Friday, July 20, 2012

Tratle's trades : GTronic

Gtronic : This is discussed during our meeting on the 7thJuly. We were focusing on breakout play and this one done well too. It is a bull-market, we do not look for downtrending or laggards.

GTronic : This is placed by HYL in our facebook before it flew off and breakout. Can you see what he is pointing out? I do like real traders, taking real trades!!

This is a comment placed by HYL, who is monitoring this counter. We assigned each one to monitor a few stocks and alert each other. Well, we do not have softwares or fancy indicators, ok? Tratles using basically some of ways I shared with them. And we monitor(homework done) ... 'turtle trading' means following certain set of rules ... practice and more practice. FOCUS ... and trade according to plan.

HYL : Don’t know how many in the group took the trade. I bought at 1.34 & 1.35 toward the last hour of yesterday trading. Even with the Trading Plan I did hesitate to take the trade. “Will you take the trade?” CP  frequently put this question... to us after each stock analysis. I literary have to force myself to take this trade. It is not easy to be a good trader. Sharing a quote “An idea (Trading Plan) that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea (Trading Plan) that exists only as an idea (Trading Plan), also read somewhere in CP’s blog “ Theory without practice is empty”.

This is a message he wrote to share with others in our group. Indeed, I am glad. Thanks, HYL.

HYL : He is an engineer with a large cooperation. He has been in markets for years ... and he joked to me that he was still in the 80% group in KLSE when I will always remind the whole group that 80% of people out there STILL losing money. I remembered he successfully traded MKH. Indeed ... he is such a good trader, yet humble. Slowly I will get to know him personally as he attended our gatherings frequently.

His testimonial : Stock Market is a very vicious place, always trying to put you on the wrong side of the trade but with Mr. CP Teh putting his technical wisdom about the market into the course, I have learned how to profit from it. With ...his continued guidance to the Group after completion of the course, I am able to do it consistently. Thanks Mr. CP Teh for being a great teacher and we will always be with you in your Trading Adventure

Ghee ... I did not ask him to give me a testimonial, but that is a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot. I am touched, indeed.

Now, do you know why I am in teaching lines for 20+ years ... ? Do you think my money could give me such satisfactions? When people appreciate you, you feel great ... and motivated to help or teach more ... that is how I could keep going ... doing things I am doing, and enjoy doing it. That is called "RICH" ... I always consider myself as a rich person, tho I may not be financially rich.

When those advertisements trying to attract attentions, they will use the word "Do you want to be RICH?" ... playing on human's greed. You need passion to teach ... you need to appreciate and love education to continue to learn ... otherwise, nothing will be done.



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