Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is Sunday ... I had a long day on Friday and yesterday. But, it is a habit for me to wake up around 5am, to read some biz-financial news related, even it is a Sunday ...

cohort-6 : I had my 'last' module with my cohort-6 yesterday, the youngest batch of all my tratles. With 2 seniors(those older than me, 45 is considered as senior citizen), I have half of the batch less than 35(my range of age to be considered 'young') ... and with that, learning to trade could be a challenge.

Starting young is 'good' ... but younger ones have their own priorities. Learning to trade would be 'difficult' for them ... unless they could see profits, making consistent profittable trades. We are going to make sure these young ones continue to learn, not fading away after 5 basic modules. I said 'we' as we have many experienced traders willing to help those in our own groups. Yes, only our own members ... we shall 'protect' them from the 'fire' and 'wind' ... moving into the markets.

cohort-7 : As they will be my first batch to use the new place, our tratles-nest(will put a name to it).

Jupiter's talk : Attended the Friday's talk by Benny(he talked about opportunity in trading a hammer) and Jupiter is actually promoting their latest product "stock pick for the month". You need RM100k plus, and the changers per trade is 0.45%(ouch). They called it ''Elite Traders" for those joining. If I did not heard it wrongly, only for that preview night, one could do with only RM50k. Well ... most of us do not have RM50k in our trading account, ok? So, I do not register.

By the way, MAJORITY of those attended the talk are ... well ... senior citizens. I have 4 of our senior tratles attended the talk with me. I am 'protected' ... like having body-guards around me. haha.

Quote : Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. By Dalai Lama
5.50 pm : The above was written in the morning ... back to my workspace(at home).

KLCI outlook : As we are reaching to the new high, Benny mentioned 1650 level to watch. Another 20+ points, we will be there ... and time to get out? Perhaps, we should wait for IHH to be listed(25th July). Overall, it is not good ... we should be in fear when greed is around, yet I do see another 1-2 weeks to be in-play. We are the best index around, and the strong rebound in DOW(up 200+ points) will give another push to KLCI ... to break 1634 this week? We shall see ...

Stocks : As I am into breakout-play ... many is in the making. Affin, GasM, MPHB ... anticipating breakouts ... MudaJaya, SKPetrol ... many more in my list. I have taken positions in all mentioned except MudaJaya where I am still waiting for it to break RM2.80 level. BIMB and MBSB are still very much in the list. Watch.

Two weeks ago, I do ask my group to go for breakout play rather than technical rebound(such as Genting at RM9.40 or AnnJoo) ... I even shared with them why I wont go for Genting at RM9.40 suupport level(it went up to RM9.80, actually but down again when it hits resistance). Yes, change of strategies to fit the trend ... move with the trend.

Yinson : Supported at RM2.15. Few in my groups taken position on her. The breakout saw it touched RM2.29, bullish crossover seen and more upside. Yes, sky is the limit here.

Yes, I do chat with my tratles 'live' whenever I could find the time. I do want to know if they take REAL trades and work as they plan. I could not check on many due to time constraints ... but I will try to put my foot-prints and thoughts whenever I could.

Time : I am trying my very best to cope ... it is not easy as many things to handle. I have more than I could chew ... I need to prioritise and stay focus. I need to work over-time. Even writing a 'free' blog during my 'free' time is difficult ... or invited for 'free' lunches or 'free' drinks ... I am not really 'free'. Attending 'free' talk is never free for me as I am using my TIME ... time is an expensive commodity to me. TIME ... I only have 24-hours, I sleep about 4-5 hours. I work-work most of my time!! But I do wish to find some time to be with my family ... and read some books ...

e-mail by TK : .... I really appreciate the effort you put in to shorten our learning curve so that our pocket won't get blasted to kingdom come by the market. You're passionate and sincere and I salute you for that. And I am amazed at how you can juggle your time with so much on the table. Do take care and God bless you and your family.

Taking this simple e-mail I just read moments ago ... I do not even have time to reply e-mail. For those enquiries(stock watch and e-learning), I have to make it short!! And I could not have the time to track who e-mail, who joined me ... who did not reply ... etc etc ... I am an individual.

I will personally reply e-mail ... one by one ... and now, I hv too many things to handle that I feel sorry that I could not reply to so many good people who supported(and appreciated) me. I could only say

from the bottom of my heart. I am touched by some of them who actually taken an extra step to support me(I have a few who subscribed to my stock-watch or e-learning just to show support ... but they don't trade, actually!!) ... indeed, I am lucky. I have got to know so many of nice people in my tratles group. They have many more years of experiences than I do, yet .. they humbly joined my trading-classes and giving me strong support.

THANKS, tratles ... you all are great. You make me feel motivated!! Yeah ... let us make ourselves the most profittable group!!

Anyway ... writing this blog is still my pleasure. One needs to read my previous posts(from Aug 2011) to check on how my trading groups formed and grow ... it grows from my sincerity to help others. And I am lucky to have many good people around to help me to ease my 'stress' as a leader. I am not good in promoting myself, certainly wont blow my own horns(some of them ask me to. haha). I don't even place 'testimonials' yet ... those idea is good(most ideas came from my group, not me!!). I want REAL testimonials, unlike many fake ones being advertised.

Yes ... I want real trades, real human ... and really helping others. Without so many supports, I do not think so I could push myself 'harder' than I thought I could.

Quote : Winners never quit ... quitters never win.



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