Friday, July 13, 2012

Updates and attending talks

I m very busy for past 2 weeks ... with classes started and more tuition classes coming in, I am very occupied. Also, more enquiries about my e-learning and I m taking a pause from my last week post, to accomodate the new e-tratles. I am even too busy to answer enquiries.

e-mail : Please let me know if you did not get my reply. I might have overlook. Sorry. By the way, DO NOT press 'forward' as your e-mail will be sent to Yes, time to change my e-mail as it was hacked previously. Please TYPE ... to each time you are sending me e-mail. Thanks

new e-mail :

new facebook : cp.tratles --- add me!! (funny, I have 3 friends request already eventhough I did not tell anyone I have created a new one! haha)

new blog-page(pending and under-constructions) :

I have recently created this new e-mail for communication purposes and the new facebook account too. Yes, anything related to investing-trading ... markets, financial ... whatever will be discussed there. Please add me, ok?

The new-blog will my new platform(blog), and moving away from blogspot. I am still thinking to make it 'private' ... for those who like reading my blog and will subscribe to it(starting Jan 2013). Yes, I am a blogger ... paying me or not, I will still blog anyway. But, I want to make it more 'professionally' and reach out to only those readers

tratles-nest : Finally, I am getting a nest for our meetings and also a place where we could rest-relax while sharing more about trading. Yes, I am excited. Having my own trading group is good ... and I do enjoy the friendships!! I never treat my tratles as clients/customers. So, they don't get those artificial smiles. Haha ... I am still who I am, a simple ah-pek who love teaching. Yeah ... my sincerity shown naturally as I am still very much a teacher in heart. Hope we could get together more often ... with our own place, I will organise a PUBLIC TALK ... hehe.

With few new updates in my adventure, the trading adventure continues ... with attending to more market-talks.

Tonight I will be going to Jupiter(Subang Jaya) for a talk. It will be by Benny, who has jumped from NextView(pstt ... NextView got vacy for me or not?). Yes, I do go to talks organised by Jupiter(SJ) as I am working nearby and staying in USJ.

Then, tonight  ... we some yam-char tratles kaki(haha ... must come out with a name for these guys) will meet to talk and share.

On Tuesday, there is another talk by Jupiter(KL) ... but I won't be attending as it is not free. It is costing RM100, and besides it is in KL ... jam-jam ...

But, I might be attending a talk next Wednesday. It is just a preview of their trading course ... costing RM3800. Anyone without fundamental or technical knowledge could attend as they have a 'system' that give us signals to buy or sell. Well, if I am going to make a review for their courses, and if I am going to be honest ... it will be very difficult, right? I am independent, I am vocal ... and I want 'honesty'. That is difficult ... as many out there are doing business. Err ... do business must paint good pictures, to lure those few greedy ones into paying more thousands for their trading courses and if possible, buy their SURE-WIN software for another thousands.

Remember the last forex talk I attended at Armada Hotel(a buy signal for Armada? haha) ... when ONLY for tonight, the package of 2-days trading course, plus the statistic data, plus monthly alert ... costing RM49k plus plus ... only for tonight, they are SELLING for RM4900? If get a partner to sign up, they reduce another RM1k? Heck ... get three to sign-up, you will be paying peanuts!! Peanuts will attract more monkeys, right? Haha

Question : Why are they charging RM4k to RM6k for their trading courses?! Why la so expensive? I want to learn but cannot afford, then how? Got any secrets meh?

Yes, my trading classes is still very cheap, it is peanuts ... you gain back by one good trade!! But but ... cheap is not good, right? Yeah right ... I should charge RM4k next time instead of charging 10% of that. Anyway, many of my tratles appreciate me ... and giving me free lunches and drinks. Tonight's drink will be on YL(cpohort-6) who just joined my group two months ago and done some good trades!! Yeah ... yam-sing ...

Got to go to work now ...


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