Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is time to rest ... just came back from the park, jogging and taking my son to prepare for his Giant Kids Run. Last year he 'lost' as he lost his focus ... and this year he is determined to do well. As parents, we could only give them the opportunities and encourage our kids to venture into what he may like to do ... most important point to me is never the 'winning'. It is the spirit, the journey and values he could pick from there.

One week holiday is over ... it is rather fast. I hardly able to do much things ... hmm ... still wishing for the day(3-5 years later) that I do not need to clock-in-clock-out of a working place, filling the rat-race(tho I never bother to race ... I let u win la) cycles while earning a monthly wages. The 'security' of a job is still great, and not willing to let-go of such ... err ... 'security'.

Charity drives begin ...

Last Friday, I went to Rawang's ophanage ... yeah ... managed to give away items I have bought. It is nice ... the Malay lady taking care of unwanted kids, 30 of them(13 girls, 17 boys) in two seperate homes. She is a very strong lady, and adopted an handicap Chinese girl. It is touching when I suggested that she let the Selangor welfare people to take care of the girl when she shed tears, stating that she has taken care of her since she was 1-year old baby. She is 6-year old now. The girl's parents met with accident, and passed away .. the old granny has to give away 12 of the kids ... and she is the un-able girl, unwanted ... and this Malay lady adopted her. Amazing stories, right?

I brought my privileged kids there ... and will expose them more on such, letting them to know there are many poor kids, without parents and without any much items to play with. She was given RM20k per year thru 'zakat'. Well, needing 60kg of rice per month, we brought 100kg only. Next time, I will send her 300kg, perhaps engage a kedai-runcit to send them 'beras' regularly 100kg per month. That is basic ... rice, the kids need to eat, ok? So, I will need to budget RM500 per month to buy rice, flour, sugar and biscuits.

I felt touched ... and feel that she needs help. I m not giving any cash ... but rather to provide her the bacis food that she needs. I want her to 'free' from the stress of searching for these basics, as she said that at times, she has to call someone to beg for some food. These should not be happening ... so, I asked her to call me anytime, whenever she needs food. No more begging ... just get from me, I will ask the nearby kedai-runcit uncle to send to her and bill me.

Indeed touching as 4 of my tratles followed me, helping me to carry those items. I have been carrying those by myself up/down stairs. But ... all the 'hardwork' pleasing me so much ... craving a big smile in my heart. I thanked everyone in my tratles-group for the RM3k donation we collected in a week. That should be the best Raya-cheers for her ... and the kids under her care. Thanks.

I have been donating to the church in Puchong, where they do volunteer to help those kids-home during Xmas by buying them school-items and being 'Santa'. My contributions for past two years since back to KL) is very small. Hence, that will be my next drive ... coming Xmas time. I want those poorer homes ... some homes are well taken care of. I want to reach for those REALLY needing ones ... and wont mind to place RM5k this time around with the willing heart of my tratles.

Why my tratles willing to help me ... besides they are kind-charitable Malaysians? Because ... I charged them cheaply in attending my ah-pek trading class, and they appreciate me very much. I  touched again ... feel good seeing many of them doing well in markets, while some still learning ... indeed, it is like making my two dreams coming true in one deed. Teach them how to profit from markets, those appreiciative ones will 'pay' more ... not to me, but to my cause, which they seen as ... noble. Do you think money could buy those 'feelings' of being appreicated, making your inner dream to come true?

What? Your dream is to drive a BMW? Hmm  ... we are different, that is all. One of my tratle said I am a 'robin-hood', profitting from markets and give away the proceeds ... hmm ... yes, I will do it in greater scales, for sure. I will 'use' my whole group to profit from markets, chanelling the funds into my charitable dream!! Hehe ... now you see clearer my goals?

Trading adventure continues ...

My trading adventure is always on-going ... and being seen as cikgu now by my tratles, I am more that willing to share with them ideas and methods or systems I am applying. It is difficult to follow my steps as I am LOGICAL human, I am a real trader. That is difficult as I put out many groundworks, homeworks to be done ... not many could take the pace, and I have 2 young ones  dropped-out from my cohort-7(citing time and family commitments). Cohort-7 is too pack, anyway. In a way, I am glad that those can't commit to drop earlier. It will be a waste of time(my time too) and money, if one is not committed. If only profitting from market is THAT easy ... yeah right, I know your non-logical brain reading these lines will tell me how to punt or gamble. How you gained few hundrends or thousands percent punting into those GPro and such. Hmm ... you are too good for me.

I am slow ... and making my journey too slow for majority to understand. How taking such slow pace of learning while we could just use turbo-jet ... zrroomm ... in our learning. Is there really so much to learn about trading? Of coz ... if you are newbies, you may not even know what UMA means. I was surprised that my cohort-7 most of them aware what UMA means!! Haha ... but but ... do you know how to trade when UMA being issued? Hmm ... that is more interesting, right?

I do have few enquiries for my cohort-8, planning to start in Nov. That will be my last cohort for this year. Next year may not be as cheap(want to use the money to start my charity-drive!!) ... as I will want to teach only those willing to learn. Those newbies are the one benefitted the most as I am teaching BASICs. By discussing and listening to many senior tratles, they will gain valuable insight about markets, and after 2-3 years, I believe they will do well. Then, they will buy me moon-cake, cheese-cake, choc ... treat me free drinks, free lunch, free ... dinners? Ok ok .. cohort-8 is still open(email me at )

What is next in my trading adventure ... ? I have just ventured into FKLI, testing the water. I will consider FCPO too. I am a learner ... I am a novice. I want to learn as much first, before I could teach. I will share ... here ... or in my group-pages what I am learning.

Ok, I hv few more testimonials by my tratles to show. These are real un-edit testimonials. Haha ... I owe them drinks. ouch. Here is one.

By JL : Mine shorter bit, not good at marketing :)

I was a skeptic in TA until I experienced FA can only determine what stocks to buy but not the best price to enter. From there, I googled for TA blogs, followed few but the only one that striked me was CP's blog - simple and very easy to understand. When I learned he also conduct trading classes, it was a no-brainer decision. His trading course contain 5 different modules (5 Saturdays) which provide students the time to learn progressively and know what QUESTIONS to ask in the next meeting. Crash courses could not provide that and further cost thousands. CP also setup an online group for students to continue learning, share information and analyze live trades. Personally CP helped me to walk the trading path, which I intend to integrate the knowledge and experience into my investment plan.

JL is one experienced traders, but new to TA. He is from them school of FA(like me) and currently very dedicated to learn from me and few good traders in our group. I will rank him as one my very hardworking, motivated person when it comes to learning. We are trading FKLI together at the moment, and he is 'selected' for his sheer hardwork, obviously. Today, I m very glad he is in the group as he is not selfish to share his readings, knowledge, learnings with the other members. Thanks, JL.

Note : He is not JL(Julian Lim, my ex-doc friend in Sabah(read 2009 posts), my first student who do not appreciate my free teaching and coaching him, and bite me after that).

Remnant : Thanks some of your latest comment. Yes, each time I reminded of JL, I will remember that you were there for me, consoling me ... asking me to continue my trading adventure, minus JL. I am doing well today, always thanking you, bro. God bless.

Alright ... time to go.

Happy Sunday ahead ...


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