Friday, August 24, 2012

Stock Talk : JCY

JCY : Resistance at 1.60 ... so, when I wrote about JCY being speculated and 1.60 is a SELL, I hope someone will listen ... and sell. Today ... you can see HUGE selling, and the long black candle-stick certainly trashing out many newbies, novices ... who believe those in forums, those so-called good broker reports .. those cooked up stories about Thai-flood ... those telling you about Seagate or WD's sales ... those telling you about USD-MYR and many more stories ... to cook a good story ... making many to believe that a stock was traded at 40cents, targeted 30cents by RHB's expert(I went to market talk in Klang then ... he downgraded JCY to 30cents, ok? And it shot way above RM1, actually) ... only to see ... moving to RM1.60.

err ... what is the IPO prices again?

So, it is tradable ... I agreed. I went for JCY-ce when it was hot ... few times but I dropped JCY about 1-2 months ago. Do you know why? Because many in forums like her, talked about her ... and jumping happily each time it moved higher .... yeah ... RM2 soon ... or RM3 ... target RM4? Don't worry, more cook up news will be in play ... we watch for privitisation news, perhaps new 'knight' in the picture ... and it recovers ... way beyond RM1.60 this time?

We shall see tmr .... ooopss ... later, I mean.

I need to sleep as I hv to carry hundreds of kilos of items for my trip to an orphanage in Rawang with four of my tratles(volunteered to help me).

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... dive further, JCY ... check RM1 and 80cents ...


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Wang_Segera said...

Why jcy share going down this week