Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stock Watch : Genting and GenM

GenM : Recently GenM dived to 3.30 and few days later, it jumped to RM3.40+, and I grabbed at 3.37-3.39, but it came down the next day to 3.34 which I grabbed more  ... jumped the next day for me to sell at 3.41-3.43(too huge the positions). I kept 3k units at 3.38. and it started to retrace again. Many bought into her and some did not sell ... and started to worry when it was nearing 3.30 again. I told all I am queueing at 3.28(5k units) and it was done. Last minute, huge selling at 3.28!! The next day, it rebounded ... and my queue to sell at 3.41-3.43 again ... so, I sold my 3.28 portions at 3.37. Gaining few dollars for dinners ... and keeping my 3k units@ 3.38 to ride to 3.43 and above. RM3.43 is the resistance ... buy at support, sell at resistance?

Genting : I got her at a good price of RM8.88(1k units) ... well, Chinese likes 8 = fatt. Haha ...  it went above RM9 but yesterday, selling is still there, and it closed below RM9. I will want to check RM9.20 for my average-up level.

This is GENTING ... to me, it is an opportunity to BUY.

Raya-fund : The pledge reaching RM3k+ in less than a week, collected RM2850 so far(RM200 from an e-tratle, WYL) Thanks Tratles, I will divide it into 2-portions ... for two orphanages ... one in Klang and another in Gombak. Thanks again ... I appreciate the support.


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Remnant 888 said...

Well done.
You're smart enough to figure GenM will trade within a range before breakout. Dont have to inform you ya ... It was a good trade for me too..

Continue with the good works in helping those with special needs and less fortunate..
Wonderful ppl you have there by yr side..
God loves a generous and cheerful giver ...