Sunday, August 05, 2012

Testimonials : e-tratles

EN : I have started e-learning course on basic TA with Mr CP Teh as I was completely new to FA and TA. I have learned about charts and the various indicators, support and resistance, price-volume divergence and risk reward ratio. Mr Teh is passionate about teaching and is always there to answer any questions posted online. His constant reminders “plan your trade and trade with plan” helped to stay focus. With his coaching and willingness to share his knowledge and experience, I am able to put into practice what I have learned and trade more confidently.

The above was written on July 16th. EN is doing quite good in few of her trades, and yes ... learning is a long process and she is persistent in her learning. Well, we could only teach those who want to learn, and it is a MUST to put what we are learning into practice so that we will gain the valuable experiences. No editting(I bribed her with a coffee) and most in my group know I do not like those not-real testimonials.

If you wish to see those buttering testimonials, those un-real ones ... one may check those pamplets/flyers or newpapers. Hmm ... I attended an internet-marketing course and the trainer was so 'proud' when she said ... those testimonials and people are fake and why not ... if we could attract many to our websites, to generate some income? I was like ... err ... sigh ... I will never be able to do such?

Anyway, many tratles convinced me that I do not need fake testimonials and some 'volunteered' to give me the writings!! Hmm ... I am owing many more coffee now.

TCL : I have been interested on the stock investment but never attend any trading courses as those courses fees were too expensive. Luckily I came across Mr. CP Teh’s blog since last year and found his blog was great with trading information, valuable advice, and sincere approach those really worth the time to read. I really admired those can attend Mr. Teh’s course as part of his tratles but I can’t as normally every Saturday, I will busy sending/picking my kids to/from school activities. When Mr. Teh decided to has E-learning class, I was so excited and decided to join his course. The course fee was cheapest in town but valuable. My journey of learning was started with the basic of TA and FA as I’m really no idea what those about. Slowly i’ve learned about how to draw the charts with included various indicator, market stages and trends, Risk Management, price-volume divergence, Support and Resistance, MACD histograms and lines, RSI and Risk Reward Ratio. Besides that, Mr. Teh put a lot of efforts by putting examples on how the real-life situation to trade the stocks and answer any questions posted in e-learning. He always reminded us to equip more knowledge by reading and questioning, don’t listen to those noises and plan the trading. Now, I have slowly learned and put into practice during the trading. Mr. Teh, thanks a lot for your patience and willingness to share your knowledge and experience to us. Cheers.

Another e-tratle's testimonial. While EN is not in Malaysia, TCL is in Klang Valley. So, I did invite her to my tratles-group but due to her family commitment, she can't make it but learning quite well. One of the few active ones, asking questions and listening to some other good comments to learn. Yes, I always remind them not to listen to those 'noises'. Market is noisy, it is difficult ... as our emotion in play. Making an attempt to FOCUS in our own trades, we should be doing OK.  One day, I do hope she will be joining one of our gatherings when I put some of those e-tratles who learnt well into our tratles group, to further learning from many good traders in our group.  Cheers.

Ok, few more REAL un-editted testimonials ... but two at a time will do.

cohort-8 : As I am very busy .. I could only start my next cohort end of next month or in Nov. I do have 3 enquiries so far!! Thanks!!

Lee Chong Wei lost but ... many postings in facebook and these are my lines:

To reach Lee Chong Wei's level, it requires thousands of hours of sacrifices, pails of sweat, and to bite on the pains. Majority of those watching would never understand how long he has came from to reach THAT level. So, when we are envy of others success, we should ask ourselves "Have I tried hard enough?". When we want to judge others, we should reflect on OUR own weaknesses.

Lee Chong Wei will be remembered as a successful sportman in Malaysia's history.

Well done, LCW.


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Rizal Ariffin said...

Dear Mr Teh,

I am very much interested in joining your tratles group as I am a newbies in the stock market. Hope you can advice me on this. Cheers