Tuesday, August 28, 2012

e-meeting groups

I just had my first trial e-meeting with my tratles and e-tratles. I am exploring ... and it is cool.

Next month, I am going to start a 'stock-analysis' ... through online, to cater for those who wish to ask me to analyse stocks for them. Yes, it is possible now ... as I have many readers not from klang valley. Those who wish to learn thru online will be joining my e-learning while those who just wish that I analyse their stocks could join my 'online stock analysis'.

Yes, I do have clips done for my e-tratles ... but it is not interactive. With 'live' analysis, certainly they could ask questions too!!

cohort-8 : If u r in Klang Valley, you can join our tratles-group by coming for the basic trading classes. Otherwise, you may not understand what I am talking about.

e-learning : If you are not able to attend classes, then the next best option is to join the e-learning where I will teach from basics ... thru clips, facebook and blog, and now with 'live' interactive e-meetings.

stock-analysis : This is a closed group only for my tratles ... and on Saturdays. Currently it is full, with my cohort-7 coming in.

e-stock-analysis : Now I could invite my readers who wish to be in touch with me and to analyse their stocks. It will be thru online!!

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