Monday, August 13, 2012

It starts with a dream

I do have dreams ... dream of 'free' education for all poor kids. Dream of love shared and no kids being abandoned. I have a dream ... that everyone in markets could get 'free' guidance and trade well.

Of two of my dreams ... it is easier to deal with inoocent kids, helping them and they will appreciate your efforts better. So, if I have to choose ... I will choose what is closest to heart.
As for teaching everyone to trade, I have to be realistic. It is not possible. It is businesses for so many sharks out there, preying on greedy newbies/novices. It is full of non-sincere human, full with many sore-losers, many complicated personalities with hidden agenda. Even if you want to help, it is not possible to reach to them. So ... let them be ... that is the way market works, anyway.

I shall see how far I could go ... it remains as 'dreams'.

What is 'life' without dreams? What is 'life' without taking actions? What is 'life' if we simply give up ... without trying? What is 'life' if we could not feel the satisfactions of our labour? And ... what is living if we could not make any significance in others lives ... because you have lived?

What is 'life' ... without a dream.


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