Monday, August 06, 2012

Raya Charity for kids

Yesterday morning, I went to Mydin and saw a group of volunteering buying new Raya clothes for a group of under-privileged kids. I was moved ... and thought I could do something 'good'. So, at night when I was analysing some charts, I decided to push my idea to my tratles. Here is what I have written shortly.

Tratles Charity Fund : Raya is coming. I am initiating an idea here. Can I collect few dollars from each here(no obligations la) and put up the 'cash' for donation?

Orphanage is close to my heart. So, I m suggesting that we could pass the hat around and I will keep the cash and give it to the nearest orphange. I will make it under "TRATLES" group.

Any suggestions and comments, please let me know. I am aiming for RM500.



We reached my humble target of RM500 in first hour itself!! So, I top-up with increment of RM500. It stands at RM1580 at the moment and still many have not view our facebook pages. Indeed, very kind Malaysians in our tratles group!!

I am touched ... and will gather the money to be donate to an Muslim orphanage this weekend.

Thanks, tratles ... I do think slowly my goals of having a 'charitable fund' will come true ... lets continue to earn more from the markets and donate some of our profits for the less fortunate. It is my ... dream ...



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