Monday, July 23, 2012

Trainer or Promoter?

It is Monday morning ... I might be too busy to trade or write this whole week. IHH will be listed ... yet another huge IPO ... over-valued yet supported by funds. Personally, I will not trade her but rather seeing her in weeks to come.

As I will be too busy with my own works, I will take a pause in writing this blog this week. I could not check e-mail or comment(I left i3-forum anyway... don't know what is going on there. Let it be) and could not chat in facebook. I will take at least 3-4days 'leave' from trading ground as I have sold many of my stocks. So, I won't be buying into anything this week, except for preparing to learn to short-FKLI.

By Remnant888


Don't waste your TIME on loads of shit they spew from their mouth..These are marketeers not traders..

They shudder when they see real hardcore traders walk in, smacking their heads and spilling their guts ...

You'll do much much better learning the trade from a real trader Teh...

The only advantage in forex is the leverage 1:100 ie. using USD1,000 to buy a USD100,000 deal/contract/trade ...

If you can do share margin financing, then you are on level field with forex ...

Trade smartly, my friends ..


Hey Remnant ... nice to hear from you and surprised that you still read my blog? Haha ... thanks for being supportive, as always. I do still read your postings ... tho you seldom write, bro.

Yes, I recently attended another preview ... he claimed he profitted few millions in Gamuda-wd and I do wish to learn the 'secrets' too. I do not see that as a waste of time as I went with two of my tratles(experienced REAL traders, ok? haha). We did not stay up for the preview of the software as we do not believe that a software-system would in any help to our tradings.

I won't say all previews are scams ... tho they do exagerate about their profits/gains ... especially those forex-previews. I recently attended one at Armada Hotel, a young 'trainer' who earn millions flew all the way from Spore to promote his trading courses. The RM49k values being sold for RM5k only for that special night. Unbelievable .... I am not sure if any gullible traders fall into their tricks.

What I could not accept is that these people have the balls(pardon my language) to claim such trades ... as if they really earn millions. It strucked me about INTEGRITY or perhaps ... HONESTY. How about seeing many traders attended their 3-4 days trading courses(paying thousands) yet losing more money in their trading?

You won't believe ... many REALLY signed up, attended these trading courses!! Advertisement ... sales gimmicks ... many more luring-factors such as easy-money, no-brainer system ... emm ... just playing on human's weaknesses.

I am saddened by these ... as I was a newbie or novice too. I want to learn and I have been learning in daily basis. If we are a newbie/novice and without strong logical brain, we could be easily believed and lured into their schemes ... you know what I mean.

So, that pushed me to share and teach others about REAL trading. At times, I do wonder how stupid I could go ... talking logics to those majority in trading markets. It is meant to be irrational, illogical ... that is how market works, anyway. It is about demand-supply theory.

No one will question the 'guru' if he could show you one or two good trades. Personally, I have so many good trades yet I do have many trades going against me. It is about RISK management, MONEY management ... and a few technical indicators. With trading-plan in place ... most of those in my group, do not lose money anymore.

Placing strict rule ... saying no to greed, no to speculative stocks ... no to many more things, they are much more informed. Taking real trades, they will gain more experiences and that will help them to wade through the storms.

That is my hope ... my goal ... my dream. A goal of seeing many waking up ... and start to get real. I could only help those who are logical and who wish to be helped, right?

Having you checking on my doings(including wrong doings, do tick me off) will be good.



p/s : I will never go into forex until I know how to manage the risk.

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