Saturday, July 21, 2012

Think and Grow Rich

Saturday morning ... after a long Friday ... another long day for me. Just came back from tuition classes. There are requests if I could have trading-classes conducted in Sat morning ... currently, it is a 'not available' as I have existing class which will continue till mid of next year. So, my trading classes will still will be on Sat noon.

Yesterday night, 6 of us have a night-out gathering at Starbuck(very noisy) ... to talk about stock-markets. We discussed a little about construction(EverSendai and KimLun) where expected to have some 'rally' in coming months due to the MRT projects(on-going) news ... and I have mentioned about 6 months ago that construction is what I like most (being a contrarian, it is downtrending, many do not like).  So, we shall see if construction will recover well from the current point ... check out IJM, WCT and Gamuda.

Gamuda-wd : I have written everywhere that I have bought Gamuda-wd below RM1 and sold at 1.05 and 1.10. Then when it retraced, I grabbed back at RM1.03. Yesterday, it shot to RM1.10 level again ... will check if I am selling at RM1.15?

If you are selling Maths software to me, you better make sure you know Maths. If you are selling trading software/system to me, you better know in-out of the markets too. I am a logical person with Mathematical brain ... afterall, I am a Math teacher, u see.

If those softwares could help anyone to trade well(without experiences too) ... then it is too good to be true. If u are newbie and reading my posts or many other blogs, I think you will find it hard to grasp. It sounds complicated and taking time to digest. IT IS. So, no short-cuts on that ... LEARN and LEARN.

YTLLand : Bought at RM1.03, sold all at RM1.08 but it closed higher. Will check if I need to buyback.

Anyway ... here is something as reminder.

Laws of success by Napolean Hill

The above clip is only for those REAL and LOGICAL human who work hard and smart towards their goals without negotiating their integrity, honesty and human values.

THINKING needed ... to grow rich.

Selamat Berpuasa to my Muslim readers.


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