Thursday, August 09, 2012

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Morning ... Thu morning is the ONLY morning I am kinda free to write a post, to check on some trades, to update my facebook group's pages, to ... take a breath. Phew ...

Re-branding myself

Yesterday, I was too busy and tired to write a post. I went to have a nice dinner with wife + kids at IOI-mall, and bought some T-shirts and Camel's pant. Yeah ... since younger days, I like "Camel" brand but could not afford!! Yesterday was like ... wow ... I m 'willing' to spend on clothes? Err ... it is the re-branding of my outlook. I used to wear a bermuda with non-collar Tee and cheap plastic slipper to teach trading!! Haha ... real ah-pek and luckily those people came to me are motivated enough to learn, otherwise ... they will be wondering how a person look like an ah-pek, talk like an ah-pek ... blog like an ah-pek ... and the cheap fees also like ah-pek's dinner ... could teach them well in trading? I could only 'chuckle' ... I do smile 'inside', but I do really enjoy my sharing/teaching. Perhaps ... I am the VERY FEW in markets who love teaching, not due to 'small' fees paid ... but for the passion I have in me, to impart knowledge ... and to share.

Sharing is caring?  I always believe in sharing knowledge as NO ONE could claim they know it all.

Cheap is not good? So, I will be more well-dressed next time and will consider to charge higher(donate my proceeds to charity!! Good).

These are those so-called normal mentality. I am obvious out of norm. People talk about sharing-is-caring, as if it is merely words. Do they really share? Or do they have ulterior personal motives? Do they have others in their mind or do they only think what will they benefit from sharings? If we are sincere, somehow ... one day, people will understand and trust us better. I have been blogging for 4-years now ... and IF you have been following my posts for 4 years ... wow, I need to take you out for a nice dinner! Then, you could tell me in details WHY would you read my blog for ... all these years?

I do share ... a lot of things, whenever I have time. I do have my plus points and my minus points. This is my PERSONAL trading blog ... I no longer 'chase' readers away(haha) ... and in fact, I thanked those who have became my 'ardent' readers ... and support my writings. Thanks again. I have changed ... I have improved too. And obviously, I have improved in my trading-investing, knowledge I have acquired and deeper understanding on how market works. Give me time (5 more years, please? I need to reach 10k hours!!) ... I will certainly give-back to those supporting me. I want to teach and reach out for more ... I want to create a place where newbies/novices could learn. I need time ...

How about cheap-is-not-good mentality? Can I really change the way people look at me? I am cheap, I admit. I drive cheapest car, Proton Saga 1.3 ... my dressing ... err .. the cheapest as I got those unwanted t-shirt free from my uncle, my brothers!! I have tried to spend some money in clothings, but I dont see the needs. Yesterday, I told my wife I will put some budget for my clothings and allowed her to shop for me. She must be very surprised to hear from a stingy person like me!! hmm ... I am not stingy, I m prudent and practical. There is a different on that. I see my second-hand kap-cai as a practical travelling mode to office. Never mind ... I think I always trying to justify to everyone around me ... I prefer to be my simple life-style, a stingy ah-pek or whatever they want to call me. I want to maintain my simple living, please.

These thwo verses playing in my mind ... many of times. I always tell myself to keep myself simple, yet I could not be seen as 'cheap' anymore. Branding .. first impression people look at you. I hope I DO NOT change my Proton to so-called better car simply because of the pressure. I dislike the majority human's attention. I prefer to keep things simple, to myself.

But, I will continue to share ... whether many want to talk about sharing-is-caring. It doesnt matter, do it ... don't just talk about it.

By the way, our charity for Raya funds reaching RM2500 now. I will split into two orphange homes. Thanks, tratles. In less than 4 days, we collected RM2500 among few of us only. Yes, contributing back ... to me, it doesnt matter if we are whatever colours or religions. Only those POLITICIANS making us feeling that way to win votes.

I like to help kids ... For'spartic' kids ... I donated RM60 that day when they have a donation drive at Taipan!! They gave angry-bird ballons and a soap(each rm20). I like to help those orphans. I want to buy them books, let them educated and grow strong. Yes, I grown up without parents ... but I was lucky to have my aunties as moms.

Time to go ... check-out SKPetrol for second round. Buying around 2.45 support, ok?


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