Monday, August 13, 2012


BHIC : At 2.40, I do not read about news on why she is diving. Will the 2.40 levels breaks? Or will it rebound from here?

Genting : As back to 8.85 levels today, will it break and go to 8.50 level? Should we be buying at current level or wait for 8.50?

MAS : Came back to RM1 level ... waiting for her to break RM1, perhaps 80cents could be a good pick?

MHB : Low at 4.90 currently, still waiting for reversal, or else check her at 4.60 levels.

TDM : What a dive ... gapped down on Friday due to bad reports. Checking 3.70 levels now.

Unisem : Checking at RM1.10 ... affected by bad reports too.

These are falling knives. It is better for us to wait for reversals. Trade at your own risk


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