Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is Sunday ... I hardly have time to rest, but I am glad that many things moving on ...

Friday's gathering : We had our regular tratles gathering for makan and meeting ... and it was a good one, putting some of my focus back into what I need to do. With so many things in hand recently, I hardly have time to analyse or read. I have to get our tratle's nest ready for meetings. That is done with, for a time being.

Saturday's meeting : Yesterday's meeting was very productive and we managed to analyse a few good stocks' charts to trade for next week. Yeah ... some of the stocks will be posted to my stock-watch for them to watch as I will be watching too, with great interest to trade.

Let me share a little about how proud I felt yesterday ... tho I was very tired. We had yam-char till 1am, chatting about stocks and how to re-branding myself. I have 3 seniors advising me. Ghee ... they are really sincere and concern to push up my 'image'. I am listening, ok? I know I do teach like an ah-pek, blog like an ah-pek(and did not put some sensitive readers' feelings into consideration). I am an ah-pek, from school of hard-knock. That is my belief, my style ... I believe doing things logically, and I have tried NOT to be too straight or blunt. It might in-directly hurt others.

To ask traders/punters in market to think logically is not really possible. I have accepted that fact, of coz. Otherwise, could anyone explain why so many of us ... er... 80-90% .. lost or still losing money? With odds against us, WHY would we be in market for?

So, we learn about 'risk management'. That is my first module. Majority in markets will NOT like my approach as I talk too much about protecting ourselves, how not to lose money ... rather than all the HYPES out there, promoting how they could catch those 20-30% breakout way before it happens. I do still wonder why would they need to promote ... since those systems are so good, might as well earn millions from it?

So, being a contrarian as I am ... I promote 'risk management', I will prefer to be kiasi rather than kiasu. I wont chase up stocks, I wont bother how they play with Harvest, CyBert or PatiMas. I have attracted reasonably logical tratles ... and I am very proud of that!! It makes sharing easier as I do not need to ask them to THINK LOGIC. They are logical people ... and many are experienced traders, so I m happy to 'lead' ... our meetings. YEAH ... it is a DREAM coming true for me ... my blog is 4 years old now ... I could track back in 2008 my goals ... of forming my own traders group.

Yesterday ... with 14 of our tratles, young and old ... we sat together to analyse stocks!! We joked(thanks KPH for the MMC = Man Man Ci = slow death joke) haha ... we get to know each other better now, base on mutual trust, we do respect each other. I do have Muslim's tratles ... and it is bulan puasa. We respect that too.

Yesterday ... I was very very tired, yet very fulfilling. I was so so satisfied. I am a teacher in heart, most of my tratles could see that. I derived my motivations from seeing others improving! Yeah ... explaining my years in teaching ... and will continue to do what I love doing ... teaching. It is just a change of subject, from Maths to Technical Charts(by the way, I m not into pure TA ... I prefer FA).

Bursa : On the way to rebound soon. Hope to get at 6.05 but unlikely with DOW up 200+ points and KLCI pointing to high 1645 soon. So, RM6.20 would still be a safe entry point.

Time for dinner and watching Chong Wei's game. Will post some charts later for sharing purposes.


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