Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our trades : Alam, Hisbicus and MyEg

Alam : This is the stock I shared with my whole group, also during my cohort-6 when I shown my newbie-tratles about range-trading. But at support, sell at resistance. Repeating that three times, that is 10% each. Nice? Today, it gapped up due to some good news ... so I asked the whole group to be discipline and SELL first, talk again about it tmr.

Note for selling : Gap-up ... high volumes ... at resistance ... good news out ... many talking about it in forum, asking to buy ... SELL SELL ... yes, my whole group SOLD to those coming in to buy. Today only I knew actually so many of them bought at 0.50 ...just sell to them, check for next opportunities.

Hibiscus : I have shown the hibicus when one of our taikor-tratle asking us to watch for Hibiscus as it will be pushed up to RM2? It was at RM1.50 then ... so, some bought mommy, I traded the wa ... proftting well.

MyEg : When it broke, 0.65 levels, buy but sold too early at 0.71. Then, it shot to 0.78 ... I did not chase. Waiting for correction and it did ... so, I asked the group to buy at 0.72 - 0.73 ... today I sold at 0.78 resistance. Waiting for my third round ... will it break higher?

Presbhd : Collecting her below 1.30 for next round ... days ago I asked the group to buy at 1.23 support. We shall see how it goes tmr ... when many noisy ones in forums talking about her again, then it is time to SELL.

Prestariang Bhd, an information and communications technology (ICT) service provider, posted a strong second quarter, with a solid growth in the financial year ended June 30, 2012, with a 410 per cent increase in the profit after-tax.

It registered RM8.65 million profit after-tax in the second quarter.

Its chief executive officer Dr Abu Hasan (rpt Hasan) Ismail said ongoing multi-year contracts remained the key drivers for the company.

He said stronger contributions were seen from ICT training and certification business.

Abu Hasan said the board had also declared a two sen per share interim dividend totalling RM4.40 million to be paid on Sept 14, with the ex-entitlement date on Aug 29.

For financial results from Jan 1 to June 30, Abu Hasan said the group delivered positive results, with
profit after-tax totalling RM16.88 million and 7.58 sen earnings per share.

"Based on our second quarter results and the strong order book in hand, we are positive that Prestariang is on track to achieve better results in this financial year," he added.-- BERNAMA

I will be selling my Presbhd ... tho I have started to like her. Being a trader, I hv to sell when people rushing in ... cannot fall in love with stocks?


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