Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's blah blah

It is Monday ... schools re-open, back to work and busy schedules. It is Monday blues for me as MC scored twice due to school-kids blunders by the defenders. Sigh.

FKLI : Covered my short and taken small profits. The total profits after 4 trades(3 - 1) is RM955. This is our first month in FKLI. Nice.

Monday, December 21, 2009 : 8.55 am : Monday morning ... tmr will be my last day in this school, saying bye-bye to some nice people here. Well, most of them are very nice(KK people generally are nice!) and if I have to pick a not-so-nice person, it could be ME. Hmm ...

I have been busy looking for a place(room/apt at Subang) to stay, with a view to buy a property in Subang/Sunway area in 3 years time

The above was written in 2009, Dec ... It was Monday, and my last days with Ins. Sinaran. I missed my good nice colleagues there. I seldom have time to mix around with them as I was so engrossed with my readings and such. It is 2009 ... today is 2012 ... nearing Dec, it was 3 years ago. My blog showing my trading adventure ... I was un-known, I was writing in daily basis of my learning, sharing with many what I am reading and trading. Today, I could not 'chase' away my readers, I longer reply e-mails or do not want to waste my time to reply to those nasty comments. If u get someone envy you, you are in the right direction of moving higher ...

Yes, I have bought my own place in Subang here. I am still working full-time, having part-time Math tuition classes to supplement my high commitments, plus teaching basic trading for those who wish to learn, at the cheapest of price. Yes ... I missed Sabah ... but I m adapting well with current fast-pace, non-stop racing ... in rat-race. When will I be off the wheel?

to be continued ...


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