Thursday, August 16, 2012

KLCI at new high. Be in fear?

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I m using iPad to write at the moment, the spelling checking making some of my words twisted. Haha. Still trying to get used to the touch screen tech. I m way too behind in latest apps and my younger tratles going to help me to instal those apps in my smart phone and iPad. These things are new to me. And I learnt how to print screen yesterday. Haaha. Yes, I will learn to print screen and will consider to show my trades, in real. I need to learn to do something like block my names or CDS account to be shown. Just to show I do take real trades. Of coz my whole group is there to know when I bought and sold stocks. It is meant to share with them, hoping to learn together and profit consistently. I m just very human, I m still a novice too, so I am learning and sharing in my own group. Many experienced one there to help those newbies too. It is very encouraging to see many profiting from my teaching. It is good to see hey started to plan and post charts. It is good to hear them speaking and monitoring the stocks they are analysing while I could only guide to point out their trades.

Recently, someone new from my cohort-7 posted the chart of airasia. I noted that airasia is risky trade at the  he did not take the trade, and luckily .... as the price keep falling further. We can only share what we think we know, but actually we could not know. We plan according to technical, buying stocks when we think it will give us the edge, to profit. It's not wrong or right, it's just a trade.

There are too many things in mind now, and I prefer to slow down in trading as market or rather, klci going higher. I dislike he current risk, I rather short the overvalued stocks now. Digi at RM50 now. We have RM60+ socks now. Will they be going into RM100? It is still moving higher, I do not know ... We are at new high, last minute pushed to close in green. The uncomfortable situation seeing me exiting and slowing in using. Take profits, talk later. I sold my MyEg, Presbhd .... And many more. I have nothing much in mind to buy, perhaps except MPHB. That was a call to buy even months ago. That is selling of non core assets and becoming a dividend player, positive analyst reports etc etc.

I prefer hkse. There is good valuation and without electin risk there. Obama going for election too. Euro crisis is far from over. These signs are enough to create fear in markets, as klci reaching for new high. Speculated to go 1670 or even 1700 level soon. Are u in or out? I m out ..., I dislike September ... And prefer to sit back, continue to buy good counters as greed is all over in forums etc etc.

Yes, I m in fear, was greedy and over trading, over exposed when seeing opportunities. Today, I don't see anything much, I don't go for ingens and such ... So, I really don't know what to buy? Making trades shorts. Why high could klci goes, is everyone's guess.

Just listen to yourself. Check technical charts. Check indicators. Reminded my group to check the sectors, valuations of stocks and greed level. Imagine u keep profiting, the greed in us will be in play. When will the music stops? I m slowing down ... Not stop yet, but surely withdrawing myself, listen to songs and hibernating soon. Then, I will use the meetings to share with others more concepts and theories in trading, hoping they will learn and apply. With some seniors and experienced ones in our group, we are growing stronger. Protecting and reminding each other, to alert and adopt. These are needed for newbies and novices.

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