. Just punt ... buy-sell.

dinner time. continue later.


Local Young Malay Singers

Ainan Tasneem

Biodata Profil Ainan Tasneem

Nama penuh: Ainan Tasneem Redzuan
Nama manja: Ainan
Tarikh Lahir: 4 November (umur 20 tahun)
Pendidikan: Penuntut Kejuruteraan Bioproses,Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Kediaman: Bukit Jalil
Hobi: Menyanyi dan bermain gitar

Tasha Manshahar

Biodata Penuh

Nama Penuh: Nur Nadia Natasha Binti Mohd Manshahar
Nama Panggilan: Tasha Manshahar
Tempat Tinggal: Kajang, Selangor.
Penuntut: Institut Perguruan Kampus Ilmu Khas, Cheras.
Tempat Lahir: Duchest of Kent Hospital, Sandakan, Sabah.
Tarikh Lahir: 22 November 1992
Anak: Sulung daripada 3 orang adik beradik.
Blog Tasha Manshahar:

Najwa Latif

Biodata Profil Najwa Latif
Nama Penuh: Imratul Najwa Binti Abdul Latif
Tarikh Lahir: 23rd May 1995 Tempat Lahir: Batu Pahat, Johor
Status: Pelajar Sekolah SMK(P) Temenggong Ibrahim Batu Pahat Johor.
Laman Sosial: Blog:
Facebook Fanpages: najwalatif
 Twitter: @njwalatif

Yes, we should promote these young talents and encourage them ... they might make Malaysia proud. To me, it doesn't matter if they are male/female ... chinese/malay/indian ... because we are Malaysians. Or ... err ... are we?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OSK Investment Challenge

I will take part in this so-called competition. Well, I have a group of students and will like to guide them(for free la ... but see can win anything or not?). Winning will be sweet(and needs lots of luck) but seeing them participate and learn will motivate me better.

The period will be from beginning of OCT, and for three trading weeks. Well, from such a short time frame, all hells break ... how those young minds to understand stock-markets in 3 weeks? They will win or lose, they won't even able to understand what hit them!! Haha ... as I mentioned, I will like OSK to change the word 'investment' into trading ... if not punting. Tikam-ing or gambling will not be appropriate. But, that is 'marketing' or perhaps keeping with Bursa's regulations? I don't know ... I do know the word 'investment' is not appropriate as one could not invest in 3 weeks. The term used SHOULD be right as these young minds will really thought they are ... investors? Haha ...

Never mind about that, I do need to prepare some slides for tmr's talk ... yes, I m giving a free talk to those interested participants(and those who want to come la). I was trying to promote my talk to students yesterday but most of them walking out before I could even introduce myself. Hmm ... they are young and restless. They are barely 18+ and can't even understand amount of works need to be done to even have a decent trade done. Well, no thanks to the OSK's promoter ... showing how easy for them to WIN the competition and prizes awaiting. Hey, they do have prizes for lecturers. I was thinking of in control only about 2-3 teams ... choose them based on their MATURITY and MATHEMATICAL minds. But then again ... it is only 3 weeks!! Haha. No need to be mature or no need to calculate. Just punt into those popular stocks like Oldtown or Padini ... perhaps ... Axiata(up 3% yesterday, man).

I do need to read the clauses too. We could only buy RM1 and above stocks. Wonder what happen if I am to buy MAS, Success or 3A which hanging at RM1 now, and could turn into penny stocks any moment now!! AMedia down ... if I have bought at yesterday's price, what if it closed at 0.98 today? I don't know ...

We are not allowed to buy warrants or loan-stocks. ACE stocks are ok. I asked that yesterday. What else? We need liquid stocks ... but ... most of those actively traded stocks are those penny counters? Really need to do some homework on these and will be very busy on Saturdays as I will ask my students to attend my talk(technical rebound). Only those selected to be guided by me, of coz.

Next month may not be easy month to trade. So, I will create a close-facebook just to communicate with these students. I will have few sessions or workshop with them. I want to try my hands teaching these unstable minds. Haha ... well, still prefer sharing with my tratles as most are matured and logical adults, using real money and causing real pain!!

By the way, we will be giving RM100k to trade.

I will update on the performances here as I will be busy with this investment-challenge ... err ... no no .. i mean, trading-challenge.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Et cetera

KLCI went down about 8 points in the morning but in green now. Genting touched 8.55 yesterday, and back to be above 8.70 now. It is so difficult to trade ... we hv only short rebounds and seeing red again ... so, I decided to stay sideline to do readings ...

Tratles : Well, it is one year now ... yeah, one full year that Tratles-group was formed. It was formed by my earlier cohorts ... 1 and 2. The continuation of supports from my cohort-3 and 4, pushing forward for cohort-5 and 6. Today, I am having my cohort-7 ... and in Nov, my cohort-8 is full(soon). Thanks to many in my group for seeing through the hard one year of trading ... while learning more tricks-treats of markets.

e-meeting : On Monday nights, I do hv e-meeting with my e-tratles, sharing with them how we should approach markets ... with discussion on fundamentals while checking technical outlook of markets. It was full last night and unfortunate that some 'late comers' could not make it. So, I will do a 'repeat' on Thu ... on how we use MACD, together with Support&Resistance ... and MA to check the trends.

Public-talk : Well, the response so far is rather 'cold'. Hmm ... as always, even with one participant, I will continue to have it. Haha. Yes, this Sat morning I thought that it will be a good time to share with others how we could benefit and to learn 'technical rebound'. Limiting to 20 only.

FKLI : Learning to trade FKLI is not easy. I do feel more comfortable to short the index. Well, yesterday dived was a good one for us. As rebound expected today, we have covered our shorts, taking good profit from the trade. Need to get the confidence going before we could trade with larger positions. Learn, learn, learn ...

Right-issues : Recently, me and the group is learning to trade counters with 'right-issues' ... right-issues may not be right for the company. Will you subscribe to KNM's rights? That is not so right ...

IGB-Reits : It went 10% up during day one. Over-subscribed by 20+ times la ... I did not apply but I asked many to apply when they asked. Well, someone I knew asking others not to apply. So, I did argue with him, trying to get his opinions on why he was telling others not to apply? It is ok to have opposing opinions, but we just want to know ... a healthy discussion should be encouraged.

Astro : re-listing again ... to suck more money for the tai-kor, from the ignorant public. I don't know why Bursa approve such activities ... now you see it, now you don't? Will you apply? By the way, I have cancelled my Astro channels and my kids only watching Unifi-TV. I do not watch TV/Astro, anyway.

OSK-IC : There is this investment-challenge organised by OSK for kids. They should use the word TRADE or PUNT rather than INVEST. We can't invest in ONE month time frame, ok? That is mis-leading leh. Anyway, I will be giving some 'tips' and a talk to participants of our college. I might try to find time to manage a team or two. It will be good to get the right mindset to these youngsters. Who knows ... we might have some smart and logical ones in the making? Winning the competition will be good but not the goal.

QE3 : The effect of QE3 is ... gold/silver rebounded strongly. Wow ... suddenly everyone is talking about gold/silver again?

Mom-in-law : She is going back to KK tmr ... I do feel bad as I m too busy to bring her places. Will fly her here in Dec again when I m have my break. She has helped me a lot when I struggled in KK. Yes, I do appreciate humans who have helped me. Thanks

Exams : With exams around the corner, I will have less classes ... and want to catch-up with some readings.

Gangnam : This is one crazy hot things going on ... it is simply crazy la. Whatever 'style' also they came out with ... how bout BN-style? Sigh ...

Mooncake Festival : Over-priced so-called sweetened cakes, with various flavoring ... designs and also the packaging. Heck with the culture ... we are talking about crazy prices, for normal herds to follow. If the demand is there ... why not hike up the price? That is the mentality ... well, will you still buy?

Shila : Well ... amazing singer, making Malaysia proud. It reminded me of Sudirman(sang One thousand millions smiles). She even sang Zheng-Fu, a popular Mandarin song by Na-Ying. I simply adore her voice, her perfomance. She is making waves ... there is another lagenda, Sheila Majid.

Yes, she set fire ... great!! Time for lunch and will continue to blah blah etc etc ... haha. What a title for a post in a blog. TEH

Monday, September 24, 2012

KLCI down 20 points?

This is a lunch report ... I am wearing VERY RED today and it drops. Well, as I am cleared most of my stocks, this is the only cheer in my Monday Blue(no thanks to Liverpool). Also, my shorting of FKLI is doing well at the moment.

KLCI currently at 1610 ... breached 1600 shortly in the morning for me to be greedy enough to have many queues!! Only two counters done.

What a drop!! Budget fear or what? Hmm ...

It should rebound from here for a while but I dont see 1640 anymore ... perhaps, to 1630? And dive below 1590 ... and bye bye KLSE. Welcome FKLI. Might talk a little more about FKLI and FCPO.

Technical Rebound : I want to have a public talk this Saturday morning on catching a rebound or cutting losses once it rebounded. Anyone interested, please contact me la. Saturday 10am should be good. It is a short 1-2 hours briefing on what to look at for rebound. Anyone?

Got to go now ... KLCI should stablise for today.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

What is SUCCESS to us?

Sunday ... it is a day where we all taking a break from hectic weekly schedules and spend some time with family or friends. How is your routine on Sundays?

Some may spend their mornings going to church or temples, while some spend the Sunday morning sleeping till noon(not healthy la) ... perhaps, some went jogging/exercise. These positive activities could bring us goodness in our lives.

Waking up in the morning to play pc/tv games is a total waste of time, unless you are preparing for the World Cyber Game, which I believe most of us are not gamers ... err ... some like me who won't even play pc-games. I don't even know those games in facebooks. Simply put, I do not play games. But playing games occasionally is good ... activating brains and giving us some pleasure?

As for me, Sunday is a day to play with my kids. Bringing them for nice breakfast, reading some of my good books while accompanying my wife for her 'marketing'. If we have the time, we will visit our mom/aunts. Yes, it is always a joy to see them ... and getting my kids to be closer to them. Then, once a month, we bro/sis will gather for a nice lunch or dinner.

Spending a little time to have my 'Sunday blah-blah' posting will be good for my own pleasure reading too. Haha. So, blogging is also an activity for me on Sundays.

I like Sundays ... no trading markets, no teaching of Maths/Trading .... while catching up with going-ons. But ... I won't say I dislike Monday. I like Mondays(or any days too) ... as markets re-open for the trading week, checking more latest developments and sharing with my whole tratles-group. They have motivated me to stay in touch!! Haha.

What is Sunday to you?

It is a day to reflect on our weeks ... and planning for next week. That is Sunday to me.

Tonight is important night ... Liverpool vs Man United. It won't be a usual Sunday night where I will bring my family for nice dinner, coming back to do stock analysis and put those analysis for my stock-watch page. Tonight, anticipating battle with MU and Liverpool certainly is an under-dog. Could only hope they play well.

As I said, I do not watch TV. I prefer reading and I do read GOOD books everyday. I m brain-washing myself into learning how to be a successful person, my standard. Well, the above table reflect a lot about what I am trying to do with my mindset and also directing myself towards my goals ... to be in those few successful group of people. I do mention FEW ... as only 20% of the majority manage to be successful in their own view. We viewed 'success' very subjective. To me, I m a successful person, tho I m staying in cheap apartment, riding a second-hand kap-chai(Honda without doors. haha ... BTW, that is why I like Oriental Holding too?) ... driving a Proton. I am contented and glad ... reflecting on my achievements, I am very proud of myself ... as I m claiming myself as successful. But ... I do still move ahead to do better than MYSELF.

Testimonial by a tratle(cohort-4)

Today is the 1st anniversary of my trading in stock market (KLSE). I started trading in September 2011 when the market plunged by about 16% (270 points) due to the growing fear of European sovereign debt crisis. I saw it as an opportunity for 'bottom fishing' after preparing myself for about a year reading all I can about stock trading or investment. I also read bibliographies of successful traders/investors and finally decided trading suits my character and style. However, most of the information were from the Westerners and hardly any local traders in KLSE who publish their knowledge and experience in writings.

So, I decided to 'google' for local traders who might be sharing their experience in the internet i.e. blogs and guess who I found. Yes, I came across CP Teh's blog, 'My Trading Adventure' . When I read his blog about his adventure in stocks trading , the first thing that came to my mind is that he is a 'genuine blogging trader'. I was impressed that he was not afraid to reveal all the trades he was holding, including his losses/ mistakes, emotions that he experienced and what he had learned to trade better.

The moment when I found out that he was offering trading classes to newbies like me, without a second thought I signed up for his classes which cost only about RM### unlike others who tried to promote their trading courses which costs thousands of ringgit and with absurd promises such as '100% guaranteed profit', I could feel that he is an honest teacher who is really interested to help others from losing in the market.

The best part of joining his 'Tratles group' is that after the 5-modules in his trading class I get to continue with his trading analysis meeting for only a small fee which is almost negligible (sometimes my trading fee for a trade cost more than what he charged for a meeting).

Stock trading can be very boring and lonely especially when one trades alone. However, with other 'tratles' (experienced ones and amateurs) in the group that meet up regularly to share their trading experiences and knowledge is definitely priceless. We also actively motivate and alert each other, looking after each others' back while trading to minimise our losses and to increase our profits.

I personally feel that Mr. Teh CP has a genuine intention to help us young and new traders. He constantly remind us to have proper trading plans and be disciplined to carry out our trades without being influenced by greed or fear.

Lastly, after one year of trading in KLSE, which is constantly manipulated by syndicates or smart money, I'm glad that I have gained net profit from my trades. I want thank CP Teh and all 'tratles' for their sharing and moral support in our trades.

This was written yesterday by a tratle, sharing with the whole group. Ghee ... thanks.'su This is my 'success' stories. I am such a 'teacher' ... really want to help newbies/novices at a cheapest of rate(just to cover my small overheads and time spent). I am motivated by their progresses ... I am motivated to teach better, share more by their commitments and many kind/good people in our group, helping others too. That is the spirit I want to cultivate in our group.

He is a professional, good income from his full time job, very smart person, humble to learn. He is one of the most discipline person in our group, prudent and believe in sharing. If one check the 'box' of success above, he has it in him to be successful. It is a certainty, with a condition not to layback and letting our ego to de-rail us ...from our goals.

So, many things being said and shared in a week basis. Many trades being done. There certainly some thing significant that we could pick up, to motivate ourselves further to improve ourselves .. next week ... next next week ... or in near future.

Success ... it doesn't come instantly. It certainly not basing on LUCK as most believe. It takes time to believe in yourself, doing right things, do some mistakes ... fall down and pick yourself up!! Success as many READ about it, may differ from each individual.

What is success to you?

Success is tasting simple minutes of sweetness, after hours of sweating.

As my favourite quote goes : Winners never quit, quitters never win.

Have a nice Sunday and week ahead.


p/s : Thanks for reading and being so supportive. God Bless.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genting and GenM

KLCI : At 1625 level again, and checking at 1600 level ... pulled down by Genting and GenM today.

Genting : Closed RM8.70 ... the level I missed. I bought RM8.88(everyone knew about it) and sold days later at RM9.08(told everyone too) as it hit 20MA and I do not see upside, comparing many other stocks in my list such as MyEg and Johotin. Anyway, I will NOT buy Genting at RM8.70 level today as more sell-down expected. We discussed about the chart-analysis ... and I asked the group to watch a few things to catch technical rebound.

As for GenM, the technical chart is not so nice to catch ... wait at RM3.30, we shall see if we going to analyse further.

Technical Rebound : There are requests for me to share about 'technical rebound' play. I shared that with my Penang-readers last year after Sept dive! If not mistaken, about 8-10 of them turned up for my Penang-talk.  So, I m thinking of a talk on 'technical rebound' next 'Saturday Morning' 9.30am(an hour talk and an hour Q&A) which would be 29th Sept, at Subang Jaya here. Those without charting knowledge are encourage to attend, to learn how to deal with such cases.

Those interested with the talk, please let me know. e-mail me at . Due to space limitation, I will have to give first come first serve. If my tratles wanted to join(50% discount for them!!), they will be my priority.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wake me up ... taking a break.

Morning .. it is Thursday, the only day when I have a few hours 'free' to check on things. It has been a busy days and nights(ever since I started my e-meetings). Really need to learn 'time management'.

Seafood : We had a nice time, 10 of us, have seafood dinner last Friday. The food is nice, most importantly, the company is good. Thanks, tratles for the dinner and nice company.

Cohort-7 : Then, on Saturday ... I had my module-4 with my latest batch. They are with me for 2 months now, and some nice appreciating words from some of the members giving me the motivation to present and teach better. We were discussing about Trading Plan and Trading Journal. Risk-Reward is being shared too.

Kids-run : On Sunday early in the morning, we went to Kepong's Metro Park for the kids-run and this year is the 2nd year they were having it. The crowd is larger than last year. My son did finished his run but got only 20+(compared to his 14th position) ... at least he finished his run without a stop. Good. He will be running in higher category(7-8yrs) next year and I will not need to accompany him for the run anymore. Phew ... I m still trying to heal from the ache!!

Friend : I hv an old friend visiting me during the weekend. That is the nice thing on Sunday, after the kids-run and rushed home for a tution class. I seldom have friends ... and now my tratles-group, some of them are 'closer' to me, becoming my friends?

mom-in-law : My wife's mom came back from London and staying with us for few days. I extended her stay and bought her new air-ticket. Seeing her so happy being with my kids, it makes senses to me to invite her to stay longer ... but I m too busy to 'bring her around'.

e-meeting : On Monday night, I had an e-meeting but this time the turnout is not full. Well, it was a public holiday, some might be celebrating Malaysia day. Anyway, I shared with them "MACD" and how we read/use MACD in our analysis of charts.

FKLI : On Tuesday night, I had another meeting to talk about some basic strategies and changes in our way we trade FKLI. We are doing OK but missed two strong trends. Thanks for the drink, anyway.

e-stock-analysis : Every Wednesday night, I will have e-meeting with my tratles as we check on stocks we are in positions or some interesting going-ons, sharing of opinions etc etc. It is still very new. It is closed for members only.

So, as u could see ... I hv not been having enough time to rest. On market front, with budget and election fear, I have to close most of my positions and sold all my AirAsia too.

KLCI supported by20MA, reaching to the resistance at 1655 ... but at the moment, it is down nearly 10points. The risk is higher than reward, with KLCI over-valued. So, I shorted the FKLI .. hang-on it. I hv sold most of my KLCI counters too(for profits/losses) and to move more to HKSE. Few are interested to know more about HKSE but I am certainly feel it is VERY risky for those who could not take the volatilies in HKSE's stocks.

Anyway, many cheap valuations stocks in HKSE ... and not in our fear-charged KLSE. Wake me up when September ends ...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is difficult

I bought a book by Azizi Ali, pointing out how difficult it is to be rich.

...  'some of the sacrifices including reading a lots of books, attending classes, missing time for parties, missing time with your family, skipping holidays, skipping tv, skipping newspapers, being laughed at, scorned at, belittled, criticized, working fifteen hours a day, seven days a week, sacrificing perhaps even your health and living normal lives ...."

Are we willing to sacrifice for achieving our goals?

It is difficult to be good in anything ... we just need to continue to learn and experience.

Just do it.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysia Day

Besides our Merdaka Day(31st Aug), we came out with another day to remind ourselves that we are a 'family' ... a big united family, 1-Malaysia ... or whatever we have heard for years. No racist statement should be thrown, in the view of coming general election. Yes ... I would be naive if I am to believe in such soothing words. I was very naive, say ... 20 years ago, believing that Malaysia 2020 would make our country a proud developed country, placing us on par with those developed countries of the world. Seriously, my views regarding many gov policies have changed 180-degrees as I've grown up, working for 20+ years, reading tonnes of books/articles relating to Malaysia's politcal lives. We are in fact 55-years ago, can we still claim that we are in infancy age? Excuse me ... look at Singapore. We were on-par in 1960s, ok? Today we need RM2.50 to buy a dollar there. If u dont understand that ot what is tghat so, it might not bother you much.

I have 'left' political scenes .... in my own sense means, I no longer want to read anything relating to Malaysia's political news or anything much about the politics. Sigh.

If you are in KLSE, you do need to know some politics ... who is linked with who. Which counters are considered as GLCs, which companies supported by what funds ... etc etc. These are important, so I could not totally divorce myself from the developing news, political front. And with the general election(GE) around the corner, we need to know how to trade on such, what are the fear-factors and such. For example, those with higher foreign funds related counters(AirAsia, CIMB, MayBank, Genting, KLK ...) are in risk of the funds exiting due to political risk. That could bring our KLCI lower and definitely will give us the fear-factors towards our counters(lower liners). With bearish sentiment lurking, we do not expect more upside from here ... QE3? Queen Elizabeth 3 visiting Malaysia? Very unlikely ... those cheap money might give China-property another round of headache, while another rally for HKSE.

So, what would you do with such situations? Will we maintain to buy into DiGi or Maxis ... or whatever counters we are looking into in KLSE? With KLCI valuations is at the higher band, while HKSE valuations at lower bands ... which market is more attractive? How about the political risk involving here? We can't short our  stocks and the only way I could think of is shorting the FKLI. Perhaps one may want to try some put-warrants attached to some stocks but the risk is too high too as liquidity is really the main issue there.

Hmm ... what is in mind? What should we do? I have basically trying to explain my outlook(I am not a guru, not an economist, nor a market commentator) ... I dislike the high valuations in KLCI, I dislike the political risk attached to our KLCI, I dislike the manipulations of our stocks, I dislike the high level of KLCI(resistance 1655). I dislike Sept/Oct where these are spooky months for markets. Oh yes, Obama election is coming ... could that be in my 'dislike' list too?

So, I will like to short FKLI, I will like to buy cheap HKSE's stocks. Grabbing a gold ETF could be another good choice. Making money in markets is difficult as we need to try to understand the direction of each money markets. Knowledge itself is not sufficiently enough, we need to take actions and protect ourselves.

cohort-7 : I had my module 4 with this batch and stayed back till 7pm+ as some experinced ones asking me some questions. Yes, they would be very glad if only they knew me earlier. Words could not described my satisfactions when they thanked me and noting that my course worth all their money and time to learn. Money could not buy me these smiles?

Well, Happy Malaysia Day ... to us, it is a good day, we could have another day off from our daily job, and to be with family.

AirAsia : Due to the rebound of AirAsia(thanks to QE3 news), many in my group are profitting now. Some sold for profits, some still checking to sell higher.

Johotin : This is another counter many in our group bought(below 1.90 levels) and profitting well.

CIMB, UEMLand, MRCB ... all rebounded and some who bought into it profitting well too. I got few SMS and messages telling me that they are glad to listen(to sell before market came down and to buy during that 50points correcton).

Be happy, win or lose ... Malaysia day or not. BN or PKR. It doesnt matter ... what matter most should be what lies inside us. Are we satisfied with what we have?


Sunday, September 16, 2012

My groups

I do have few enquiries regarding my groups.

Tratles : This a group who personally coming for my ah-pek style(and only costing a small fraction) trading classes. It is at Saturday 2.30pm. Yesterday I had a session with my cohort-7. I am opening cohort-8(in end Oct/begin Nov) and will close once the it is full. It is on first-come first serve basis. If you wish to start in Jan/Feb, then that will be my cohort-9.

tratles-stock-analysis : We do break into two huge group to analyse stocks on alternate saturdays, with e-meetings with members on Wed night.

e-tratles : This is a group who prefer to learn from home(I will advise those who is staying in Klang Valley to come personally) and one may learn at their own time. Without discipline, and understanding ... it will be 'difficult'. Currently I have set up an e-meeting for my e-tratles where they could ask questions personally. I do use facebook to communicate.

stock-watch : This is a group to check what I buy-sell, watching and stalking. I am too busy to analyse anyone's stock. So, basically ... it is a check at what levels I am buying some stocks. It is not a learning page.

fkli : This is still a closed group with only few of my tratles involving. We are learning and I do not want many to be exposed with these risky instruments. In future, once I am more familiar(and profit well) from it, I will slowly open to those who wish to learn.

New groups in making

stock-analysis : This will be for those who can come personally to get their stocks analysed. I am planning it to be on Saturday morning(9am to 11am)

e-stock-analysis : This will be opened to readers and those interested to get their stocks analysed. It is still not a learning page, but mere to plan a trade for a person who could not see me personally. I do have few enquiries for this one so far.

HKSE : As I am much involve in HKSE now and HKSE is much cheaper than KLSE(also minus the election risk) ... PER for HKSE is below 10, KLSE's PER around 15 ... I will create a group for my tratles as many are interested. If the response is good, I will have a e-group for HKSE's stocks discussion!!

So, I think I have been trying to reach out to many. I am simply just a teacher who believe that learning is by sharing. If that so, WHY so many so-called sifu(self proclaimed, many of them) charging thousands? Because financial knowledge is expensive? May be.

e-mail ( if you wish to join any my groups. I am still trying my best to reply to many. Do let me know if I did not reply to you. Only those wish to learn should write in.

note : Many of my tratles agree that one could not learn in 3-4 days courses. Also, they are logical enough to understand that you need someone dedicated to teaching and love his job to teach you well. Addition to it, you need a REAL trader ... taking trades in daily, weekly basis to understand the current development and how markets work. If u need theories, notes etc etc ... u could go to google, investopedia or many more TA sites. Markets do not work as many 'promoters' telling you. I do not believe the so-called surewin trading softwares/systems.

It takes more than that ... welcome to KLSE, largest legalised casino in Malaysia.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

AirAsia : Grounded

AirAsia : Hard-landing today, gapped down again ... highest volume seen. 2.92 ... dived to 2.82 ... and closed higher than 2.92. Did anyone catch 2.85 or below? Because some crazy guys(and girls) bought below 2.85 when they knew I m buying at 2.85(posted in my stock watch too). Stock watch is just a page to show my buying and selling, but the RISK is too HIGH and I did mentioned. Need to place all the disclaimers. It is like ... hey, I am buying cheaper than him. ouch. Don't know how they get the guts ... sai-lang should be at 2.65 level, I do have queues at 2.78, 2.72, 2.68 and 2.62. If 2.62 done and did not rebound, I m murdered in the falling parang ... and cut-losses hugely, will take me 2 days to recover. Might not even see this post out. Haha ... ok, we shall check 2.65 now, shall we?

Everyone is asking ... what is going on with AirAsia? Is Malindo's news really scare off so many investors? Or is it due to the coming GE? I think those are few of the reasons but I do think more reasons will surface soon. Tony is selling to buy players for QPR? May be ...

Well, I will discuss about AirAsia when I have my e-meeting with my e-tratles. Again, please read my disclaimer before you said "You jump, I jump" ... and the plane is sinking somewhere in South China Sea. Please understand that trading AirAsia now is very risky. Do not let greed take over. Think of it this way ... what IF it never recover?

Disclaimer : I hv positions at 3.03(average) yesterday and 2.87(average) today. Normally, I will buy in small positions at stage one, increase it when it is down.

When was the last time I caught a falling knife and it did not recover and I hv to cut-loss? Well ... end of the year, IJMLand dropped ... no thanks to MRCB's deal called off. I bought due to the failure of the deals, bought after it dropped more than 8%, but ouch ouch ... it went lower and I averaged it lower. Ouch ouch .. cut off, finally.

Enjoy the song which I hv repeatedly playing since AirAsia diving. I do not understand the lyric, k? haha. Enjoy, anyway.

林志炫 - 單身情歌


抓不住愛情的我 總是眼睜睜看她溜走
世界上幸福的人到處有 為何不能算我一個

*為了愛孤軍奮鬥 早就吃夠了愛情的苦
 在愛中失落的人到處有 而我只是其中一個 (而我不是最後一個)

#愛要越挫越勇 愛要肯定執著
 每一個單身的人得看透 想愛就別怕傷痛

☆找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
 一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
 孤單的人那麼多 快樂的沒有幾個
 不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌

Repeat *#☆

找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
傷心的人那麼多 我應該勇敢的過
不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌

這首真心的 癡心的 傷心的單身情歌 誰與我來和

Stock Watch : AirAsia and UEMLand

AirAsia : Broken RM3.15, have to cut loss when it gapped down. This will be a falling knife and those hoping to catch a bottom will be disappointed. It is advised to wait for reversal signs as the next level will be RM2.85 and RM2.65. That is deep ... take a look at last Sept.

UEMLand : Last year Sept low at 1.54 ... so, that should be the level we will want to watch. Another falling knife as some funds are selling. The fear of GE is great now ...

Note : Do wait for reversal signs.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Technical rebound expected

KLCI : Formed a nice hammer and with DOW closed higher, we expect a rebound today!! Do we buy yesterday when we saw a hammer forming or do we buy today, waiting for confirmation? As it is below 20MA, obviuosly, do we wait for it to be above 20MA?

I bought yesterday ... I was greedy when I saw hammers formed. So, I bought DRBHicom and AirAsia(oversold). I was also queueing for CIMB but it is not done. So, I will re-look at CIMB later.

AirAsia : This is a knife, and it is risky if one do not know how to cut-loss if it dived further. I told my e-tratles on Monday that I will queue at RM3.15 and yes, I was lucky(or unlucky if it dived lower) as it was done. There are a few 'daredevils' followed my buying and many bought below RM3.20. I jumped, they jumped ... haha. We shall see later if the selling is over.

DRBHicom : As RM2.30 is a support, I grabbed at 2.32-2.33 levels when it rebounded from the low of RM2.29. I told my whole group about it, posted in my stock watch too but I do not know how many followed to buy. The risk is there but we certainly could see the hammer formed and expect a rebound.

Last night I have an urgent e-meeting with my tratles group to analyse some charts. Most of them knew that I bought AirAsia and DRB as they were with me(in chatbox). Now, I need to point out that it is risky to buy a strong down-trending stock. If the technical rebound fails, one needs to sell at cost or even at small losses. In trading, we talk about PROBABILITIES. We should be thinking in such manner ... or else, we are illogical to guess. Some even guess how high it could go ... with certain target prices!! I don't believe in crystal balls concept in predicting. I do use a lot of COMMON SENSE and LOGIC. Coupled with experiences and sharings by my whole group, it gives me confidence to take certain riskier trades.

Yes, I do like waterfalls ... the current dive is not strong enough. I do hope we could see a few more black candlesticks ... long ones. ouch.

Learning to trade well will take quite some time. But, it is worth it. At least we need to learn to protect ourselves from losing too much of money. Losing is a part-n-parcel and protecting our gains are as important too.

Happy Trading.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More to come?

Morning ... days becoming busier since I started to conduct e-meeting for my group. My nights from 10pm onwards being used for these meeting that I do not have much time to do my readings, updating myself regarding market outlooks, what is what and the going-ons.

AirAsia : Selldown ... check 3.20 level.

What I do know is KLSE is reaching over-valued level comparing to cheaper indices such as STI and HSI. So, why KLCI reaching such a high PER level? Due to coming budget or election, that we need a rosy situations in market? All these are being speculated for some time ... while we might be seeing some so-called foreign funds exiting some risky counters such as CIMB ... and yesterday, AirAsia dropped 3%.  Saw PChem dropped 3% yesterday too ... terrible day as we expect a'technical rebound' but it fails to attract supports from funds ... or us, retailers.

During last night e-meeting with my e-tratles, I hv strongly telling others about my opinions of playing with those 'lousy' stocks, those specualted such as KNM and those ACE counters. The reason is clear ... no FA to support the movements, no TA could be applied as indicators failed badly and no HA as those pressed deeply down may not be able to light anymore. The risk is simply too high. So, stick to valuations of companies with good fundamentals, as we could apply indicators a little better. Even that, indicators tend to fail in our stocks as KLSE lacking of liquidity and expose to manipulations. Be cautious.

How do we protect ourselves at the moment? Are we in those spooky SEPT again as 9/11 ringing in our ears? How about the Malaysia Day, 9/16? So, SEPT is indeed a month of fear. Is Halloween falls in Sept too? I m not sure ... I need to check my spooky calendar and it must be showing some thing there ... oh yes, I think it is a Ghost-month for Chinese? Or is it? Ghost-month together with Mooncake festivals? Hmm ... perhaps it is a VooDoo month celebrated somewhere in Africa? We can't say Africa is far from us and we are not affected as ... well, we have thousands(if not, reaching to millions now) of Africans in Malaysia now. Yeah ... we are multi-racial harmony 1-Malaysia country. Welcome to the land of everything can, or we called it Boleh-land, locally.

Yes, we may see some short rebound ... and general view is that nearing to election ... FEAR factor will intensify. If one could not see the huge dive, then ... we need to protect ourselves by cut-losses when the support fails, when our stocks no longer could perform or when we need more funds to move to HKSE. That was my plan ... and will move more out of KLSE and checking on cheaper HKSE, where the political risk is not as high as in Malaysia.

Grow up Malaysia ... we r going to celebrate your b-day ... again.


Saturday, September 08, 2012

Wealth expo day 1

Well,  I m tired. Took a day off to attend Adam khoo's talk and listened to Joey Yap and Conrad preview of heir classes. Yes, it's more to motivate normal working class that they too could be a millionaire? I was with few of my tratles and Adam just talking about basic investing in etf indices or using MA of 50-150 crossover. Yes, that is basic for novice investor.

Joey yap' s talk might excite my brain a little as it is new to me.  I seldom red about these. Perhaps, I should learn how to change my destiny too?

Conrad is expensive but in three days, he is teaching novices 20 modules? Wow ... Believe me, u can't digest 2 in a day and a novice will get confuse further.  Hmm .... Mt tratles was very glad to know me, as I charge them a small fraction of that and I m still with them for months, making sure they continue to learn real trading! No one could learn in days? As I told my whole group,  I m into my 5th year of  learning. If one is motivated to llearn, and committed to do such in coming few years, then ... Yes,  I am glad to be their mentor?



Friday, September 07, 2012

Malaysia downgraded?

DOWNGRADE for M'sia if reforms not carried out - S&P

Malaysia’s sovereign credit rating may be cut if the government does not deliver promised reforms to cut spending to reduce its fiscal deficits, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has said in its latest report on the country, joining other global ratings agencies in warnings about the strains on the country’s credit profile.

S&P said reforms the government should look at include the introduction of a goods and services tax (GST) and subsidy cuts.

“We may raise the sovereign credit ratings if stronger growth and the government’s effort to reduce spending result in lower-than-expected deficits, as indicated in the 10th Malaysia Plan. With lower deficits, a significant reduction in government debt is possible.

“We may lower the ratings if the government can’t deliver the reform measures to reduce its fiscal deficits and increase the country’s growth prospects. These reforms may include, but are not limited to, the GST and subsidy reforms on the fiscal side, and private investment and economic diversification reforms on the economic growth agenda,” said the ratings agency.

Lack of convincing plan for fiscal deficit & national debt

Last month Fitch Ratings said in a separate report that Malaysia had yet to present a convincing plan to tackle the twin fiscal threats of its federal budget deficit and federal debt.

Fitch also said that data clearly showed public sector-linked activity had been a key driver of GDP growth for the last four quarters alongside robust private sector activity.

It said that the ratio of federal government debt to GDP reached 51.8 per cent at end-2011 despite strong GDP growth but barring a further deterioration in the global economy, the Malaysian government should be able to meet its 2012 deficit target of 4.7 per cent of GDP.

Fitch added that improving the nation’s fiscal position would be challenging without significant reform to address the cost of fuel subsidies, broaden the fiscal revenue base, or reduce dependence on energy-linked revenues.

S&P’s latest Malaysia report appeared to echo some of those views.

The country’s moderately weak fiscal and government debt profile for the rating category constrains the sovereign rating, it said.

Putrajaya had made some moves towards cutting subsidies last year, but political pressure in the run-up to elections have relegated some of these reforms to the back of the line.

Plans to introduce GST have also been shelved because of fears that it would cost votes for the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

High subsidies, weak revenue

S&P said it believed Malaysia’s slow fiscal consolidation stems from high subsidies and the relatively weak revenue structure.

“Malaysia depends largely on petroleum-related revenues. The government has been planning to reform the subsidy system and introduce a goods and services tax.

“However, given the political sensitivities, we expect significant implementation, if any, would only be after the general election,” it said.

The agency added that for more than a decade, Malaysia’s economic growth was partially brought about by large public investments — sometimes exceeding that of the private sector — and this had adversely affected the government’s fiscal position.

“However, this pattern might be changing. For example, foreign direct investments (FDI) seem to have bottomed out. Besides, the recent rebound of private sector investments was partially due to the government’s initiatives for the Economic Transformation Programme. If the trend continues, the Malaysian economy could regain its vitality.”

While the Najib administration’s efforts to help tide the country over a rocky global economic environment with a longer term goal of transforming the country to a high-income nation by spending more on salary hikes and kick-starting large infrastructure projects has helped boost GDP growth, analysts have noted that its debt has outgrown revenue since 2007.

Figures from the Federal Treasury’s Economic Reports show that the federal government’s domestic debt almost doubled in the space of less than five years — from RM247 billion in 2007 to an estimated RM421 billion in 2011 — far outpacing its revenues which only grew 31 per cent, or from RM140 billion to RM183 billion, during the same period.

While the Najib administration has vowed not to let federal government obligations exceed 55 per cent of the country’s GDP, there is increasing worry that when government-backed loans or “contingent liabilities” are taken into account, the government’s total debt exposure has already risen to about 65 per cent of GDP last year.

A comment taken from i3

Yes, the Barbarians are at the Gate (S&P warning of a downrating on Msia's reckless deficit policies), and yet no one know -- not our appointed nor elected leaders (who are paid there to lead and protect us from such harms), not our financial/banking experts (authorities/research houses)---and all Msians( and I mean ALL, collectively) are still drunk on samsu and having hangovers,walking like dead pigs, exactly replaying the same scenarios pre-1997's Foreign funds attacks (ala EAsian FinCrisis)...

With the types of leaders we have-- the govt we collectively elected and maintained, the government servants our PSD appointed, the quality of the top financial/banking managers occupying the posts in both public/private sectors--I have little CONFIDENCE that they have the "brains nor the capablity" to NOT LEAD the country into this path of self-destruction AGAIN and to fulfill their OBLIGATIONS to SHIELD MALAYSIA from the coming raiders/looters of the now-bankrupted West...

Yes, nobody know why the S&P's (consider this the initial stage) warnings on our economic policies; you too,dont know what hit the KLSE, all the lousy leaders continue their brainless/meaningless existence and making bad decisions leading n running the country's economy , banking/ financial/investment sectors,no repentence of habits of immoral pillage and sinful decadence, not a single above-passmark measure to "shield" - not to mention to "advance" the nation against the fierce global climate/ challenges)...

Unlike the Koreans ,who slept thru the last EA Financial Bankrupties but repent n rise up from the ashes soonafter and now excelling/conquering the East,maybe soon,the world....we are only good at copying their shits of Gannam style with our Sabah, Penang ,KL + Hakkah + Kampung we did prior1997 following our great wise Mahathirleadership of Look-JapaneseShit Policies ,creating so many shit-records in the MsianGuinessBookofRecords....

TEH : I shared this stupidity in Malaysians about GangNam or what-have-you. Malaysians are THAT low, mind you. Yes, I could never understand why we need to create so many senseless records. This is everywhere ... we do not pause to think, we scream 1Malaysia without conviction, without any understanding ... sigh.

And yet like all the traditional festivals we must follow n celebrate, our leaders must bid up the KLCI, the RM,properties n car prices because we must have the feel-good budget rally,the election rally,the CNY the pied piper leading the rats (us) over the cliff...

The authorities does not even REALISE there is a REAL danger of their own common pple keeping their investments,shares,properties and RMsavings, their jobs,their business,their children/family wellbeings........ in Malaysia.


Someone left a message for my yesterday's post. Interestingly written, so I want to keep it in my dairy. Thanks


Dropping 20+ points?

Tell me, how often do one see KLCI dropped 25 points? When was that the last time this diving happened? Do some homework, please.

When are we buying stocks? When it was at high resistance of 1655 or when it is going to support 1600 psychological level.

With basically only 10% of trades done by retailers, and with 90% of retailers losing money, you could guess that many would have panicked and sold their stocks?

No one really expect such a drastic dive. 40 points in two days? What a sales. It is SEPT thingy again.

With that, I called for 'urgent' e-meeting with tratles group to discuss some good stocks in good technical rebound play tmr. Well, I do share with them logical ways of seeing market. Yup, they are glad to be in the group to learn. It will take some 2-3years for them to understand how markets actually work and why off sudden there is a sell-down, how do we play on emotions of markets and going contrarian? I bought some stocks I like ... it is a sales?

DOW up 230+ as I am going to rest soon ...

I took a long position today. Hope it will rebound. Wish me luck in my future as my future trading is depending on it. Hehe


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

KLCI dropped ... finally.

So, KLCI dived more than 10points, as expected. Technically we have discussed that with the whole group 2 weeks ao too. The signs were there ... so, I told my group that I sold off my GenM, Genting and Armada due to klci-linked risk. But my non klci linked counters also suffer some setback today. So,  top up and buying spree may starts again. You only get excited when u hv cash in hands and during cheap sales. If I have cleared all my holdings and buyback today at their lows, I could 'save' few k. I did cut loss or took profits for some but not all. So, what is next?

I will want to write about JCY and check on i3 when someone cursed me when I said technically it's a sell at resistance 1.60. He claimed that JCY will be trading at rm2 or was it taken private at rm4. I have a reader, I think from i3, asking me about JCY as he bought at 1.30+. Seriously,  I have to say that I feel sorry for that. I don't read noisy forums. Do we understand that stocks are legally manipulated? Err .... I mean, unwritten rules, loopholes and who know who kinda manipulations. If u know JCY will be pushed up beyond Rm1 from 50cents, don't u wish to buy hugely? When u know a stock will be pressed down or game is over soon, wouldn't you be glad to sell before such crashing occurs? Reminding me of E&O where in less that an hour, so many punters bought into her at 1.70-1.90 as it will be at 2.30 the next trading day, see? Don't ask logic ... Tis is driven by greed. Otherwise, how do u explain why 80% retailers losing money in markets?

No one wants to lose money, including me, of coz. In order not to lose money, we need to be critical and analyse our stocks. We need to do our own homework so that we will not blame the broker houses, media, our friends ... your dogs?

Need to take a rest and will have another e-meeting. Tonight will be with my tratles group where we will be excited to discuss stocks to buy tmr for technical rebounds? Yes, my group could access to each other to discusss and analyse. I m glad we created such platforms and understanding. Not all but those active and willing to share ones.

Dinner time.


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Never play with fire

HBGlob : From 0.55, opened 0.51 and closed at 0.41 yesterday. Today, a doji formed. You dont need FA or TA for these counters. Just punt ... follow some runners in forums, or someone will promote it through media to trap those GRREDY ignorant ones. If u r newbies and get caught, cut it off and LEARN the painful lesson. NEVER to buy a stockw without FA, and TA could not be applied.

Ingens : Still can run? Dont know how they trade these counters ... pure punting, following noises in forums and pray after bought. Jumped up happily, treat friends good dinners ... today have to lick wounds? I still think it is illogical to trade such stocks. Hard earn money ... gambled and who are the winners? Syndicates happily clean their plates. Yum yum!!

Mtronic : Aftermath ... no escape ... or hope for next round of goreng up another 200%? Hmm ... ok, let's wait then.

Aglobal : See any similarities ... well, I know u will tell me that you luckily get away with 200%. Congrats!!

Note : If we do not want to get badly burnt, do not play with the fire. Again, it will be taken by those never-say-die punters. Good luck


e-meeting activated

Last week I was trying out my e-meeting with my tratles. It was OK but I do still need to learn how to 'speak to myself'. Haha ... Then, on Sunday night, I hv my e-meeting for my FKLI group. That was good as we do not need to leave our home.Last night, I have an e-meeting with my e-tratles, those coming to learn thru e-learning!! That was a good one!! I was nervous but most of them are nice people, making me feel comfortable ... thanks. I will have more of such e-meetings with my tratles and e-tratles.

As for stock-analysis online group, I have not look into that yet as I am too busy. I do have many e-mails un-replied and there are few asking about my e-stock-analysis!! That will be for my readers, and they could 'talk' to me ... asking questions about their stocks(but NOT for learning). Tratles are those learning basic technical analysis ... while stock watch is a group where I placed what stocks I am trading or looking into. Stock analysis group is for those who wish that I analyse the stocks for their choice. So, these groups are created with different purposes, for different needs.

Well, again ... it is not from me. Those ideas were given to me and I only try to feed in to see how I could help. Yes, reaching out for more out there who are looking for someone to guide them. I do not make buy-sell calls, please. I do not think so anyone should do that.

Well, I will be spending more of my time have e-meeting with different groups of mine. As I said, I could only improve .. and those willing to learn, will certainly find the way.

CSL : Someone in my e-meeting asked about CSL = Chua Soi Lek's counter. I do not like these counter as it is too speculative. I do not like its fundamental but it could be traded. Most of those very speculative counters fail in FA ... and also TA. Avoid is my opinion.

KLCI going into new high ... we are in bull-run ... yeah!! To me, it is SEPT, time to trim my positions ... and hibernate!

Time to do work ...


Monday, September 03, 2012

SET, anyone?

These songs are nice ... wish I could understand. With idea of linking KLSE-SET-SGX, we may see some in KLSE talking about SET soon. Time to learn how to speak Thai?

Will begin with banking sector ...


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Living frugally?

I was reading a 'financial freedom' book, written by a young author. It is interesting to see that at such a young age, he is able to think logical, money-sense. He is LCW(not our badminton hero, haha) who attended my first trading class 2 years ago ... yes, much earlier than my cohort-1. My cohort-1 started exactly a year ago.

Anyway, reading his simple book is to refresh what I have been reading for past few years, to brain wash myself into acheving my definition of financial freedom. I have to say such as my definition of 'financial freedom' is certainly NOT similar to majority who is dreaming of have big houses, fast and expensive cars, shop with loads of cash in hands etc etc ... FAR from that. If you have read some simple charity posts I placed, perhaps ... just maybe ... you will be amazed how 'stupid' I m when it comes to money, actually. I am not saying I am selfless ... saint person. I just prefer to stay simple and help others, rather. I do believe every religion teaches us to be good ... and sharing is caring?

 Back to the topic ... living frugally.  I am still not sure if I am frugal enough as I think I am living in 'luxury', for my standard. I could afford so many things!! So, I need to remind myself to keep my simple living and not to follow the crowd. Well, it is easier for me as I am not THE norm.

Here are few larger items I have upgraded since I came to KL mere 3 years ago.

1. TV ... yes, upgraded from my 21" Sony 20+years to flat LED.
2. PC ... bought this desktop last year, mainly for my teaching of trading purposes but carrying to 'center' each time I have meetings there.
3. Notebook ... bought last night at IT-fair(Mid Valley) so that I do not need to carry my desktop anymore .... for teaching purposes too but it took me a year to be able to afford it(less than RM2k type)
4. Handphone ... upgraded my 4yrs plus Sony-Eriksson hp to Samsung Smartphone, only to see that I am not smart enough to use it
5. Apartment ... from staying in a small mother-in-law room, to renting a house in KK ... and recently managed to buy a small apartment for simple living. It is RM160k, and that is very expensive for me.
6. Speaker ... bought a new Altec-lansing speaker to replace my old 8-yr old AL speaker.
7. Earphone ... bought a nice RM120 earphone for listening to music/songs recently.
8. Camera ... bought a Panasonic RM500(during sales) digital to replace my old Sony 10yr ones.
9. Workstation ... pampered myself with a nice, yet simple place to work from home(from Ikea) ... as I was using a simple RM100 desk for past 2 years.
10. Unifi ... upgraded recently from Stremyx for faster internet connection as I need to upload clips for my e-learning, and now for my e-meeting.
11. Clothes ... could afford to buy a few t-shirts and pants(buy during sales, please ... make sure it is 50%-70% discount and no brands needed). I used to wear(and still is) those shirts given by my uncles and brothers or those free t-shirts.
12. Shoes ... yeah, managed to buy a RM80 shoe for comfort(50% off, actually) and hope to wear it for another 3-5 years? Used to wear those RM30 china-made shoes to work. But, I m still wearing less than RM20 slipper each time I go out.

There are still few items ... but you get the picture that I have upgraded myself ... so, at times I feel I am no longer as frugal as I wish? Tho I m definitely living below my means and still working very hard ...

The only large expenses I do have is 'dinner' with family. If I m having dinner by myself, a simple RM5 mee is OK with me ... but I m willing to spend RM50 for a dinner with my wife/kids.

I am still going to office riding my second-hand kapcai which I bought for RM3k when I came back to KL here. I do hope it could last me another 5years ... and perhaps I might be afford to buy a bike of my choice(I am more a biker, I do not fancy cars, ok?). So, I m putting some saving to buy my 'dream' bike in 5 years time. Do you know it takes time to accumulate money enough to buy items you wish for? And a person like me ... I do not have many things I wanted in this world, I rather give away ...

Happy frugal week ahead. I have to go for another class to earn some money, perhaps ... to buy a new spec by year end? My current one giving me some 'head'ache.


We live in a greedy little world--
that teaches every little boy and girl
To earn as much as they can possibly--
then turn around and
Spend it foolishly
We've created us a credit card mess
We spend the money that we don't possess
Our religion is to go and blow it all
So it's shoppin' every Sunday at the mall

All we ever want is more
A lot more than we had before
So take me to the nearest store

Can you hear it ring
It makes you wanna sing
It's such a beautiful thing--Ka-ching!
Lots of diamond rings
The happiness it brings
You'll live like a king
With lots of money and things

When you're broke go and get a loan
Take out another mortgage on your home
Consolidate so you can afford
To go and spend some more when
you get bored

All we ever want is more
A lot more than we had before
So take me to the nearest store

[Repeat Chorus]

Let's swing
Dig deeper in your pocket
Oh, yeah, ha
Come on I know you've got it
Dig deeper in your wallet

All we ever want is more
A lot more than we had before
So take me to the nearest store

[Repeat Chorus]

Can you hear it ring
It makes you wanna sing
You'll live like a king
With lots of money and things


Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tratles meeting

Last night we had another fruitful meeting for our tratle group, a total of 20 max tratles turn up, packed and enjoyed ourselves plus knowledge shared by one of our experienced trader. This is very encouraging as I meeting that I m no longer the only person to guide, but slowly asking the some of them to be as independent. It is merdeka day. Yes, wanting more of them to contribute to the group as we grow larger. It is sharing basis, rather than dependency on a single me.

You see, when you get a group of serious traders, some experienced ones mixing with logical young brains, you could go further and could be creative what we want to do to help each others, with the similar objective of profiting from the markets. My charitable cause is personal, but once we all doing well, we won't mind chip in to help other more unfortunate ones.

I do still have a hope to help more newbies or those who are still losing money. The basic idea of helping , sharing, analysing is with the group. That is something I treasure most. Some came into the group with personal agenda, and I do know few are not so willing to share ... It is just personal to them. I could not change a person's personality but I do hope I could get those with sincere heart, like me, to help and share.

It is not easy to be a leader as the group consist of different age group, from different professions, different trading and investing background. It simply not easy as I need to be seen as being fair to all, irrespective of if they are closer to me or otherwise. Some of them like me and I do believe some do not like me, tho they do not mention it. Being a difficult person myself, it is a huge challenge for me to handle 'human'. Each individual is unique. We have those insist with their own analysis and I do wonder why he will come to learn from me. On the other hand, most of them satisfied and glad with my teaching and sharing. Nevertheless, being a leader of the tratle group, i m consistently reminding myself to face issues and be more organized to recognize those issues, and not to let things getting out of hands. Serious, it is a huge responsibility with so much of money on the line. I do not give a call to buy or sell. I will jot do that. No one in the group would so such. We analyse together and to seek for opportunities. We share opinions ... But final decision is still individual.

Anyway, I m a very satisfied person. Perhaps I am easily content person. I m ok with simple things as I do not like complications. Even in my trading plans or analysis, I have asked the group to keep it simple and forget too much of technical analysis. Focus in few stocks in play or sector in play?

It is always easier said than done. But when u hv a whole group supporting you on your back, we have the comfort to trade more confidently. I could only see many to profit from the group. I have never been self-centered to say this is my group or my efforts or I should be given the credits. I always see it as efforts from the whole group. Fantastic people around, indeed.

Thanks tratles for keep the group stronger as we do need to analyse as a unit. We must also help those young ones, those newbies in our group. Thanks for reaching out. Nothing could be achieve without putting our brains together. Imagine the amount expertise we have in the group. Simply fantastic.

Off for tratles' stock analysis meeting again.