Thursday, August 30, 2012

Too busy, too lazy

I do have just half hour to blog now ... I was very free in the morning, if I wanted to write but ... I was lazy. Haha ... coming from a person who has been working his butts out for few years now, I am lazy. I have to admit that at times, I am lazy to blog ... prefer to hide in our groups and chatting away ...

How about the majority of those in markets? Yes, majority are ignorants ... too busy to manage their own money. So, many will prefer a 'safe' FD or UT, let the money grow at 2-4%(of coz, you UT agents will tell you they have consistently giving 8-12% dividends ... yeah right ... those agents earning commisions, ok? Think?)

So ... majority of us are ignorants when it comes to personal finances. Due to that, we use credit-cards(a few cards too), we take bad-loans with high interests to feed to our WANTS, but not needs. That is one huge part of the majority ... those 80% of young ones, and not so young ones too. I was one of them .. I WAS. Never really think much about money, easy-going ... don't see TIME as so precious, to learn and contribute. Never realise about inflation ... retirement is far from nind ...

Someone suggested to me to write in parts, in advance and plan my postings!! I never thought of such ... and I won't do such. My blog has been "LIVE" and previous, I even posting LIVE prices, LIVE KLCI levels ... check my 1-3 years ago postings, you will get what I mean that I am 'real' and 'alive'. I do not pre-plan what to write, nor I benefitted from my postings. I simply go ... online, put whatever I like to write about ... for MY own pleasure reading.

Wait a minute, I am no longer alone? I do have 30+ readers back then ... those were the days when I was still newbies, readers like "Remnant"(a blogger who been close to my heart now), "Imoogi"(whom I saw him hanging in i3 now) ... those were the good days when I could write whatever *$&&* that I like ... posting whatever songs/clips ... and won't get any nasty complains(about my postings not relevent to THEIR stock analysis ... as if I owe them?) ... and some even pointing out that I manipulate some stocks, buy ... then write it here for many to buy while I do the distributions. Some thought I am working with market-syndicates ... gosh, I have those envious ones, felt threathen that I might expose their truth(of ^(&^* things they are doing, only known to themselves) ... I am no long a 30+ readers-blog. I have a whole group of tratles(yup, it is more than 30+ of them, honestly) ... I am being followed by my stock-watch, checking my buying-selling. So .. see, I am real and kicking ... and I want my blog to stay as 'alive' as I am, rather than pre-plan on what I want to 'manipulate'? Haha ... I could laugh it off now, they are good in imagination, but these are bad-apple in our trading lives. Face it ... they are MANY promoters in forums ... face-it, you e-mail being bombarded by those ADVertisements asking you to join their trading group, blah blah ... face it, it is a MARKETING gimmick that many suckers plunged into. Until you get real and face such reality ... I am not a person you will like to be with.

Anyway ... tmr is MERDEKA day ... I am not excited about the flag-deco or jalur-gemilang? It is the time to check to sell more stocks. It is moving into Sept ... where the song 'wake me up ... when Sept ends" will be played again. I really miss my blog ... when I could write and let things flow. I do know some bloggers writing for THEIR own personal gains and hidden agenda.

Well ... at least I am still who I am ... a simple person, who still stand to help many around. It is not easy ... never easy to shoulder more reponsibilities, getting myself so involved and really tired ... I wish I could rest but ... I am starting my crazy 100+ sheets of paper-marking soon. It is endless ... I hv stacks of loads to be done ...

I want to keep my blog as much as personal to MYSELF ... but I know that is no longer possible. I have pairs of eyes ... lurking to check on my mistakes, my wrong writings for them to shoot me. Sigh ... few bad-humans tinting the innocent pages.

Not only I am very busy ... I am getting lazier to write as markets at high. I am very interested with HKSE now, with China markets dived back to 2009-Mac low.

Time for invigilation ... and more jogging sessions with my kids.


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