Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tratles Stock Analysis

On Sat, we gathered 14 of us, with me analysis stocks thrown to the 'floor'. Then, from the many stocks, I short-listed a few that I do like.

These are few of the fantastic results.

HuaYang : (done by TTS) I grabbed at RM2.06 yesterday as I told the group that I see her the best supported stocks due to dividend and bonus-issues hanging. Yes, we did discuss that so-called bonus-issue do not really benefit share holders, accounting wise ... but this is market. I mentioned that MAJORITY in KLSE do not understand bonus-issues and they THOUGHT they get free bonus shares ... and rush to grab her. Hence, the price will be well supported by retailers ... and becoming a hot talk-about stocks. Technically, I placed a trading plan ... and yes, it works out welll ... breakout an I averaged up today at 2.10-2.13 levels. Ride on her and will take profits.

YTL : (done by AO) We were discussing on this one too ... queue at 1.73-1.75, average down at 1.60. I m convinced it will rebound but I did not chase ... my queues not done and today we saw it testing 20MA at 1.88. What a miss and I do not know if any of them in the group benefit from the plan.

I posted both I like in my stock-watch too, hoping to benefit those in my stock-watch group. Again, I never ask about others stocks. I will just tell them at what price I am queueing and what I am checking.

MyEg : (done by AJL)I grabbed at market opening yesterday at 0.735, but I was too busy today. With a doji formed yesterday with gap-up, it is a sell to me. But it went to close higher at 0.78, while my queue to sell at 0.76 done. In our analysis last Sat, I was hopiing for a doji to form nearing 0.71-0.72 and perhaps it will only take another day hanging at 0.72 levels before it shoots higher. It did not ... it GAPped, which I do not like. Anyway, it is still a good analysis and profits for some of us.

SKPres : (done by JL) The range trading I shown them ... back to support, buy and check to sell at 0.37. It was so good as it is done in two days!! wow. I did not take the trade as I am not familiar with the stock.

I am more interested with my Armada(bought 3.68) and Genting (bought 8.88 today). I am also liking MHB and GenM which pressed lower.

Have to go ... a tratle of mine, MS, asking me to post few of those stocks we analysed on Sat ... to show that we do real anaysis and taking real trades. Of coz, there will always many out there will say i m just shiok-sendiri and ... well, keep it that way, then. It is your weak mentality stopping you to learn and be better trader and I wont want to wake u up.

Once we set our goal to improve, we will find the wat to improve. We will ...



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