Monday, August 13, 2012

Reaching for my next goal

websites of orphanages

Note : The above are the centers I might be approaching.

I just came back from Mydin, buying items to be donated for Muslim's orphanages, sempena Raya-day. I have to carry 100kg of beras, 30kg tepung, few huge packs of sugar, minyak masak, 2 huge boxes of Dutch-Lady milk powder, soap, tooth-paste etc etc ... and people really thought I am stocking for my kedai-runcit. Haha ... anyway, physically ... I am very tired. Emotionally ... I am very pleased with myself. Yeah ... I am seeing another dream of mine, to come true ... one day. This will be my first step, going for larger scales next round and ... will spend my full-time teaching trading, trading myself ... and channeling funds for my charitable cause.

Here I will try to recall ... how so-called 'noble' I am. Don't bother to praise or giving me awards, I m doing many things for my own pleasure, including blogging here. It is to entertain my-selfish-self ... if u get to know how selfish I am ... I will let u know.

I was born without parental's love. Mom and dad was very poor and our anuties, with granny adopted us when we were very young/babies. I cant recall much of histories ... we do not even have pictures of ourselves when we were young as we WERE that poor. Mom+dad selling Har-mee at, peddlling a tri-shaw at the back of houses in Kepong area. Then, they got a stall in Chow Kit area and that is all I could remembered.

So, since young ... I always feel I was abandoned. Without parents, we grew 'wild; tho our aunties are very kind ... and taking care of 4 of us kids with their small salary. One of my aunt was a house-maid and another worked as primary school teacher.

So, I hv strong feeling to help those less fortunate than me. I considered myself as VERY fortunate, to be able to go to school, done with my STPM and with God's help, I managed to complete my degree in MU.
I appreciated what my aunties have done for me, tho we lived in below average levels ... today, my bro/sis all doing very well. We no longer hv issue about 'money'. It was the things of the past ... where everything we mentioned, we have to 'telan' that we were 'poor kids', do not expect anything!!

See the strong will in me ... to help those less fortunate than me? At least I hv granny and two aunties as moms, right? Many kids are much more less fortunate than 'poor' me. Hmm  ...

These have been rooted inside me ... one day, when I started working, I will help those poorer kids. And I did ... while working, I have involved in few organisations : Pure Life Society, World Vision, WAO, Hospis etc ... before I decided to go to Sabah ... to have a simplier living ... the emotional stress was too great back then. I donated part of my salary to these organisations, and my salary was so so small. I was naive ... I felt so small ... at times, I felt my efforts were too small ... so, I moved away ... and to Sabah!! I have organised many donation drives in college level(Note: I remembered well that the management disagreed when I initiated North Korean Donation Drive, but I managed to get a group of my students ... and together we managed to get RM5k+ ... the media came to our college to collect the donation-funds, and the management quickly said ... THEY encouraged such donation drives and THEY have done their part. I quietly move away from the 'light') , I was very active in these ... and love it. Gosh ... I missed doing such donation drives!!

I have strong will ... I told myself "One day, when you have your own family, when you could afford ... you could give more".

I will never buy 'expensive' items . I will rather donate away my money if I have extras. So, I will never drive big-cars or expensive cars. I will rather donate a van to a charity home!! Sound noble or plain stupid? Dont have to judge me, I am doing things to please MYSELF.

I came back to KL ... after 10 years hiding in nice Sabah. I am back ... as I m in stock-markets. I am learning ... and I could get better opprtunities here to LEARN. Today, I started to share and teach ... newbies and novices in market. Today, I am doing well trading markets ... and I want to teach all 'not to lose money' but profit consistently.

Whatever I collected from my tratles, I am giving back ... I created a 'nest' for us to meet, to trade and share. I spend hours in my facebook with my groups, answering questions and such. We do have good time sharing(is caring?). I will create a resource center for our tratles members, and to help newbies to understand trading-investing in markets!! Yes, I am NOT a businessman ... I am a teacher in heart. :-)

Last week ... I was touched and reminded about my goal ... to donate to orphanages!! It is raya-time ... it will be good if I could get few of those in my tratles group to donate a little and initial plans was a mere RM500(I will top up the balances) ... we reached RM3k+ today!!

Well .. that is how charitable Malaysians are ... that is how much my group trust and support me too. I am touched. I feel so thankful ... that I could be a soldier ... to shoulder the responsibilities ... and to contirbute to those needy ones. Yes, poorer kids that I was.

My two kids will never know what being 'poor' means(tho I m not rich, I m still below average)... but I want them to learn to GIVE. I want them to see how much their daddy is giving away ... and I want that spirit of giving in them, irrespective of colours, religions and creeds.

Many Chinese in our group willingly donate too. Indeed, we are Malaysians!!

So, ... it is nice!! I m living my dream soon ... I want to do full-time in trading businesses while feed my desire to do some charitable cause, in small scale, at least. One should be happy ... doing what they love to do, irrespective of what others might say. I dont care how you see me, actually. I am a selfish person, as I pointing out ... I am doing it for MYSELF. I am writing blog ... for MY OWN pleasure viewing. Yes, shiok-sendiri. Haha

Thanks, tratles ... for making my two dreams in reality ... slowly but surely.

God bless all.

p/s :  I will be starting my 'Deepavali' and X'mas donation drive soon ... will you support me? hehe



Raj said...

Hats off to u sir. May God bless u



Moses Sinnappen said...

we have so much in life to be thankful for-cheers my fren-GOD Bless.

Enterpreneur said...

How can i join your group...i am interested to learn FA & TA with u